The Sex Education Series Finale brings the beloved Netflix series to a full circle. While feeling disappointed with the way the final season turned out is obvious, we cannot forget that this is a show that validated all that we feel inside on a daily basis and broke us free from all the insecurities that we hold close to. In spite of targeting a much younger audience, Sex Education did not just help us build a close and sacred relationship with its characters; it also never, for once, made them feel like they shouldn’t exist.

The final episode, which has a considerably longer runtime, starts with panic and ends with dance and acceptance. If I were to envision an ending for the show, there wouldn’t be much of a change to those basic feelings because that is what sex is all about – a little bit of panic and a lot of self-acceptance.

In the following article, I take a detailed look at everything that takes place in the Sex Education Series Finale. If you still haven’t checked it out, I’d suggest you come back later.

*Spoiler Alert*

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Sex Education (Series Finale) Recap:

The series finale of Sex Education begins with Roman trying their best to make things nice for Abbi before they try to have sex, but Abbi is still not into it and drops a candle on the floor to avoid it.

O makes an apology video about her primary school bullying as Otis tells Meave that they should not have contact for a bit. He also tries to write to Eric but deletes his text about missing him. Meanwhile, Eric gets ready for his baptism as Meave gets back to America and to her dorm.

At breakfast, Otis has a fight with Jean when he learns that she therapized Meave into going to America. So he blames it on her for controlling his life again and goes out fuming. At the same moment, Joanna appears at the door with the excuse of coming back to the house to get her things.

Jackson conjures up some courage and goes to Jerome’s (his possible dad) home but is shut out from having a conversation.

Mr. Groff is all up for his catering thing, but as he makes his specialties, he realizes that Adam seems to be avoiding his calls. The school is prepping up for the big election for the Sex Therapist, but Cal’s mum, who hasn’t seen them since the previous night, comes in enquiring about their whereabouts.

All of them thus decide to put the election on hold to team up and find Cal.

Eric is all ready for his baptism and reaches his church, but before he can get to it, the pastor of the church tells him that the fundraiser that his school has organized for the church cannot be taken into consideration because of the open values put in there.

As the students are looking for Cal, we see Beau trying to apologize to Viv for his behavior, but she asks him to leave.

Jean offers Jonna the money without any conditions this time and apologizes for being the way that she is. She also requests her to stay, but Jonna tells her that she won’t be able to live there for long because that’s how she is; she’ll get bored soon and then feel trapped and flee. So, the two sisters sort of makeup as Jonna praises her for being a great mum and not like the fucked up person she thinks she is.

In what has to be the best moment of the entire season, a worried Mr. Groff gets to the farm and apologizes to Adam for being a dick all his life. He also tells him that he loves him and has always loved him; it is him not liking himself that has been holding him back. The two of them hug, possibly for the first time in years, and it’s really emotional to see a father trying to change this late in his life.

At the church before the baptism, Eric suffers from conflicting emotions and finally decides to come out with his truth and not just do it for the sake of being a part of the Christian community. He tells everyone that he is gay and will only get baptized if they support him for being himself. Only his mother stands up in support, so he leaves with his head held high.

Otis gets a clue about Cal’s whereabouts and asks the establishment for their security tapes. When they are not supportive of it, Ruby steps in, saves the day, and sits down to look through the security footage.

As everyone is waiting, Aisha gets mad at Abbi for always trying to be positive. Roman also blurts out that it makes them sad that they are not having sex anymore. This is where O digs into Abbi’s insecurities and makes her realize that her abandonment issues have forced her to turn the need for positivity into something toxic. For the first time, we see Abbi gossiping and channeling her negative feelings, making her feel lighter instantly. The discussion also prompts something in Otis, possibly relating to Eric.

When Ruby finds something in the footage, she asks Otis and O to come with her to the dustbins. As Otis digs into the garbage, O properly apologizes to Ruby’s face, and she forgives her. Meanwhile, Otis finds Cal’s backpack in the garbage with all their stuff inside. This worries them, and they decide to call the police.

Issac, Aimee, and Jackson sit down with Viv to discuss about Beau as he keeps texting her persistently. They make her realize that even if he is sweet sometimes, his controlling nature will only make her feel unsafe and bad about herself, and it will do her more harm than good. The talk also rings something in Jackson’s head as he suddenly realizes where Cal could be.

Eric is disappointedly walking down the road, speculating talking to Otis, when he receives a text from Abbi about Cal being missing. However, before he can respond, someone grabs his phone and runs. As Eric runs behind, the figure turns and reveals themselves to be the homeless woman that Eric has been seeing all this while. As it turns out, she is God, and Eric confesses about not being able to get baptized in front of her.

She then tells him that he has been seeing her again and again because she wants him to do exactly what he did today. She prophecizes that Eric will be the one who will help people living in the darkness to come out to the light. In a way, saying that he will help those not being able to live with their identity come out with their truths.

The figure vanishes, but it also somehow points him toward Cal, who has been sitting near the cliff contemplating suicide. Eric reaches them as Jackson arrives there too. The two of them make a point that people should have been more aware of Cal’s struggle and should have reached out. Eric makes them aware of how important they are to everyone and then takes them back home.

Eric texts everyone, and they rejoice at Cal being found. Aimee tells Issac that she is still dealing with intimacy issues since the assault, and she did not want to keep him in the dark about it. He appreciates her honesty.

Good news comes Meave’s way when she receives a call from a publisher who wants to take a look at her ‘Southchester’ piece for a possible book deal. When she enquires how they go to her piece, they tell her that Eleen (Meave’s roommate, who we saw in an earlier episode looking at Meave’s chapter in the dustbin) sent it to them while interning.

At the farm, Mr. Groff is officially a part of Adam’s class. After Adam is done with the day, he comes out clean to Jem about being bisexual. This is when she asks him out on a date, and he accepts.

Jean rushes into the radio station and tells her boss that she wants to, in fact, continue with her show but according to her condition and style without any co-hosts. Her boss agrees.

Jackson’s mum finally tells him about Jerome being his biological father from a time when she was confused about her sexuality. She tells him that she kept him away from his life because he was a married man with a family, and when she reached out to him with Jackson‘s whereabouts, he wasn’t the least bit interested, and she did not want him to feel any less loved. This honest confession also somehow upsets Jackson, and he leaves.

Otis reaches Eric and tells him how he has missed him and how he doesn’t want to lose him. He also confesses that the differences between them bother him, but he does not know how to address them without upsetting Eric. The two of them make up as Otis joins his new group to get ready for the fundraiser that they have organized.

A still from Sex Education Series Finale.
A still from Sex Education Series Finale.

Meanwhile, Jean gets a call from Joanna while on air. She confesses to having been abused when she was 12 by her mother’s lover and how that has made her feel all her life. She accepts that the experience has always pushed her from being committed or staying in one place for too long, and she feels that she can’t run away from it anymore. Jean justifies her feelings and acknowledges that she has taken the first step and that everything will be okay if she keeps her loved ones close. So, even though Joanna had planned to leave Moordale, she doesn’t take the bus. 

Talking about the bus, Aimee takes some self-portraits at the bus stop and then burns the jeans that she has bad memories about. 

Mr. Molloy calls Meave in and apologizes for being harsh to her before. Meave tells him that his words were like finality to her – a person who comes from a background of not being praised for anything. So, even if he said that to push her, Meave says that a teacher’s word holds a lot of power, and he shouldn’t play with it like that. 

Aisha comes down to Cal’s home to invite them to the fundraiser, which is now about Cal’s top surgery, but they decide to stay in instead. Aisha understands. 

Before the fundraiser, Beau crosses Viv’s path again, but this time, she tells him to just leave her alone or else she will report him. 

The fundraiser goes well, but the drama comes crashing down when the student therapist results are announced.

When Connar is declared the winner, he steps down, so Otis is elected. However, even he steps down, saying that it was his insecurity to question O in the first place. O is then elected, but people call her out for being a bully. So, Ruby goes up to the stage and brings it a full circle by saying that she only released that video because she thought it would make her feel better, but it didn’t. She tells them that the whole ‘being kind’ thing at Cavendish has made her into a better person, and she would hate it if her one mistake would change that balance. So, as the principal announces O as the student therapist, we realize how it was all a waste of time after all. 

Everyone dances as the church pastor, along with Eric’s family, walks in. He requests Eric to still be a part of the church, promising to have more discussions about inclusivity. Ruby is finally invited into the ‘cool’ group as Otis apologizes for trying to use her for his benefit before.

Aimee and Issac finally have a proper makeout session in the darkroom. O, on the other hand, requests Otis to do therapy with her because they make a good team.

Otis tells Eric that he kind of thought Meave would reach out even when he asked her not to, and that breaks his heart a little. Eric discloses that he feels like he should be a pastor. Otis is not shocked at this decision and agrees with by boosting him that he will be a natural at it as they walk back home.

The Groff family reunites as Adam, Maureen, and Mr. Groff sit down together to watch TV.

Jackson makes up with his mothers, and then the three of them hug. Cal’s mother gets into her bed as they apologize to her. She says that they don’t have to. Jean and Jonna can be seen hanging out with each other, basking in each other’s company.

Roman and Abbi finally have sex.

Eric and Otis play Smash Bros all night and sleep in.

Sex Education (Series Finale) Ending Explained:

Do Otis and Meave get a happily ever after?

The next morning, Otis comes back home and apologizes to his mum for lashing out at her about Meave when it was not her fault. The Milburn family unit – Jean, Joy, and Otis hug, too, as the doorbell rings and Dan (Joy’s father walks in). Jean offers him a seat on the sofa, ready to talk about Joy and the role he would play in her life.

The series finale of Sex Education ends where it all started – in Otis’ room.

When he lies down on his bed, he finds a letter addressed to him from Meave. In the letter, Meave has written her true feelings about Otis. How meeting him and setting up the clinic was life-changing for her. Before him, she had closed people out of her life, but since he has a rare ability to open people up, she opened up to connection, too, and she is eternally thankful to him for it.

Will Meave and Otis have a happily ever after? Maybe not! But it hardly matters because they were both important parts of this long journey called life and since they are both grateful for that, their lives will be a little better. 

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