Episode number 7 of Sex Education Season 4 brings the focus to the Milburn sisters as we get a brief glimpse of Jean and Joanna’s upbringing. Meave finally has a proper sit down with Jean and the results are unexpected. O and Otis find some kind of middle ground as both of them have been disregarded by the school folks. Issac finally voices his opinions about the way accessibility has been put into the foreground even in a school that screams inclusivity. On the other hand, things are slowly turning towards a bittersweet end and I can’t stop thinking about it.

In the following article we will take a detailed look at the episode so if you haven’t checked it out yet, please be aware of spoilers.

Sex Education (Season 4), Episode 7 Recap:

Episode 7 of Sex Education Season 1 opens with a flashback sequence that shows us Jean and Joanna as young girls living a party-like life with their mum and her lover. The sequence establishes that Jean has been protecting Jonna from predatory men for a long long time, but it also establishes a line of trauma and abuse that the sisters possibly come from, and the reasons for Jean’s controlling behavior.

In the present, Jean offers to lend Jonna the money she needs to clear a debt but also gives her a sister contract that has a lot of conditions that she needs to sign before Jean gets her out of her problem once again.

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Meave tells Otis that she is going to register in Moordale for her college, putting an end to the idea of her going back. That is when Jean calls him and asks Meave to dinner in order to know her better. She is initially reluctant but agrees to come when Jean puts Otis on the spot.

Cal is worried that the transition is getting too much out of them, and it’s making them feel odd. Meanwhile, Jackson gets a message from the sperm donor bank that there is no record of his actual father.

Jean tells her boss that she won’t be able to make the show thing work because it’s getting too hectic for her.

Otis takes Meave to the school for registration, but she feels totally out of place and leaves when she gets a call from Dodgy Moo. Otis apologizes to Ruby, but she has now taken up electing duties for a new candidate – Connor.

Aimee shares her idea of channeling her abuse on the bus through her photography, and Issac tells her that it’s brilliant.

It’s the mock test at school, but since both O and Otis are now avoiding attention, they get caught up in the lift together, which unceremoniously stops.

Another big and unexpected thing happens when Beau, who has been exhibiting over-possessive behavior for a long time, finally comes out directly to Viv when he sees her talking to another guy. He grips her hand real tight, hurting her, and then acts like nothing happened – classic red flag traits.

Everyone’s oddly taken by the mock test, but it gets disrupted when Issac finally decides to do something about the school’s lack of valued thinking for the specially-abled. When everyone is called out of the test, they unite and take a front, forcing the principal to get the lift fixed once and for all.

Meave reaches Dodgy Moo’s place to get her mother’s ashes and asks him about Sean. He tells her that he left, saying that he will try to get clean.

At the farm, Adam crashes Jem’s tractor into the fence when he is asked to move it, getting him into what feels like serious trouble.

Jean and Joanna get into an actual mud fight while trying to take down the tree house. Joanna is mad that Jean always wants to micromanage everything, while Jean tells her that she has famously made bad decisions that need her to be in therapy in some way.

A still from Sex Education Season 4 Episode 7.
A still from Sex Education Season 4 Episode 7.

Everyone’s waiting for the lift to get fixed in the school lobby as Cal and Roman get some bread from the canteen. Cal shares their journey through the transition and wishes to know what going private would cost. When they learn the price, they are stunned.

Meanwhile, Eric finally discloses how he has been receiving signs from God about being a part of the church to Abbi. She is supportive of him and tells him that not everyone is built to fight the big fight for acceptance.

Adam expects to be fired like in all his previous instances dealing with failure, but Jem tells him that he is not, and that surprises him a bit.

Jean and Joanna’s fight escalates, and Jo leaves in anger as Meave arrives at Otis’ house for dinner. Initially, it feels like it wouldn’t work between Jean and Meave, but Jean tries her best to make Meave feel comfortable.

Peeling leads to a cut, and Meave finally breaks down in front of Jean. All her trauma and grief finally come crashing down, and Jean tries to give her the boost that she needs. She tells Meave that suffering from low self-esteem for a child who has brought herself up is very common, and Meave doesn’t need to feel that she is not good enough.

Before the lift gets fixed, Otis and O have a heart-to-heart where O confesses why she did what she did to Ruby back in primary school. Otis also talks about his sex phobia briefly, but it mostly boils down to how lonely it was for O to be an asexual and how the clinic was the only thing she had going until Otis came in and swooped it away from her.

The mock test is postponed, and before leaving for home, O tells Otis that his sex problem doesn’t have anything to do with sex but with the idea of being left heartbroken after being in a relationship.

Sex Education (Season 4), Episode 7 Ending, Explained:

Is this the end of Otis + Meave?

Adam visits his father to make him aware of how he had made him feel all his life. In a great sequence, we see Adam telling him how the first thing that comes to his mind when he messes up something is disappointing his dad. This has created such a huge burden in his head that he is just scared to do anything. He also makes Mr. Groff realize that he actually hates his job. Later, we also see him sending a mail to a catering company – a way to come out of his own misery.

When Jackson gets home, he finds that both his mums are not there, so he snoops around for clues and finds a love letter from someone named ‘Jermone.’ When he goes to tell Viv the news, he finds her crying and upset about Beau and tries to comfort her.

Post dinner, Meave stays at Otis’ and tells him that she wants to go back to America because ever since she was a kid, she had dreamed of leaving Moordale. She says that she can make it work with Otis, but Otis confesses that he won’t be able to because he will always feel that he is holding her back. This is sort of like a crossroad where the lovers say goodbye to each other. But before that, they decided to have sex for the first time, and this time, Otis doesn’t have his issues. The next morning, she bids him goodbye and leaves.

She then visits the caravan park and makes things clear for Issac and Aimee. The three of them then scatter her mum’s ashes just above the hill near the caravan park.

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