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Slightly Overrated Films: The Dark Knight [2008]

In the end, The Dark Knight is just an average summer blockbuster that pretends to be profound and ironically, takes itself too seriously.

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Yes, this an April Fool joke. In the age of internet when every article is click bait, how can one take film criticism seriously? When a well-made film gains popularity, it becomes ‘overrated’ and is subjected to the scrutiny of self-proclaimed film critics whose sole purpose is to defame movie. This contrarian tries his best to convince the world that the said film is ‘Bad’. The word ‘overrated’ is not a critique, it’s a label that whiny little kids on internet use to rant about films they dislike. They want to turn their personal distaste into universal hatred. But these so-called movie experts fail to notice that cinema offers an experience to viewers. if viewers find this experience worthwhile, if they feel puzzled, perplexed, entertained, or alive it’s good cinema.

I’d have written more paragraphs if it weren’t just an April Fool Joke. Why so Serious?

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