Tyler Michael Smith composed the original score for a soundtrack album for the romantic drama “Someone Like You.” His earlier noteworthy work includes composing for “Christmas at Keystone,” “The World We Make,” and “The Debt.” The soundtrack album for Someone Like You (2024) will be available on digital platforms.

“Someone Like You” is based on a very popular book by #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury, whose other romantic novels have been previously adapted into movies. The film is about a beautiful and heart-touching love story.

Tyler Russell wrote and directed the movie and also serves as the project’s music supervisor. The main actors are Sarah Fisher, Jake Allyn, Lynn Collins, Bart Johnson, Robyn Lively, and Scott Reeves. The story follows a young man who designs buildings (an architect) and is very sad because he has lost his closest friend. He starts to look for his friend’s twin sister, who she didn’t get to grow up with because they were split up very early when they were just embryos.

Jake Allyn and Sarah Fisher in Someone Like You
Jake Allyn and Sarah Fisher in Someone Like You

Someone Like You (2024) – A Heartwarming Romantic Drama Soundtrack Complete List

1. Still Worth It (2:14)
2. Friendaversary (3:25)
3. I’m Your Match (1:39)
4. As Good as New (feat. Scott Reeves) (0:55)
5. Beautiful Ripples (1:44)
6. A Date (3:33)
7. Andi’s Theme (1:39)
8. I Got the Job (1:39)
9. You Were Mine (1:11)
10. Happy Birthday, Andi (1:05)
11. Don’t You Wanna Know? (2:15)
12. Dawson’s Search (1:17)
13. Can You Breathe? (1:54)
14. Dawson Sees Andi (1:24)
15. You Have the Wrong Person (1:17)
16. The Truth (2:41)
17. Drive to Birmingham (2:06)
18. I’m Gonna Need You (0:50)
19. Everything About Her (1:08)
20. Meeting the Quinns (1:30)
21. Dinner (0:46)
22. She Could Have Been Ours (1:14)
23. Did She Believe? (1:01)
24. London’s Room (1:51)
25. It Is Well (feat. Scott Reeves & Sarah Fisher) (1:31)
26. Were You in Love With Her? (0:45)
27. Cliffs and Cannonballs (1:22)
28. Faith (0:45)
29. Always Been Right Here (2:46)
30. Awaiting Results (0:33)
31. Goodbyes (1:37)
32. The Right Thing to Do (1:46)
33. Someone Like You (3:19)
34. Brave (2:02)
35. A Second Time (5:50)
36. We’re Gonna Be Okay (1:11)
37. I Can Do That (2:12)

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