Purple Hearts Soundtrack: All Songs Featured in the Netflix movie – Netflix’s ‘Purple Hearts’ is an American romantic drama that surrounds two characters seeking to find a way out from a dark past that haunts them. When reality catches up with them, suddenly they turn towards each other for comfort and the world sees the truth for what it is.

With millions of views, this film is turning heads and attracting all the right attention. It stars Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine. Sofia plays the character Cassie seeking a steady life-line for her sickness while Nicholas Galitzine (Cinderella 2021) plays Luke, an aspiring American Marine who is about to be deployed for his assignment in Iraq when a dark past comes back to haunt him.

Previously, Sofia played Evie in the Disney franchise named Descendants, while Nicholas played Prince Charming in the new Cinderella, starring Camila Cabello. While we saw Nicholas singing behind Camilla’s back declaring his character’s confused self, seeking love (Yes, the track is still on my Spotify.), we do not hear him singing here because Sofia steals the spotlight sufficiently well with her stunning tone of voice.

Based on a play by Tess Wakefield called ‘Purple Hearts: A Novel’, Director Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum at the helm of this film, brought to us a movie that easily would serenade anyone’s heart. There seem to be existing rumors of a sequel and who would not want one if you are a fan of good music or of Sofia’s for that matter?

Purple Hearts Soundtrack: Every song featured in the Netflix movie:

*spoiler alert for Purple Hearts*

After seeing Sofia in the ‘Descendants’ as mentioned earlier, we see the 29-year-old actress again playing Cassie, a young singer-songwriter who wants to marry Luke so that her health insurance would cover her medications, due to an illness that haunts most of today’s population, namely type 1 Diabetes.

Sofia brings a dark and earthy tone to each song and melody. Her style of vocal is utterly original and a true classic with her stage presence in the film being on point as well. The first song she sings, Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond, sets the mood of the film right from the start. It has us wanting more. This is also where we meet Luke for the first time who already seems to feel an inkling of love for her.

When she performs the version of ‘Feel It Still’ by the band named Portugal. The Man, she almost faints because her insulin resistance drops. The next song that she writes as her first original is ‘Come Back Home’. It appears repeatedly as the story progresses. We see it for the first time when Luke and his group need to find a reason to remember home after a hard day at war in Iraq.

After ‘Come back Home’, we hear ‘I Hate The Way. This is first heard when Cassie performs it live and in Blue Side Of The Sky when Luke plays it for his family while they are at a cookout. The last song, I Didn’t Know, plays when Cassie sings it in the final concert of the film, where she realizes her feelings for the Marine.

Complete Tracklist:

  • “Come Back Home” performed by Sofia Carson
  • “I Hate The Way” performed by Sofia Carson
  • “Blue Side of the Sky” performed by Sofia Carson
  • “I Didn’t Know” performed by Sofia Carson
  • “Feel It Stil” performed by Sofia Carsonl
  • “Sweet Caroline” performed by Sofia Carson
  • “I Hate The Way (Stripped)” performed by Sofia Carson
  • “Come Back Home (Stripped)” performed by Sofia Carson

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