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The 15 Best English Language Films of 2018

If mediocre films like ‘A Star is Born‘, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘Vice’ get nominated at The Academy Awards 2019 and a feel-good charmer “Green Book” can get the golden lady for the…

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation [2015] Review: Hunt or Be Hunted

After watching the MI films now and again I have come to a conclusion that I would definitely love the Mission Impossible films more if they had their heart in the right place. The films have come to a point where even the characters have accepted the fact that Ethan Hunt is indestructible. He can breathe under water for more than 3 minutes, have a car crash of a lifetime and still pick himself up and ride his bike like a fucking maniac. I mean, I know he is a trained agent but then again, even James Bond gets his balls sacked once and again.