Tag: Existential Crisis

Loveless [2017] – A Blistering Tale of Contemporary Human Relations

  Incisive, hard-hitting, subtle and multi-layered in terms of theme and style, the Russian film-maker Andrey Zvyagintsev’s oeuvre elegantly conjures taut moral narratives of spiritual torment, hate, injustice, greed, and isolation. Since…

Fire At Sea [2016] — An Elegiac Reflection on the Unimaginable Agony

In “Fire At Sea” aka “Fuoco Ammare”, Gianfranco Rosi uses the language of cinema to reinforce a tranquil as well as a turbulent reality. His images are a lament for the sufferings of fellow humans, concealed from our collective conscience. This documentary/docu-drama contemplates a desensitized tragedy through an unforgettable, humanistic perspective.