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Georges Méliès Movies - Trip to the Moon

5 Important Georges Méliès Films You Should Watch

When cinema was still in its early stages, it was Georges Méliès who pioneered many technical and narrative developments in film. He was a French illusionist and he used many of those illusions in his experimental films as well. In his long illustrious career, he made more than 500 experimental movies, out of which many were burnt by he himself following his decline. Fortunately many of his groundbreaking works survived and many others were revived by film preservationists. The contribution to cinema by Georges Méliès

Antichrist [2009]: An Unnerving Portrait of Grief, Pain & Despair

The first entry in Lars von Trier’s Depression Trilogy “Antichrist” is an increasingly disturbing but consistently gripping experimental horror that’s unnerving, unsettling & unforgiving in its depiction of grief, pain & despair but…

Voyage of Time [2016] – As Banal As It Is Forgettable

Voyage of Time: Life’s Journey [2016] – No amount of striking imagery and fleeting moments of beauty can make up for its glaring issues. The entire genesis sequence dealing with the origins…

10 Films The HOF-men Recommend: 9th Edition

10 Films The HOF-men Recommend: 9th Edition Here is the 9th Edition of the HOF-Men Recommend Series. Like every time, we came up with a list of 10 movies you must see:…