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The 10 Best Christmas TV Episodes

Christmas is a long cold night that we withstand by engaging ourselves in trivial activities like decorating trees, cooking turkeys and watching TV in the company of friends and family. Sure, it is a season of joy and goodness, but in the festivity of season, we should not forget those seasons of TV series that kept us going rest of the year, the seasons we binge-watched so relentlessly, they became part of our existence.

From Rod Serling to Dan Harmon, many showrunners have created Christmas episodes. While some episodes touch the standard holiday themes others tackle darker side of holidays such as depression and horror of isolation. From a vast array of holiday episodes, I have selected 10 that resonated with me the most. To make the selection process easier I have considered only stand alone episodes (of TV series) that are about Christmas or set in Christmas. Let me know your favorite Christmas TV episode in comments.