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Melancholia [2011]: Alien on Earth

A lot of films about mental health, especially those that feature lead characters who are suffering from depression or anxiety, tend to focus on solely the internal struggles and conflicts that the…

The Limits Of Control [2009] : Saving Creativity!

The point of the film, however, isn’t about a conspiracy, a strange protagonist who never sleep or the disjointed characters that he meets, it’s just a testament to all the creators of the world. A presumptuous and stupendous representation of the importance of art, science, and everything that connects creativity to the world in general. I suppose the film tries to contradict the idea of existential decay in every individual. It follows the philosophy that creating art is even more important than the political bureaucracy that the world sustains.

Dead Man [1995]: The Poetry Of The Sinners.

Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Man is a film of strange beauty. A film where Jarmusch lifts and circles the ‘western’ genre over its own head to construct a psychedelic uproar of gunslingers and poets, of spirits and redeemers and of Americans and Native-Americans. Dead Man deconstructs the very idea of conventional western with it’s deeply rooted metaphors and symbolism. It is a translucent work of existential trauma hidden under the rug of civilisational decay and a need for the perpetual redemption of a sinner’s soul.