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Slightly Overrated Films: The Dark Knight [2008]

One of the most beloved superhero film of our generation is poorly written, overlong and tedious account of a capped crusader who likes to make things unnecessarily complicated, much like the director of film. The screenplay is rife with plot holes. Nolan tries hard to mask these flaws with convoluted subplots and confused philosophy. The characters are dull and lifeless- a hero who likes to flaunt new gadgets, an ex lover who merely serves as a plot device, and a butler who talks in long preachy monologues. The only saving grace is Heath Ledger, whose brilliant performance makes this mediocre film worth a watch. In the end, The Dark Knight is just an average summer blockbuster that pretends to be profound and ironically, takes itself too seriously.

Slightly Overrated Films: La La Land [2016]

Making a history at 74th Golden Globe Awards of winning in all the seven nominations, and then getting nominated for record-tying fourteen Oscars at 89th Academy Awards, praise for the film has been slightly exaggerated. La La Land is an orgy of Hollywood self-congratulations. HI-5 itself for fueling America’s dream.

Slightly Overrated Films: Whiplash [2014]

Whiplash has received universal acclaim and may even be tipped to be one of the defining American films of this decade, though there are still rather fatal flaws evident in this near-masterpiece, mostly in its final moments.