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The Turin Horse 2011

20 Best Black and White Movies of the 21st Century

Black and white movies eschew colors to their advantage. It is a conscious choice, deliberated upon stubbornly, that the filmmaker indulges in. The monochrome palette instills a sense of nostalgia. Melancholia impregnates…

The 25 Best Foreign Films of 2018

Despite the standard of Oscar-nominated films falling every year, the Indie films and International cinema did not cease to surprise us. We were bestowed with the great films from veteran film-makers like…

It’s Okay If You Don’t Like Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma

The question is not whether I like Roma or not. The question is- am I even allowed to dislike it? How can I possibly say anything bad about Guillermo del Toro’s favorite film of all time? Moviegoers are under tremendous pressure to appreciate Roma.

Set-It-Up The Best Netflix Original

The 10 Best Netflix Original Films of 2018

Netflix has been constantly churning out films at a thundering speed, and most of them have failed to please the critics and users. Understandably, Netflix has aggressively marketed films that have the…