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Spike Lee- He’s Gotta Have It

I do hope to see more filmmakers be open about their love and hatred for their contemporaries, though still retain their class and respectfulness towards others and their achievements, even if they simply remain seated on their hands.

A Spike Lee Joint: 25th Hour [2002]

25th Hour was the first fictional film to openly address 9/11, and did so in a way that seemed deeply confrontational, yet sparingly so, as it only makes up the background of the film – it adds to the sense of pathos and regret that surrounds Monty’s predicament.

A Spike Lee Joint: BlacKkKlansman [2018]

BlacKkKlansman takes an extraordinary true tale and gives it even more of an extraordinary oomph to make it a wildly entertaining and wholly engaging piece of storytelling – its success at providing such thrills makes up for its socio-political shortcomings.

A Spike Lee Joint: She’s Gotta Have It [1986]

A subject matter like polyamory would need to be delicately scrutinised, unpacked, and presented if a film wished to present its virtues and possible utility. She’s Gotta Have It seems to do the opposite, making polyamory seem like a conflicted mess that pits those in the relationship against each other.

A Spike Lee Joint: Summer of Sam [1999]

What makes Lee one of the great American filmmakers of the ‘90s is that, very much like Martin Scorsese, he had a firm directorial handle on each and every aspect of the (rather wild) filmmaking. This master director of style, story, and substance continued with his incredibly probing and incredibly entertaining examinations on specific New York cultures within a specific time, getting the most out of the individuals that resided in these colourful settings.