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Why “Spencer” is An Example of a Biopic Done Right

Why Spencer is an example of a Biopic done right: Biographical films often serve as an inspiration, their primary purpose is to tell the story of a man or a woman, whose…

Download the script of Spencer

If you go into Pablo Larraín’s Spencer (2021), expecting it to be an accurate representation of Princess Diana’s life, you will be disappointed. As the opening sequence in the film says, “A…

Pawn Sacrifice 2014

Pawn Sacrifice (2014): Complex as Chess

Boris Spassky shudders and says his agent after he wins the first match against his arch-rival Bobby Fischer. What cost Fischer that certainly drawn match was his unconscious blunder move of sacrificing his pawn. But if we take a closer look at the life of Bobby Fischer, the above quote sums up his psyche of how earnestly he took the game of Chess.

Eastern Promises [2007]: …and Delivers

When you sit on your couch against your laptop screen, set to watch a thriller starring Viggo Mortensen directed by David Cronenberg, you are pretty clear about one thing, that they are not going to let you leave your seat till the post credits start to roll and Eastern Promises pretty much does the same. Well, there is no way you can describe a movie like Eastern Promises without mentioning a few incidents and happenings. So, starting away with the plot of the movie.