Oh wow! What a dud! All my hopes were stuck on the series finale of ‘The Veil,’ i.e., episode 6, but I was bemused by its ineptness to give you anything concrete in the name of an ending. The Elisabeth Moss starring espionage thriller is not just one of the worst shows of the year because it just fails to deliver anything in the name of entertainment, but also such a huge disappointment, especially after you know about the team that is involved with the show. 

The final episode brings the game and all the players back to home ground in the UK, but neither the MI6, the Americans, the French, or, for that sake, the Russian intelligence is ever seen, heard, or involved, in spite of the plot all being about them. The biggest flaw here is the writing, the character arc, and pretty much everything else. All the show ever does is convince you that a menacing Moss in a tight closeup will be all you need for it to look good. Alas, she is also one of the most unimpressive things about the whole enterprise, along with some of the worst writing you will see in any mainstream show. 

Anyway, in the following article, we will take a look at whatever happens in the final episode of The Veil, which should traditionally be its last, seeing how the show is sold as a miniseries. But at this point we can’t really say if it is. Please be aware of spoilers

The Veil (Series Finale), Episode 6 “The Cottage” Recap:

The final episode of The Veil finds Adilah and Imogen finally arriving in England in the back of a truck. Imogen steals the truck from the driver and enters a small town, but when the two of them spot choppers circling around them, they ditch it. Imogen asks Adilah to meet her at the cathedral, where she manipulates a god-loving woman to help drop the two of them to London, where, after making a withdrawal and alerting the American and French intelligence, the two women are driven to Imogen’s former lover and guru Michael Althorp’s (James Purefoy) manor. 

Imogen is not very eager to meet Michael, especially after she learned that her father, before his death, was involved with the Russians and was a double agent. However, in order to get Adilah out of the mess and be with her daughter Yasmina, she needed fake documents and new identities, which only he could arrange at such short notice. As we had suspected earlier, Michael is the father of Imogen’s child (who is now dead). Sensing from his overwhelming nature and how Imogen turns meek and quiet around him, they had a submissive relationship where Imogen was groomed to be his protegee. 

Micheal is like a last resort and possibly the least of the things Imogen would like to revisit, but when she does reach his place, she starts becoming suspicious of Micheal’s involvement in everything. After visiting one of his official rooms, it’s clear to her that even Micheal has been working with the Russians and has been tracking her every move from the time she met Adilah to now. This makes her realize that Adilah and ISIS are only a front for the Russian FSB, who want to get even with the United States of America. So basically, Adilah and Emir’s operation is indirectly funded by the Russians, only making it look like an attack by the Jihadis. 

So, now that Imogen knows what Micheal is up to, she puts on a red dress to do one of their sex routines. The show ruins one of my favorite songs, “My Funny Valentine,” by using it in a really unsexy sex-play where Imogen pulls out a knife on Micheal’s private parts while he pulls on a gun to her head. However, before she can get the name of the ship or Micheal can pull the trigger, Malick, who quietly enters the manor with Max after Imogen’s card triggered her location, shoots Micheal. 

Meanwhile, Micheal’s chauffeur tries to shoot Adilah but is instead shot by Max, who steps in just in time. However, Max, who is there to take in Adilah and know the ship’s name too, is shot again by the driver. 

Elisabeth Moss as Imogen Salter in the series finale of The Veil, episode 6.
Elisabeth Moss as Imogen Salter in the series finale of The Veil, episode 6.

What happens to Adilah? 

The whole thing triggers both the women, who had earlier decided to meet upfront after Imogen shared her doubts about Micheal. Imogen doesn’t stay around to talk to Malick and instead dashes off to the vehicle that Adilah has kept running for their final escape. As Imogen gets into the vehicle to drive Adilah away to Yasmina, who is two hours away. However, Adilah is shot by the chauffeur using the sniper that he had ready (he is sold to us as an ex-marine so that we don’t doubt his skills). The shot is fatal as Adilah dies then and there. This makes Imogen extremely angry as she walks back to the chauffeur and shoots him dead. 

How does Imogen get to know the ship’s name? 

The entire operation was about Imogen getting to know the ship’s name that has the explosives. However, the operation became much more than that because she understood that Adilah was just a mother who was trapped in the whole mess because she wanted to be with her daughter. With Adilah now dead, Imogen comes back to the vehicle and sits in the driver seat, only to find the name of the ship inscribed by Adilah on the car’s windscreen. The name appears as the temperature goes down (a nice throwback to the second episode where Adilah has done the same with a phone number in Imogen’s car). 

Imogen phones the authorities, who are able to neutralize Emir and the entire bombing operation just in the nick of time. Malick comes to a struck-by-grief Imogen and tells her that he has requested Adilah’s remains to be sent back to Paris and to be buried beside her grandfather at the cemetery. He tells her about Max being in the hospital but just when he is about to tell her about Michael, she asks him to leave her be. He asks her to come with him, but she requests some alone time at the manor, and he obliges. 

The Veil (Series Finale), Episode 6 “The Cottage” Ending Explained:

Who was the mastermind behind the attack? 

This is where she finds a letter addressed to Sebastian Illyra in the place. She senses something is wrong, and since the letter is addressed to some cottage nearby, she decides to enter the woods in front of the manor to find a home. She enters the house and realizes that her father, Marcus, has been there. 

She later deduces that her father has never been dead. In fact, he has been alive, keeping a close eye on every single one of her movements – this she gets to know from the numerous files he has on her. 

The ending of The Veil’s series finale, episode 6, finds Imogen walking out of her father’s cottage with a sort of satisfaction that one part of her life that she had thought was a tragedy isn’t. 

The concluding moments see her bidding goodbye to Yasmina and her caretaker as they fly to Canada. She then gets on the call, possibly with her handler, and asks for her new name as she eyes a flight to Athens. 

Will there be a Season 2 of The Veil? 

While the show was sold as a miniseries, the creator ended the show with the possibility that there could be new missions for Imogen. With Micheal presumably not dead yet and her father alive, the new case in Athens might lead her back to them. However, I am not sure the show will work because Season 1 wasn’t all that good. FX should pull the plug on this horrendous show and let this miniseries die a slow, painful death on the streamer somewhere. 

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