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E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982): A Filmmaker’s Journey

A common criticism often thrown at Steven Spielberg is that although his films display immense talent and incredible craftsmanship, they’re viewed as too sentimental and overly sappy with their emotions. As a…

Every Best Picture Winner Ever The Godfather 1972

Academy Awards: Every Best Picture Oscar Winner Ever

Take A Walk Through Oscar History! As we gear up for the awards season, we thought it’d be a great chance to revisit all the “Best Picture” Academy Award winners ever, dating…

Films of 2015

The 50 Best English Language Films Of 2015

After going through around 200 films I am finally exhausted. So, following the yearly ritual, here are my top 50 favorite English Language films of the year:

Spielberg 2017 Documentary

Spielberg (2017): A Modest Storyteller vs The Spectacle

Spielberg (2017): Modest Storyteller vs The Spectacle: Let us begin by talking about Duel (1971); I feel Duel is a great metaphor for Steven Spielberg’s stature as a filmmaker. He is a…