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10 Best Christian Bale Movie Performances

10 Best Christian Bale Movie Performances: During the Renaissance, works depicted the perfect version of man, thereby most paintings and sculptures having exquisitely sculpted individuals. Even Michelangelo, for this reason, and to…

Feral Kids

On-Screen Feral Kids: A Timeless and Spellbinding Subject

It’s fascinating to witness the slow ‘domestication’ of (supposedly) feral kids, brought up with limited or no access to human world; nurtured by nature. Maybe, because at some level they represent the…

10 Films the HOF-Men Recommend: 6th Edition

Here are the 10 films that made it to the 6th edition of our ‘HOF-Men Recommend’ Series. You can check out previous editions at the end of this post.

Where the Green Ants Dream [1984]: Quintessential Herzogian Splendour

Where the Green Ants Dream is considered a somewhat dud, released in the wake of Herzog’s highly regarded German masterpieces, but I believe it’s certainly in need of a revival, as it is nowhere near the disaster critics claimed it was upon release and it never has quite accumulated the sort of new-found appreciation it always deserved. It should be held in high esteem close to that of Herzog’s German films, as it is one of the more socio-politically significant films to be made in Australia, and (despite some flaws in its presentation) a rather entertaining, spectacular, and amusing one to boot.