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20th Century Women

25 Great Feminist Films That You Should Watch

25 Great Feminist Films That You Should Watch: This list includes films with female protagonists who have left an impact on me, moved me to tears, given me sleepless nights, and made…

great films on Hotstar 3 Dead poets society

10 Great Films On Hotstar You Can Stream Right Now

10 Great Films On Hotstar That You Can Stream Right Now: After Netflix and Amazon Prime, Hotstar is one of the most used streaming apps to watch movies and TV Shows. For…

The Seven Shades of Love

Love has 7 shades defined in ancient Arabic literature. The seven shades being Attraction, Infatuation, Love, Reverence, Worship, Obsession, and Death. It has been beautifully captured in one the best Indian films, Dil Se. Here are seven films,each representing seven different shades. None of the films below fall into cheesy or lovey-dovey romantic category.

Mommy (2014)

Mommy [2014] Review: Powerful, Potent & Profoundly Personal

A blazingly original, incredibly potent & surprisingly intimate account of mother-son bonding, Mommy (2014) features an emotionally charged drama that its young filmmaker brings to life with kinetic flair & top-notch craftsmanship,…

Xavier Dolan Greatest Films

Xavier Dolan Picks 10 Greatest Films Of All Time

Quebecois director Xavier Dolan shot to fame when he showcased his debut film ‘I Killed My Mother’ at Cannes film festival. Dolan – who was merely 20 years old was lauded for…