In “The Atypical Family,” episodes 7 and 8, Gwi-Ju struggles to accept Da-Hee’s betrayal and uses his time travel ability to revisit their past interactions, searching for clues about Da-Hee’s motives. Meanwhile, Da-Hee copes with her burdens and a manipulative Baek Il Hong, who seeks to exploit the Bok family’s vulnerabilities for personal gain. As Da-Hee is forced to spend time with Gwi-Ju under unusual circumstances, a truth about Da-Hee’s past is revealed, bringing Gwi-Ju closer to Da-Hee.

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The Atypical Family Episode 7 Recap:

The episode begins with the aftermath of Da-Hee’s shocking confession; the Bok family is in shock. Gwi-Ju, heartbroken, relives his wedding day repeatedly, desperately searching for clues. Despite Da-Hee’s confession, Soon Gu still thinks Da-Hee is helping the family and brings up Man Heum’s dream about Da-Hee wearing the family ring. Remembering having found the ring in Da-Hee’s room, Dong-Hee reveals that Man Heum’s dream was a warning. Instead of feeling relieved that the disaster has been averted, Man Heum is worried as the scammers are now aware of the Bok family’s powers.

Amidst this turmoil, Gwi-Ju finds himself constantly revisiting his wedding day, replaying his conversation with Da-Hee. More truths come to light as Da-Hee reveals the deception behind their marriage certificate and uses her troubled life to win people over by saying they have saved her. Gwi-Ju reveals to Da-Hee that his colleague had died on the day of the fire.

Why does I-Na go to the sauna?

Meanwhile, Baek Il Hong realizes that the Bok family’s superpowers might be real, and she asks Da-Hee what the truth is. Devastated, Da-Hee does not reveal much and tells Baek Il Hong that she wants to quit and that if she wishes, she can kill her. Instead of making any hasty decisions, Baek-Il Hong locks Da-Hee in her room. Now that Baek Il Hong has a reason to believe in the Bok family’s powers, she plans to use them to make money.

Back at school, I-Na deals with loneliness, but Joon Woo extends an invitation to hang out with friends. Despite her willingness, I-Na declines, only to be persuaded by Hye Rim’s insistence. But hope quickly turned to disappointment as I-Na looked into Hye Rim’s eyes and understood her true motives. Feeling hurt, I-Na loses her glasses and rushes out of the school. Now, I-Na can look into everyone’s eyes and see what they are thinking, and I-Na panics. The only solution she can think of is to visit Da-Hee. Now that the solution is right before her, Baek Il Hong tries to get I-Na to discuss the Bok family’s powers. When I-Na does not speak much, Baek Il Hong lets Da-Hee out.  I-Na confesses that she is unafraid to look into Da-Hee’s eyes, so she comes to her.

How do Da-Hee and Gwi-Ju save Dong-Hee?

Meanwhile, Baek Il Hong gives Da-Hee another chance to redeem herself. Realizing I-Na can’t see clearly, Da-Hee buys her a new pair of glasses. Before they leave for the store, I-Na looks into Baek Il Hong’s eyes and warns Da-Hae that Baek Il Hong is testing her loyalty and that it is Da-Hee’s last chance. After buying I-Na glasses, Da-Hee and I-Na wait for Gwi-Ju to pick up I-Na. Seeing I-Na with Da-Hee, Gwi-Ju starts to worry about I-Na’s safety, but I-Na insists Da-Hee is not bad. Exhausted from his repeated trips to the past, Gwi-Ju informs Da-Hee that he will erase all her memories, and it is a final goodbye, promising never to return to her memories.

But the very next minute, Gwi-Ju from the past is before Da-Hee. Gwi-Ju has a favor to ask and urges Da-Hee to speak to Gwi-Ju and ask him to check on Dong-Hee as she is in danger. Meanwhile, Dong-Hee is working out at the gym, and Grace sees an opportunity to stop the lifts from working. Meanwhile, Dong-Hee has a date and needs to hurry, but the lifts are under maintenance. Feeling confident of her flying abilities, Dong-Hee attempts to jump from the top floor. As Dong-Hee prepares herself, Grace records the video and pushes Dong-Hee, making her fall to the ground. Luckily, Gwi-Ju arrives on time and lessens the impact of the fall.

Gwi-Ju makes a deal with Baek Il Hong

The Atypical Family Episodes 7 & 8
A still from “The Atypical Family” Episode 7

Fearing for her family’s safety, Dong-Hee informs Man Heum that Da-Hee not only planned her own fall but also kidnapped I-Na. Overhearing the accusations, Gwi-Ju stops Dong-Hee and reveals to her his ability to touch and talk to Da-Hee when he travels back in time while Hyung Tae listens to their conversation. Meanwhile, I-Na and Da-Hee are waiting at the hospital when Man Heum arrives and slaps Da-Hee for hurting her family. Annoyed, Da-Hee tells Man Heum that their powers are useless as Man Heum cannot see what is right under her nose.

Not knowing the truth about anything, Man Heum yells at I-Na, who has had enough of her grandmother’s obsession. I-Na then looks into Soon Gu’s eyes and reveals that he knew about Gwi-Ju’s altered powers all along. Still not realizing I-Na’s powers, Man Heum takes her frustration out on Soon Gu, who feels insulted and gives Man Heum all the information he has before going to a bar. One good thing is that Gwi-Ju becomes more caring towards his family and asks I-Na not to go near Da-Hee. Since I-Na knows much more than she leads, I-Na asks Gwi-Ju to think about why Da-Hee had left him at the altar. In an emotional moment, I-Na begs Gwi-Ju to save Da-Hee, prompting Gwi-Ju to strike a deal with Baek Il Hong. As the episode draws close, Gwi-Ju promises to rewrite their farewell, determined to start a new path forward together.

The Atypical Family Episode 8 Recap:

The episode begins with Man Heum having disturbed sleep with the same dream as always: Da-Hee wearing the family ring. Meanwhile, Gwi-Ju makes a deal with Baek Il Hong to let him create happy memories with Da-Hee. In return, Gwi-Ju will give them all the information on stocks, crypto, and other means of earning money. As they discuss, Da-Hee is upset about the situation. But Gwi-Ju vanishes into thin air as he leaves to undo their end. Meanwhile, Da-Hee confesses to Baek Il Hong that she likes Gwi-Ju, which is why Baek Il Hong needs to help her move on, and this situation will not help her in the process. However, Gwi-Ju is relentless in his mission and starts to help out at the sauna. Despite Gwi-Ju’s efforts, Da-Hee is not complying with the terms agreed.

What does Gwi-Ju learn at Da-Hee’s father’s funeral?

To take things off her mind, Da-Hee continues to find her fourth husband by conning some rich guy. However, Gwi-Ju interrupts her plans and asks her out for dinner. During dinner, Da-Hee projects her sad state of becoming a con artist onto Gwi-Ju by saying he has everything and cannot find happiness in small things. Da-Hee’s words get to Gwi-Ju, and he vanishes.

In the past, Gwi-Ju comes to the time he was a firefighter, and he hurt himself on his first day, but that situation leads him to a funeral hall. The funeral is for Da-Hee’s father. Gwi-Ju witnesses Baek Il Hong getting Da-Hee’s signature, consenting that Da-Hee will repay her father’s debts. Walking in like one of the mourners, Gwi-Ju pays his respect and holds Da-Hee, making her break down. At the sauna, Da-Hee tells Baek Il Hong that she is back from a date, taking Baek Il Hong by surprise as she had not asked Da-Hee to do it. However, Grace wonders if Da-Hee can be trusted, and Baek Il Hong assures her that the fate of both families cannot be left to Gwi-Ju and Da-Hee, and they should do what they can to keep an eye on them.

Why does Dong-Hee chase Grace?

Meanwhile, Soon Gu finds himself at the dance club. However, his evening takes a troublesome turn when the woman he’s socializing with turns out to be married. The enraged husband confronts Soon Gu, accusing him of having an affair with his wife and threatening to press charges. To calm the situation, Soon Gu promises to pay the man money and begs him not to press charges.

The Atypical Family Episodes 7 & 8
Another still from “The Atypical Family” Episode 7

At the gym, Dong-Hee reviews the CCTV footage and discovers that Grace has pushed her off the railings. Fueled by anger, Dong-Hee chases after Grace, terrifying her. In a tense confrontation, Dong-Hee corners Grace near the railings, ready to push her. As Grace trembles, fearing the fall, Grace promises to comply with any request Dong-Hee makes. Taking advantage of the moment, Dong-Hee demands that Grace rectify all the wrongs she has committed.

Da-Hee is forced to spend time with Gwi-Ju

On the other hand, Gwi-Ju takes Baek Il Hong’s help to spend time with Da-Hee. The solution to Da-Hee complying with the agreement is to send Hyung Tae with Gwi-Ju and Da-Hee so Da-Hee cannot escape. However, Hyung Tae’s presence only makes Da-Hee stay with Gwi-Ju but does not make Gwi-Ju happy. Recalling Da-Hee’s cherished memory, Gwi-Ju decides to recreate it by taking Hyung Tae to a bakery where Da-Hee had her first taste of shaved ice (bingsu). The journey to the bakery is long, but Gwi-Ju finds the bakery and realizes the ice will melt by the time they return. Thinking fast, Gwi-Ju sends Hyung Tae to buy bus tickets, and he goes back to the past, gives Da-Hee the shaved ice, and spends some alone time with her.

However, Hyung Tae sees Gwi-Ju enter a booth, but when he checks, Gwi-Ju is gone. Meanwhile, Da-Hee reveals the story behind the shaved ice. After the fire in her school and no one to turn to, Da-Hee tries to steal bread from a bakery when an older woman spots her and buys her shaved ice. Overwhelmed with emotions, Da-Hee confides in Gwi-Ju, revealing the significance of a ring she carries in her bag. She discloses that the ring was given to her by the person who rescued her from the fire. In a gesture of support, Gwi-Ju gives Da-Hee the winning lottery numbers for the upcoming week, hoping it will assist her in repaying her debts to Baek Il Hong.

Grace helps Dong-Hee

After spending time with Da-Hee, Gwi-Ju returns and comes home. The event scared Hyung Tae. He could not wrap his head around Gwi-Ju’s appearance and disappearance. The lottery numbers Gwi-Ju gave Da-Hee are the winning numbers that shocked Da-Hee. Meanwhile, Grace alleviates Ji Han’s senses to remind him of Dong-Hee. The plan works as Dong-Hee arrives at the restaurant, and Ji Han wants to discuss his marriage with Dong-Hee. The excitement is short-lived as Ji Han intends to marry Dong-Hee for the Bok family’s gym. Along with Dong-Hee, Grace is also disappointed, and to help Dong-Hee, Grace brings her to the sauna and promises that she will help Dong-Hee lose weight and get married.

The Atypical Family Episode 8 Ending Explained:

What truth does Gwi-Ju learn about Da-Hee’s past?

Meanwhile, bullies are targeting I-Na at school, but Hyung Tae steps in to help her. To help I-Na, Hyung Tae brings her to the sauna, and they play a game, but Hyung Tae is losing continuously because of I-Na’s powers. On the other hand, Da-Hee is sure Baek Il Hong is up to something, and Da-Hee confronts her. Baek Il Hong, observing the Bok family’s lack of happiness, formulates a plan to exploit this vulnerability for her gain. Meanwhile, Da-Hee encounters Man Heum, who offers her a car in exchange for leaving Gwi-Ju alone. Even though the offer is tempting, Da-Hee refuses. Instead, she gives the winning lottery ticket to Man Heum, asking her to hold onto it. The lottery ticket is the hope that the Bok family will get their life together, which will help Man Heum sleep.

Meanwhile, Soon Gu is being blackmailed and he stumbles upon the lottery ticket in Man Heum’s hand. As Soon Gu is leaving, Gwi-Ju comes to the room and asks Soon Gu about Da-Hee’s belongings and the ring. Luckily, Man Heum holds onto the ring as she sleeps, and Gwi-Ju takes it, surprised that it is the Bok family’s ring. Gwi-Ju checks the safe to confirm his assumptions and finds an identical family ring inside. Confused, Gwi-Ju rushes to meet Da-Hee and asks her if she is sure it is the ring the person who saved her had given. After the verification, Gwi-Ju reveals that he has no choice but to save her. At the same time, Man Heum dreams about Gwi-Ju saving Da-Hee from the school fire, and the building starts to collapse on him.

The ending reveals the truth about what Man Heum has been dreaming of. In reality, Da-Hee wears the family ring, but not the way the Bok family expected. However, Gwi-Ju gives it to her once he returns to the past. In the next episode, we will see how this plays out. On the other hand, I-Na is starting to freely use her powers, and apart from Da-Hee, Grace and Hyung Tae are genuinely warming up to the Bok famil.  But Baek Il Hong is still interested in stealing from the Bok family. Towards the end, Da-Hee and Gwi-Ju may get together, but we need to see what will happen to Baek Il Hong.

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