The Boys (Season 3), Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: The first episodes of The Boys Season 3 aptly set the stakes and tone for our favorite band of misfits’ new mission. Things start with Hughie (Jack Quaid) and Starlight (Erin Moriarty) living their merry little life. Butcher (Karl Urban), Frenchie (Tomer Capone) and Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) are seen continuing their crusade against the Supes, with some help from Hughie and Neuman (Claudia Doumit). MM (Laz Alonso) is keeping a low-key profile to rekindle his bond with his daughter Janine (Liyou Abere). And on the Seven side of things, Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito) has kept Homelander (Antony Starr) on the ropes.

But, as usual, things go sideways in a big way, after Homelander Stormfront’s (Aya Cash) death. He changes his persona to that of a strong, no-nonsense leader and publicly announces that Starlight is his new girlfriend. This forces Butcher to ramp up his plans to find the weapon that can potentially kill Homelander; which is apparently the same weapon that killed Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles). He also starts taking V24 (a byproduct of Compound V that gives its users superpowers for 24 hours) to level the playing field, which are peddled by Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott). And while Hughie finds out that Neuman is a Supe, Butcher and the boys find out that Mallory (Laila Robins) is aware of what happened to Soldier Boy and more.

*Major Spoilers Ahead*

The Boys (Season 3), Episode 4 Recap:

Homelander Takes Charge Of The Seven

The episode titled Glorious Five Year Plan opens with MM watching an old music video of Soldier Boy while having his anxiety pills. Flashes from his past regarding the death of his family in the hands of Soldier Boy bubble to the surface. That’s when the narrative cuts to The Boys’ headquarters where Butcher is cleaning up his V24 puke. Hughie holds Butcher accountable for trying to be a Supe after all that talk of hating Supes. Hughie asks where he got it from but Butcher doesn’t give up his association with Maeve. Butcher also reveals that he used his superpowers to kill Gunpowder (Sean Patrick Flanery). Hughie asks if the others know about all this. Butcher says that they don’t and if Hughie utters a word about it, he’s going to put Hughie in a coma.

On the Cameron Coleman (Matthew Edison) show, Homelander recaps the things he said during his birthday outrage and he alleges that the powerful forces pulling his strings are inside Vought. Stan Edgar pays Neuman a surprise visit and asks her to help him rein Homelander in. Neuman reminds him that it’s company policy to not go up against Homelander. Edgar assures Neuman that they aren’t doing that but just sending a reminder that Homelander can’t get away with anything. Edgar understands that Neuman is afraid that something is going to happen to her and Zoe (Olivia Morandin) and reassures her that he’s not going to let anything happen to the two of them.

Butcher and Frenchie pay Little Nina (Katia Winter) a visit to propose the idea of helping The Boys get into Russia so that they can get to the weapon that killed Soldier Boy. Before Nina can ask for payments, Butcher puts a load of cash (more than Nina was probably going to ask) on the table so that they can get the ball rolling as soon as possible. But Nina isn’t satisfied. Even though Butcher has paid off Cherie’s (Jordana Lajoie) debt, Nina asks for her head (maybe not literally). Frenchie immediately starts disagreeing with this whole deal. Butcher asks if there’s any wiggle room to work around this whole Cherie business. When Frenchie tries to interject, Butcher cuts him off and he walks away. Butcher and Nina share a very creepy smile.

In Starlight’s Vought tower room, Hughie watches the raw footage of Homelander and Starlight kissing for the camera. Hughie is shocked and Starlight says that this is what it’ll take to keep Homelander off The Boys’ scent. Hughie understands and they hold hands. Starlight says that whatever he and the gang are planning has to work. Or else all this will be for nothing. Homelander drops in unannounced. He now has a key to Starlight’s room because she’s now his girl. Homelander even insinuates that he has slept with Starlight and when the two get tense, he says he’s kidding. Homelander starts signing Hughie’s cast and his reassurance about his relationship with Starlight being strictly for the camera turns into a taunt as he says that that’s how his and Maeve’s relationship started. Then it got “spicy”. When he asks Hughie if Starlight is a good f*ck, Hughie legitimately squares and Starlight threatens to walk if Homelander even touches Hughie. Homelander again tells everyone to lighten up and they part ways. Hughie heaves a sigh of relief.

Before his ad shoot, A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) talks to Ashley (Colby Minifie) about the hate crimes against Black people that Blue Hawk (Nick Wechsler) is committing. A-Train thinks that it’s Vought’s responsibility to hold him accountable. Ashley realizes that A-Train isn’t joking about all this and promises to get back to him about the topic after the ad shoot. Talking about the ad shoot, it’s a mockery of the Pepsi advert by Kendall Jenner. If you aren’t aware of it, the ad with Kendall in it showed her walking up to the police who’s about to disperse (read: brutalize, because that’s what they do) a group of protesters and offer them a can of Pepsi. The officer drinks and appreciates the gesture. It has since become a meme and a commentary on how influencers think protests can be glamorized and the police can be befriended. In the show, the A-Train ad plays out just like that; thereby becoming a commentary on how figures of power from minority communities are used to sell products instead of making any real change.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 4 Recap Ending Explained (2)

Hughie lies to Neuman about his health as he boards the plane to Russia. Frenchie wonders how Nina is jetting them off to Russia. He thinks that Butcher has agreed to selling Cherie to Nina. Butcher sarcastically says that he isn’t as monstrous as Frenchie thinks, which can technically mean anything.

Maeve is seen training in her room. She’s visited by Starlight to talk about Homelander. Starlight realizes that the rumors about Maeve not training and being drunk and hungover all the time are false. Because she’s training and is fit as hell. Starlight asks Maeve about the weapon that can potentially kill Homelander. Maeve spills the beans about her association with Butcher and how she knows all about his quest and that she has been helping him all this time. Maeve also says that she’s training to give Butcher enough time to get a shot at Homelander. And even if Butcher somehow misses, she’s going to smack the living daylights out of Homelander. Starlight theorizes if they can get the other Supes in the Seven onto their side so that they can take down Homelander. Maeve says that that’s not a possibility.

Russia is littered with hateful graphitis of Homelander, which means that they hate his guts. Hughie sees that the Russian channels are mocking him for his alleged break-up with Starlight and her relationship with Homelander. Butcher reveals that they’ve to do a “little job” before they can get to the Homelander-killing weapon. And everyone understands that that’s what Butcher agreed to do to get to Russia. Frenchie protests. Butcher says he doesn’t have to worry because Kimiko will do the killing by going into the target’s mansion as a prostitute and giving him the “good news” (which translates to killing the man). When Frenchie protests more (because he knows how hard Kimiko is trying to be non-violent), Butcher says that it was this hit job or Cherie’s head. So, Butcher chose the hit job. Kimiko says she isn’t Butcher’s gun. Butcher says that she is and reminds the lot of them that he tells everyone what to do and they do it. That’s the deal.

Back at Vought Tower, Starlight ropes in Supersonic (Miles Gaston Villanueva) in her mission to take down Homelander. Supersonic says he is in. Starlight asks why Supersonic is so nice to her. And Supersonic tells the obvious truth: he’s in love with her. Starlight says she didn’t want to give him any wrong signals. Supersonic says he’s just kidding with her because there’s no way in hell that his grandmother is going to let him date the Whitest person in the USA. They go to the first meeting (?) with the Seven. Homelander brings in taco bowls in Supersonic’s honor for everyone and the atmosphere gets racist. When Homelander tries to conclude the meeting, A-Train brings up the topic of Blue Hawk and his racist attacks. Cassandra (Katy Breier) prompts Deep (Chace Crawford) to downplay A-Train’s point by spewing some stuff about solidarity amongst Supes instead of breaking them up like A-Train is suggesting. Homelander actually agrees with Deep and concludes the meeting. Ashley informs Homelander about Neuman’s press conference and Homelander loses his temper again.

Homelander Gets The Better Of Stan Edgar

After the meeting, A-Train corners Deep and they get into an argument. Deep taunts A-Train about the fact that he’s currently down on his luck and is trying to fix things by doing a re-brand so late in the game. A-Train says that Deep is so dumb that he doesn’t even know it. Deep threatens A-Train by saying he’s going to inform Homelander about A-Train leaking all the info about Stormfront being a Nazi. A-Train retorts by saying that he’s just going to inform him about the time Deep retrieved the footage of Homelander letting the plane crash and gave it to Maeve. With no other option left, Deep tries to start a fight. A-Train gill-punches Deep. Homelander steps in and picks up Deep and tells A-Train to give it a rest, thereby demeaning him. Supersonic takes A-Train to the elevator before he blows his heart up and tells him about Starlight’s plan, hoping to win him over.

Hughie comes across another telecast of him being mocked by Russian shows while Butcher and MM talk about his battle plan. MM says that he is not going to tolerate these unannounced missions. Butcher takes him back in time to explain why he chose MM over everyone else. It’s because MM’s the binding agent of the team and even if Butcher goes off the rails, he knows that MM is there to look after The Boys.

Kimiko goes to the target’s lair and sees the man with a bunch of prostitutes all snorting cocaine and giving in to the pervert’s whims. Then he gives Kimiko a tour of all the Seven-themed dildos in his arsenal. When he turns his back to her, Kimiko uses the Black Noir-themed dildo to put a hole in the man’s head. Then she proceeds to kill all the gunmen in the room in the most gloriously bloody fashion. Kimiko takes a photo of the dead guy as proof and gets shot from behind by one of the girls. When she comes to, she realizes that they perceive her as a monster now.

Stan Edgar meets up with Neuman before the press conference and tells her to remember that Homelander deserves this. The Seven unite to watch the press conference. Neuman talks about how those in power are not above the law, not even the most powerful person in the company. Stan Edgar thinks that Neuman is going to start her takedown of Homelander. Instead, she paints Homelander as a whistleblower, accusing Stan Edgar of committing crimes. She says that the FBSA (Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs) will be investigating charges of blackmail, perjury and obstruction of justice. Homelander reveals that he has done something that he should’ve done a long time ago, i.e. a Supe company should be run by Supes. Pointing to Maeve, Supersonic and Starlight, he says that there’s no more room to hide. It’s the Dawn of the Seven. Edgar realizes that he has been played and on his way out, he asks Neuman why she did this. She says that she sold out Edgar to protect Zoe.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 4 Recap Ending Explained (3)

Ashley meets up with Coleman to tell him that all the talking points of his show are going to come from her. She makes fun of the writing of his previous episode and Coleman reveals that he was the writer. He apologizes. Ashley asks Coleman the question that Homelander asked her earlier: “Is your idiot brain getting f*cked by stupid?” Like Ashley, Coleman thinks it’s a rhetorical question. Ashley says it isn’t and she wants an answer. Coleman wonders what’s going to happen if he says “yes”. Ashley says that then she has to punish him, and she pulls out a Homelander strap-on. And it seems that Coleman gives her the permission to use it on him.

Back in the makeshift Boys headquarters, Kimiko returns to tell the lot that she has done the job. Away from Butcher’s gaze, Frenchie and Kimiko plan to get away from all this. Frenchie says that everyone except for Butcher needs their help. So, they’ll get this job done and then bolt to Marseilles. Homelander visits Neuman and gives her the file about her past. Apparently, she actually thought that she is Edgar’s daughter and after reading the file, she realizes that she was/is/has been Edgar’s weapon. When Homelander begins his spiel, Neuman cuts him off and asks if he has the Compound V. Later on, when she gives it to Zoe, it becomes clear that she gave up Edgar to turn her daughter into a Supe. Homelander even thanks Neuman for “choosing her own kind”.

Butcher takes V24 in preparation for their trip to the place where the Homelander-killing machine is kept. Hughie catches him in the act and asks for some too. Butcher declines. Hughie says that he is a loser and he needs it to feel like he’s worth something. Butcher explains that he’s doing this because one day or the other, Homelander is going to find Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) and hence, he has to do this. Hughie explains that he has a similar task of standing beside Starlight while facing Homelander and he can’t keep forcing Starlight to save him again and again. Butcher still declines.

Homelander meets up with Stan Edgar and taunts him about his “failure”. Homelander tells Edgar to not blame Neuman. Edgar cuts him off by saying he doesn’t because she did what he taught her to do: play all sides. Homelander says Edgar should’ve respected him. Edgar says it would’ve been a waste (he calls Homelander’s soul a bottomless, gaping hole of insecurity). Homelander continues to taunt Edgar and Edgar says that Homelander is still ranting because he considers Edgar to be his daddy and he’s still looking for his approval. Edgar says that even if he was Homelander’s father, there would’ve been nothing to approve of. Edgar states that Vought is now Homelander’s problem now and Homelander is going to regret taking this position. Because, now, there’s no one to cover for Homelander and that’ll expose Homelander for the “pitiful disappointment” that he’s. Edgar says that Homelander isn’t worthy of his respect, he’s not a god, he’s just a bad product. And he walks away.

The Boys (Season 3), Episode 4: Ending Explained:

Soldier Boy Makes An Explosive Return

Butcher and the Boys enter the facility where the Homelander-killing machine is in. All that they come across is a massive iron container, files, and a hamster with superpowers. Out of everything in the world, the hamster going berserk in its container triggers the alarms, thereby reducing The Boys’ time to discover the killing machine. Everyone gets their guns out and protects themselves from the guards. Kimiko starts killing again, with a tinge of regret on her face. The hamster joins the action by burrowing into the skulls of the guards. Realizing that they’re pinned, Butcher unleashes his powers, shocking everyone in the room. What’s even more shocking is that, in an attempt to save MM, Hughie teleports and punches through a guard. Yes, it means that he has taken the V24 as well.

Kimiko, Frenchie and MM scold Butcher for using the V. Butcher explains why he did what he did. They ask Butcher why he gave it to Hughie. Butcher says that he didn’t and Hughie stole and administered it on himself. Everyone gives disapproving looks to Hughie and soldiers on with the mission at hand. Butcher opens the iron container and as the mist clears, lo and behold, out comes Soldier Boy. He breaks out of his bonds and starts looking around. Eventually he zeroes in on Frenchies and starts charging up his body that’s indicated by a red glowing light in his chest. When he discharges the blast, Kimiko pushes Frenchie away and she takes the impact and it sends her hurtling through the brick wall behind her. Soldier Boy walks away and Frenchie observes that Kimiko isn’t healing.

As they drive Kimiko back to the headquarters, Hughie is seen enjoying the after-effects of the V. MM and Frenchie tend to Kimiko while Butcher wonders about Soldier Boy’s newfound powers. When Butcher asks MM for tips, MM says that The Boys are done; there’s no team for him to hold together now. The episode ends with Homelander taking Starlight for a flyby to a rooftop. Starlight says that they are away from the cameras, so Homelander can drop the act. Homelander turns Starlight’s attention to the mangled body of Supersonic. Homelander reveals that A-Train told him about Starlight and Supersonic’s plan. Homelander warns Starlight that if she tries anything again, then he’s going to turn Hughie into a mangled goop of blood, muscles and bones. Starlight says she understands. Homelander flies away while Starlight cries her heart out.


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