The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart (Series Finale), Episode 7: Recap & Ending Explained – What did Alice do after reading June’s letter?

The series finale, i.e., Episode 7 of the Australian miniseries “The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart,” on Prime Video delivers a poignant punch with its concluding message. The final episode serves as a beacon of strength for those who consistently find themselves in the shadows of insecure, repressive, and egotistical men who believe they hold power and control over a woman’s life. The miniseries culminates with Alice coming to terms with the potential trajectory of her life if she takes control and refuses to let toxic men dictate her path due to their insecurities and obliviousness. This episode also guides us through a significant moment in Alice’s life, evoking genuine emotions (read: sobbing).

As the series wraps up with this powerful finale, it is entirely upon the creators to decide whether to keep it a miniseries or carry the story forward, exploring more narratives centered on women’s empowerment and dismantling age-old patriarchal norms. If they choose to do so, it could steer the narrative in the right direction, further enhancing its impact.

*Spoiler Alert*

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart (Series Finale), Episode 7 Recap:

Part 7: Sturt’s Desert Pea, Meaning: Have courage, take heart

The series finale begins with Alice finally coming to terms with last night’s turmoil. Lulu visits her and finds Alice with multiple injuries and dried blood on her face from the fight. As Alice tries to justify her state, Lulu takes a picture of her on the phone and shows it to Alice. Lulu suggests reporting Dylan to the police; otherwise, he will continue to torture her and get away with his violent behavior. Alice asks Lulu if he ever hit her as well, to which she tells her that he never hit her but would often scare the life out of her because of his jealous and erratic behavior.

Next, we see Twig returning to Thronfield and reuniting with June, who looks sicker than before. After settling down, Twig informs June, reassuring her that Alice is fine and happy in love and will reach out when she is ready. Back at the park, when Alice goes to report about Dylan to the head, things backfire when she learns that Dylan has filed allegations against her, claiming that she hit and injured him. He also told them that Alice had lied about her qualifications to secure a job and had even shared intimate details about the past, resulting in her getting fired and being subjected to further investigation.

Who does Alice call for help?

Later, an incident at the park where Alice gets into a tiff with a tourist over plucking a flower from the range leads Alice to run away. Upon returning to the station, she sees Dylan receiving sympathy from his coworkers, who show him the video from earlier about Alice arguing with a tourist. She finds herself at a crossroads where she neither has a safe place to return to nor the comfort of someone who would trust her, so she calls Twig. When June takes over the call, Alice cries out for help, asking someone to take her back home to Thornfield. June assures her that everything will be alright and she is there for her.

What does June tell Alice?

June takes Alice to a secure place away from the national park the following day. June is heartbroken to see Alice in a state where she refers to herself as another one of the broken flowers at Thornfield. After Alice finally falls asleep, June decides to call Sally. Later, we see Twig driving June and Alice to a beautiful sunset spot near the beach. Alice wakes up to Twig and June waiting for her at the shore. This is when June comes clean to Alice about her brother’s existence, whom Sally and John later adopted. Alice is confused, angry, and frustrated with June’s never-ending lies and walks away, trying to process everything that has happened in the last 48 hours with her.

What does Alice learn from Sally?

Upon reaching the town, Alice goes straight to the library barefoot and searches for the book her mother read her: “The Selkie Story.” Sally comes in and hands her the book, instantly comforting Alice. She then tells her about Charlie and how he has been waiting to meet his big sister. Unable to fathom her emotions, excitement, and the fact that her little brother knows about her, Alice tells Sally that she is not ready to meet Charlie yet, at least not in this messy state. Sally comforts her by saying she can take her sweet time, and the two can enjoy tea with some Lamingtons that Alice always relished as a kid.

At Sally’s place, June sees Twig from a distance meeting Charlie to hand over Alice’s backpack. At the library, Alice goes through the book and finds words like “trapped,” “want to go home,” “choked,” “escape,” etc., underlined – from the earliest episodes when Agnes had the book to herself, she often resonated with Selkie’s story and hence highlighted the words in the book. Upon asking Sally about the book, Alice learns that Clem always kept a close eye on Agnes, and she wanted to help Alice’s mother. Hence, the two women often communicated via cryptic messages through the books. Sally then tells Alice that Agnes had a concrete plan to get away from Clem and go to Thornfield and wanted Alice and Charlie to be there with June. Upon learning this, Alice starts blaming herself for ruining her mother’s plan and killing her in the fire. Sally tells her that what happened in the plan was never Alice’s fault.

Did Alice kill her parents in the fire?

Sally then takes Alice to her husband John’s workstation, where he hands her the case file that contains all the details about Clem and Agnes’ death. We hear Alice’s voice in the background, narrating the actual occurrence that took place years back. It turns out that it was Agnes who had actually killed her husband by setting him on fire after she found herself helpless upon seeing Clem hitting and choking their daughter because of the fire in the shed. Agnes went into early labor due to inhalation of the hazardous fire smoke, which led to her demise and the baby’s premature birth. On the other hand, Alice had broken ribs, fractured bones, and a severe neck injury, and Agnes had already planned everything for the safety of her two children (leading them to go to Thornfield to be with June) in case of her absence.

Does Alice finally reunite with her brother, Charlie?

Back at the Morgans’, we see Sally making Alice wear the pendant with Agnes’s photo. In the following scene, a beautiful and poignant moment occurs between two siblings meeting for the first time. Alice sees her brother (unaware of his existence all this time), and Charlie meets his big sister (who has been patiently waiting to reunite with her.) The brother and sister finally hug each other, and the silence in the scene washes over us with a deep sigh, a heavy choking throat, and watery eyes.

Two months later, June’s health deteriorates, with her only bedridden. On the phone, Sally informs Twig that she has told Alice everything, including Gemma’s story (episode 3). Twig asks her if Alice can send messages to the people at Thornfield, especially for June. Later, we see Charlie and Alice hanging out together. He asks if he looks like Clem. Alice tells him that he does, but it is not bad because Clem was never really bad all the time. She justifies his character by saying Clem often showered her with lots of love and made her feel secure; however, his behavior would change when she realized things were going in the right direction. After Sally tells Alice to send a message to June, Alice contemplates sending the message. However, she replies to Dylan, who has been constantly asking her to return to the Park Range.

A still from The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Series Finale, Episode 7.
A still from The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Series Finale, Episode 7.

Why did Clem leave Thornfield with Agnes?

On the other hand, back at Thornfield, we see June going back to a flashback. When June learns about Clem’s plan of marrying Agnes and modernizing Thornfield, June confronts him about how Thornfield doesn’t belong to him and would instead go to Candy and Twig, as it has always been passed down through generations. Clem gets angry with June when she further claims to come clean to Agnes about him raping Candy, and he tries to strangle her, but Twig intervenes, demanding him to leave. This is when Clem takes Agnes with him despite June pleading not to allow him to do things his way.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart (Series Finale), Episode 7 Ending Explained:

Does June die in the end?

In the present, we see June hallucinating, seeing Agnes, who tells her that whatever happened was bound to happen this way for Alice. Later, we see June weak but in a state where she can write letters to Alice. This is the moment when June hears the bees swarming, indicating that the colony of bees has found a new queen bee. This metaphorically represents that Thornfield has also found a new leader. Who will it be? Candy – whom June considered her daughter? Alice – the rightful heir to Thornfield? Or will it be Charlie – who was born into the family and bears June’s bloodline? The scene then takes us to a trance-like moment where we see June bidding her final goodbye to the wildflowers she once planted on the farm, ultimately leaving her physical body behind (dying) after having a beautiful moment celebrating her last moments with the Thornfield flowers.

Does Alice ever talk to June again?

There is a brief moment between Sally and Alice where Sally advises Alice not to return to Dylan, as being part of something toxic like that could be insanely addictive and could drive her crazy. This is also a moment when Alice tries to reach out to June but cannot get through (this scene subsequently takes place when June dies).

What happens at June’s funeral?

In the wake of June’s death, Twig and Candy organize a small gathering inviting all the Thornfield women (survivors of their individual stories) and the Morgans, who accompany Alice. This is followed by a beautiful wake where Twig introduces Alice and Charlie to the community, and everyone gathers to plant a tree to honor June’s life. Later, Candy hands over handwritten letters to Alice and Twig, stating that June wrote one for every person.

What did Alice do after reading June’s letter?

First, we see June telling Candy that she has always been a darling daughter to her. Secondly, we see Twig rushing to the riverbed to find her name etched on the barren tree beside June’s name. Finally, we know what June wrote to Alice in the letter. It instructs her to go to the shed where June would often work and find the book named ‘The Lost Flowers,’ which contains all the stories written by her, including June’s story about the women who survived years of suppression and domestic violence inflicted on them by men. The letter also states that Alice should use her voice by following what June started as a child after surviving her trauma and use this book as a medium to continue giving a voice to the women who men often shut down due to their positions of power and ego.

The series finale of “The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart” ends with Twig, Candy, and Alice burning down the barren tree inside the burnt house at Thornfield (a place prohibited for any women living on the farm to enter). The scene concludes with Alice joining hands with Candy and Twig, watching the house burn to ashes, and Sally, Charlie, and John accompanying them.

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