The Mysterious Benedict Society (Season 2) Episode 7: Recap and Ending Explained- Reynie Muldoon, Constance Contraire, Kare Weatherall, George ‘Sticky’ Washington, Mr. Nicholas Benedict, Number Two, Rhonda, Ms. Perumal, and Milligan were all on the farm, but the odds were stacked heavily against The Mysterious Benedict Society. More than half of them were captured or in a state of artificial happiness. However, the others were more than capable of mounting a rescue against Dr. L.D Curtain (Nathaniel), The Greys, Jackson, and Jillson.


Let’s find out how they fared in this episode (A Joyful Lens).

The Mysterious Benedict Society (Season 2) Episode 7

A Joyful Lens: Recap

The episode began with Dr. L.D. Curtain and Nicholas Benedict drinking tea in the cottage. Number Two returned, and Dr. L.D. Curtain asked her about the meeting with Auguste, proving he had planned it to get Benedict’s assistant under his program. She oozed positivity, signaling doom for any inside resistance. Milligan and Rhonda show up at the cottage, but Auguste, waiting outside, enters swiftly and gets hold of all the adults.

Now Reynie, George, and Kate are the only free ones, and the first and the third child are still free. 

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The Greys bring Constance and George to Curtain in straitjackets, but he apologizes for the treatment and frees them. Nathaniel realized Constance was happy and tried to use his technique on George.


Kate and Reynie saw George and Constance being led to their cottage. They snuck in and saw Constance’s state, but George revealed he escaped the trap as he focused on long division and pretended to be happy. Kate appreciated it and the trio then decided to save the others. First, Reynie and Kate had to fit in and change their attire for the costumes on Curtain’s farm. 

The quartet then sneaked into the hall where Curtain was giving a speech. Mr. Benedict, Rhonda, Milligan, Ms. Perumal, and Number Two sat, listened, smiled, and applauded as the villain shared his future goals with the group. Each hall member would be sent to a different city to promote artificial happiness among the masses.


Nicholas showed some signs of resistance as he had a feeling when yet another participant ‘slept.’ When he questioned Curtain about it, his twin dismissed him. George assumed the group was undercover, but the light dawned on him when they didn’t respond appropriately. 

Once outside, Constance dismissed their plans to make everyone bitter and rushed off to seek positivity. Kate revealed she flicked Dr. Garrison’s journal, and the trio looked for ways to reverse Curtain’s artificial happiness. They saw nothing, but Reynie glanced at ‘The Whisperer’ and spotted a note, i.e., the key to the artificial happiness. George saw the opposite page, and the kids devised an idea to create a flash to rewire the brain.


They built this in the cottage while Jackson and Jillson finally told Dr. Curtain about the sleepers. He chastised them for having no solution and instructed them to keep anyone with a stiff neck (the first symptom) away from the rest. Mr. Benedict eavesdropped on the discussion, and the audience could see the fear on his face. He resisted it, but our doubts about him faking was not ideal, as he was indeed taken. 

Kate, Reynie, and George took the camera and tried it on Milligan. After it worked, they used it on Dipika, Rhonda, and Number Two. Just as they were about to free Mr. Benedict, Jackson and Jillson spotted trouble and tackled Nicholas. This resulted in the camera hitting the floor and getting stepped on by a dancer. The duo didn’t flee to inform Curtain as Jillson dislocated her shoulder. Once the group helped Mr. Benedict back to his feet, they left the party and collected Constance, who was playing with Auguste.


The Mysterious Benedict Society wanted to flee, but they decided to stay as Curtain wanted to expand despite the side effects. Mr. Benedict refused to see harm befall his brother. 

This episode then cuts to Dr. Curtain preparing for his speech when he receives a knock. The door opened, and a dart pierced him in the neck. Milligan and Kate walked in, put a bedsheet over him, and carried him to a van where the entire group was. They drove out and proceeded to an unknown location. With her arm in a sling, Jackson and Jillson saw that Curtain was captured and hastened to deploy The Greys.


The Mysterious Benedict Society (Season 2) Episode 7: Ending, Explained 

As the group was driving, Mr. Benedict felt a stiffness in his neck, i.e., the first symptom before any individual froze. 

Where is the group headed?

A probable explanation is that the group is headed to Dr. Garrison’s place to get help combating Dr. Curtain, perhaps by putting him through The Brainsweeper. 

If it is anyone else, they may not have been introduced to the show as of yet. One can’t say that the group is taking Curtain to Martina. 

Why didn’t Kate rebuild the camera in the van and free Mr. Benedict?

Kate relies on a bucket, which has a limited amount of raw materials. Once the camera was smashed behind repair, they did recover the pieces, but it may not have been salvageable. Hence, Weatherall couldn’t work her magic once more and allow Mr. Benedict to turn the knob and rediscover himself.


How will The Greys locate The Mysterious Benedict Society?

Number Two spoke about the delivery system being a way off the farm. The farm owns those trucks, so they will have methods to locate them. Hence, The Greys need to track one of their own trucks and would get a fair idea of where the group is headed.

Will Mr. Benedict succumb to artificial happiness?

Mr. Benedict is the pivotal piece holding this group together, as was seen in the opening season. When not affected by his bouts of epilepsy, he was formidable. This season has seen him in a state of artificial happiness and a walking clown. However, what could save him is that his mind has been fighting his twin’s efforts.


The final episode could see Mr. Benedict get time to shine while in his element. Or he could be the key to fighting it, as Constance destroyed ‘The Whisperer’ in season one. 

What do you think will happen in the final episode (A Two Way Street) next week?



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