The Summer I Turned Pretty (Season 2), Episodes 6 & 7: Episode 5 ended with many questions, which left us awake for several sleepless nights. With a hope that at least some of them, if not all, will be answered in these two episodes. For all those waiting for the next milestone in Belly’s story, here’s a recap of Episode 6 and 7 of The Summer I Turned Pretty.

The Summer I Turned Pretty (Season 2), Episode 6 “Love Fest” Recap:

The 6th episode of The Summer I Turned Pretty picks up from where we left off, with Julia informing the group that she has successfully sold the beach house. She informs Conrad that the new owners are preparing to take possession of the house and requests everyone to hand over their sets of keys.

Conrad’s anger flares as Julia swiftly sells the house, an action that happened within mere hours. Although frustrated, he relinquishes his set of keys, realizing the situation is beyond their control. Skye endeavors to engage their mother in conversation, expressing the enjoyment derived from spending time with their cousins and wishing to continue.

Julia contends that her aim is her daughter’s happiness, yet Skye counters, highlighting the absence of positive narratives about their cousins and Susannah. Skye asserts that selling the house won’t bring the closure Julia seeks, emphasizing the lingering resentment towards their father that Julia harbors within her heart.

The episode delves into a flashback, transporting us to ‘Shitmas,’ the final Christmas shared by Julia, Susannah, and their father. Julia reminisces about the day spent with Susannah, which ultimately turned into an argument concerning their father.

In the present, Skye confronts her mother, highlighting her one-sided perspective on their family’s narrative and her resistance to the portrayal of Susannah presented by Conrad and Jeremiah. Skye voices her grievance over Julia’s abrupt and impulsive choice to sell the house without granting the group any opportunity to discuss it. Julia departs and opts not to accompany her mother back to the hotel.

In the meantime, Skye offers her apologies to the group and contemplates their course of action following the sale of the house. Belly proposes the idea Taylor and Belly engage in a conversation, during which Belly confides in Taylor about her coach’s request for her not to rejoin the volleyball team. Belly assures Taylor that it’s fine and declines Taylor’s offer to talk to the coach on her behalf. Belly heads downstairs and encounters Jeremiah. The two engage in a nostalgic chat about their shared memories in the house, and playfully, Belly playfully shoves Jeremiah into the pool.

In the water, they share a fleeting moment before transitioning to discussions about their shared childhood experiences. Just as their connection seems to deepen, Taylor enters the scene, inadvertently reminding Belly of a past outing with Conrad.

Jeremiah proposes joining Belly and Conrad for their outing. Meanwhile, Taylor receives a call from Milo and engages in a conversation with him in the kitchen, while Steven is seated beside her. Taylor fills Milo in on the upcoming party they’re planning, but Steven repeatedly interjects and disrupts the discussion. When Milo requests the address, Steven grabs Taylor’s phone, abruptly ends the call, and hangs up.

Simultaneously, Conrad, Jeremiah, and Belly take turns visiting a nearby convenience store to gather alcohol for the party. Unexpectedly, Belly engages in a conversation with the store attendant about their challenges, including the sale of the beach house, and the difficulties they’ve been facing lately. She successfully secures a substantial amount of alcohol for the event. However, Conrad notices a growing connection between Belly and Jeremiah during this interaction.

Cameron’s place becomes a hub of activity as he brings in his DJ equipment for the upcoming party. In the midst of preparations, Cameron and Skye engage in a conversation, delving into their shared experiences of family challenges, particularly with their mothers.

Meanwhile, a plan is set in motion by Belly, Conrad, and Jeremiah to embark on a mall adventure to stock up on an array of groceries essential for the event. Back at the house, Taylor and Steven exchange stories, reminiscing about a cherished memory involving dancing to the tune of ‘Party in the USA’. Their interaction is momentarily interrupted by Skye, prompting Taylor to step indoors and assist with the party arrangements.

During their shopping escapade, Belly and Conrad find themselves engaged in a candid dialogue about their past. Belly takes the opportunity to express her remorse for her past immaturity, notably her behavior during the prom. She acknowledges her insensitivity towards Conrad during his challenging period related to his mother. In turn, Conrad opens up about his struggles, including a distressing encounter with a panic attack.

The trio concludes their shopping expedition and returns home. Upon their arrival, Belly, Taylor, and Skye engage in a lighthearted conversation about the topic of kissing boys. Skye seeks advice on the matter, prompting Belly to recount her experiences kissing Cameron, Conrad, and Jeremiah. She shares that kissing Jeremiah held a particularly intriguing aspect for her.

As the girls offer guidance on kissing techniques to Skye, Jeremiah takes the opportunity to sort through items in the garage. Conrad soon joins him, and their conversation shifts to the contemplation of the fading memories of their late mother. During this discussion, Conrad willingly hands over an album containing cherished childhood photographs to Jeremiah.

In the midst of these events, Belly crosses paths with Jeremiah, leading to a candid discussion about her emotions concerning Conrad. Jeremiah candidly expresses his perspective, mentioning that he felt as if he were intruding on a private moment when Belly and Conrad were alone together.

Belly countered, explaining that her perspective is different now, and she’s focused on embracing the future rather than dwelling in the past.

As the day progresses, the girls prepare for the evening, and Taylor playfully teases Belly about Jeremiah. Belly opens up to Taylor about the near-kiss experience and receives advice to exercise caution when navigating her interactions with the two brothers.

The party commences on a positive note, with Belly sharing a special moment alongside Conrad, capturing pictures together. However, a little later, she stumbles on her roller skates, causing her to fall right into Jeremiah’s arms. Jeremiah playfully flirts with Belly, who urges him to cease his efforts to gain her attention.

Meanwhile, Conrad intervenes, drawing Steven’s attention away from his playful interactions with Taylor. The group congregates, raising their glasses for a shared shot, making a pledge to maintain their connection over time. Cameron finds himself in the company of Skye when Milo unexpectedly arrives at the house gathering, in search of Taylor. Despite Skye and Cameron’s concerted efforts to locate her, Taylor remains elusive.

In another corner, Skye and Cameron engage in conversation, a shared moment prompting them to contemplate the idea of a kiss. Their discussion culminates in a spontaneous kiss, while Taylor and Steven embark on a dance, swaying to the rhythm of ‘Party in the USA’ by Miley Cyrus. Following their dance, Steven courageously expresses his emotions to Taylor, confessing his genuine affection for her.

Just as they are on the verge of sharing a kiss, Milo abruptly appears, sparking a heated altercation with Steven. Meanwhile, Belly engages in a conversation with Jeremiah, reminiscing and sharing stories about their first kisses. However, their intimate moment is disrupted by a sudden commotion outside, drawing their attention to a heated dispute unfolding between Taylor and Steven.

Feeling humiliated by Milo’s behavior, Taylor takes a stand and firmly expels him from the scene, no longer willing to tolerate being treated as someone’s possession rather than an individual with her own emotions. Meanwhile, Skye receives a text message from Julia, her excitement palpable as she shares the news with the group that a compromise has been reached with their mother regarding the house. According to Skye, Julia has successfully negotiated an arrangement with the new homeowners, granting them the privilege of renting the house for every summer.

While Belly and Jeremiah express their contentment with the newfound agreement, Conrad remains skeptical, harboring doubts that the experience will retain its original essence. Tensions escalate between Jeremiah and Conrad, culminating in a fierce argument where they highlight Conrad’s role in souring his relationship with Belly as well.

Belly retreats from the discussion, leaving behind a scene of escalating tensions among the boys, particularly revolving around Conrad’s perceived absence during their mother’s difficult times. Jeremiah vocalizes his need for a reliable role model. Overwhelmed by the emotional intensity of the situation, Belly seeks solace in a bottle of alcohol, her resolve driving her to the beach where she begins to consume the drink.

Conrad trails after her, scoops her up, and escorts her back to their residence. The two engage in a heated exchange concerning Conrad’s conversations with Jeremiah regarding their relationship. She contends that had she been aware of Conrad’s genuine emotions, she would have fiercely advocated for their union.

Belly conjectures that perhaps their affection wasn’t deep enough to facilitate the open sharing of their innermost sentiments. In the beach house, Taylor and Steven finally engage in a conversation that culminates in a kiss. Concurrently, Belly returns to her home and succumbs to a torrent of sobs, the tumultuous events of the evening finally taking their toll.

The episode concludes with Belly, in her room, pouring out her heart to her mother through tears, recounting the sale of the house, and beseeching her for guidance.

A Still from The Summer I Turned Pretty (Season 2), Episode 6.
A Still from The Summer I Turned Pretty (Season 2), Episode 6.

The Summer I Turned Pretty (Season 2), Episode 7 “Love Affair” Recap:

Episode 7 of The Summer I Turned Pretty commences with Belly being roused from sleep by her mother, Laurel. Laurel is seething with anger due to the tearful voice message Belly left, beseeching her mother’s assistance. Belly attempts to express her remorse and explains that the boys were in dire need of her aid to rescue the beach house.

Laurel dismisses Belly’s words and instructs her to prepare herself to return home. Belly attempts to present her perspective to her mother, expressing remorse for her actions and the consequences that unfolded during Susannah’s funeral. She shoulders the responsibility for unintentionally diverting the focus onto herself instead of honoring Susannah.

Belly attributes the alteration in Laurel’s demeanor after Susannah’s passing to her own shortcomings of not effectively processing her emotions. This explanation incites a surge of anger in Laurel, leading her to deliver a slap to Belly. The impact prompts the teenager to flee toward the shoreline. Overhearing the exchange between the mother and daughter, Conrad and Jeremiah opt to follow Belly to the beach, aiming to offer her solace.

Belly persistently revisits the previous night’s altercation between Conrad and the brothers. Jeremiah urges her to cease, expressing his frustration at her involvement in their dispute. He emphasizes that his grievances with Conrad extend beyond Belly’s sphere of influence.

Laurel assigns blame to the young adults for the disorder in Susannah’s beach house and the disposal of her belongings. Contrarily, Steven corrects his mother, attributing the actions to Aunt Julia. A revelation strikes Laurel as she grasps the impending sale of the beach house and the lack of effort from Adam to salvage his late wife’s cherished childhood home.

Laurel faces the displeasure of Conrad and Steven, who fault her for withholding information about the house. Steven confronts his mother, asserting that her efforts have been insufficient and urging her to elevate her commitment. Finding Belly and Jeremiah outside the house, Laurel initiates a conversation with her daughter. She extends an apology to Belly for her earlier actions, acknowledging her own distress stemming from Susannah’s passing.

Laurel reveals her attempt to suppress her emotions and assures Belly of her support. Overwhelmed, Belly breaks down, offering her apologies, and a mutual forgiveness for their past errors ensues. Inside the beach house, Laurel extends her apologies to all the young adults for her absence, urging them to tidy up before she speaks with Julia.

Steven lends Taylor his car for her return journey, as she heads to a volleyball camp. Taylor invites Belly to join but Belly chooses to remain, deeming her presence more helpful to the boys. A revelation about Taylor and Steven’s past relationship astonishes Belly, and Taylor encourages her to follow her heart and confess her feelings to Jeremiah.

Steven bids farewell to Taylor, and the group sets about the task of restoring the beach house. Julia’s early arrival startles them with the house’s altered state. Laurel engages Julia in a private conversation, where they delve into Susannah’s deep affection for the beach house.

Laurel makes an effort to persuade Julia to reconsider the sale, emphasizing the boys’ emotional state. Julia recounts her own childhood experiences, where she didn’t form a close bond with Susannah. Through thoughtful discussion, Laurel manages to sway Julia’s stance, leading to the kids’ elation.

Expressing gratitude, Skye acknowledges her mother’s receptiveness to Laurel’s words, fostering a heartwarming connection. Skye opens up to Julia about sharing a kiss with Cameron, narrating the joy it brought. Meanwhile, Belly and Conrad engage in a conversation, expressing mutual apologies for the past complexities of their relationship.

Belly initiates the idea of rekindling their friendship, sealed with an embrace. However, Conrad’s reaction suggests he desires more than just a platonic role in Belly’s life. Inside the house, Laurel discloses that the sale’s postponement hinges on Adam’s potential purchase of the beach house from Julia. She tasks the youngsters with completing the cleanup before the adults address Adam.

Adam makes an appearance at the seaside residence, and Laurel and Julia embark on a mission to persuade him into acquiring the house, aiming to preserve the cherished memories of Susannah. In the interim, Conrad and Jeremiah engage in a heartfelt conversation with their father, who exhibits reservations due to the house’s poignant connection to their departed mother.

After deliberation, Adam ultimately consents to procuring the beachfront property, acknowledging the necessity of selling their Boston home to fund the acquisition. The brothers reassure their father, expressing readiness to undertake such a step, and Adam commits to securing the house.

Jeremiah summons Conrad to join him by the shore, where they delve into a discussion regarding the potential transaction and the imminent sale of their family residence. Amidst their exchange, Conrad unveils his acceptance into Stanford University, candidly confiding his uncertainties about successfully navigating the forthcoming final examination for college admission.

Jeremiah conveys his determination to prevent Conrad from relinquishing his and Susannah’s aspiration. Meanwhile, back at the seaside abode, Julia and Skye extend an invitation to Laurel, proposing she spend the night at the motel with them. As Belly, Jeremiah, and Steven assist Conrad in his studies, moments of romance unfurl between Belly and Jeremiah throughout the evening, all while the group rallies behind Conrad’s exam preparations.

Following an extensive night of studying punctuated by lively dance interludes, Belly and Conrad find themselves seated beside the pool. Belly embarks on a conversation about her emotions, but Conrad succumbs to slumber. The ensuing morning, Laurel arrives to collect Belly and Steven for their journey back home, granting Belly a final spin with the Fisher brothers.

Before departing, Steven confidentially urges Conrad to express his feelings to Belly and encourages Belly to heed her heart’s calling. The trio of boys opts to uphold their customary tradition of the “Belly flop,” playfully tossing her into the pool one last time before returning home for the remainder of the year.

Engaging in a brief poolside frolic, the quartet of youngsters revels in their playful antics. Subsequently, Steven joins Laurel for their homeward drive, while Belly accompanies Jeremiah as he chauffeurs Conrad to his pivotal college exam. Amid the drive, Belly succumbs to the chill, prompting Jeremiah’s offer to disable the air conditioning. However, she opts to don Conrad’s jacket for warmth instead.

The Summer I Turned Pretty (Season 2), Episode 7 “Love Affair” Ending, Explained:

Tension fills the atmosphere, prompting Belly to play music in an effort to alleviate it. The trio revels in the melodies, accompanying Conrad as they arrive at Brown University for his examination. During the period of Conrad’s test, Belly and Jeremiah embark on an exploration of the campus, allowing Belly to envision her potential future at Brown, much like Jeremiah.

As they linger by the vehicle, awaiting Conrad’s return, Belly courageously opens up to Jeremiah, revealing her heartfelt emotions. She asserts her irreversible shift away from Conrad and expresses remorse for having wounded Jeremiah in the past.

Jeremiah, wrestling with uncertainty, ultimately embraces Belly in a heartfelt kiss beside the car. The episode concludes with Conrad’s abrupt interruption, catching Belly and Jeremiah in the midst of their intimate moment.

And just like this the episode concludes on a cliffhanger and leaves us with a few question to keep us awake at night:

How will Conrad react to this?

Is Belly right this time?

Why is this so complicated?

But like all good things, take their own sweet time this will too. Till then all we can do is rewind these sweet romantic scenes again and again.

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