What We Do In The Shadows (Season 5) Episode 6: By now, we all know that ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ season 5 follows Guillermo’s identity crisis. Since he asked Derek to transform him into a vampire, his life had been a living hell. His transformation was incomplete, and the vampires were unaware of this, besides Laszlo. Meanwhile, Colin failed at a campaign and then his second chance at romance. Nadja understood her Antipaxon roots and Nandor grew needier than ever before. The previous episode showed Nandor in a major goof-up that could have potentially revealed their vampiric identity. Luckily, their messy attempts to stop it, succeed. 

Now the sixth episode follows Nadja taking an injured Guillermo to Urgent Care. He worries that his secret will be out. Meanwhile, Colin’s shiner makes him interesting instead of boring. He cannot fathom it. 

*Spoilers ahead* 

What We Do in the Shadows (Season 5) Episode 6 “Urgent Care” Recap:

Guillermo’s Accident

The sixth episode begins with Laszlo (Matt Berry) showing his new experiment to Guillermo (Harvey Guillén). He had discovered something interesting about the frogs that he injected with Guillermo’s blood. Turns out, these mutated creatures have hair like Guillermo and can fly. Laszlo opens his box of frogs to show the same. Then, he dares Guillermo to try flying. If the frogs with his blood can, why can’t he, right? Laszlo says that ‘Panic is the secret ingredient’ to success. The ever-afraid Guillermo tries it and flies for a few moments only to drop down and injure his ankle. 

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Since Guillermo’s accident makes a big sound, Nadja (Natasia Demetriou) and Nandor (Kayvan Novak) come outside to check what happened. As always, they forget to ask how Guillermo is doing and rather fixate on ‘how’ he fell down. Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch) also comes there to check with a black eye. The vampires start guessing who punched Colin, why, and how, instead of checking on Guillermo’s wellbeing. Instead of being happy about extra attention, Colin gets frustrated about how the shiner makes him seem ‘more interesting’. He hates that. How can he drain other people’s energy now? 

Colin’s Anguish

Even when Colin narrates a story from his past, the vampires find it interesting. He cannot fathom that! Everyone wants to sit around the bespectacled vampire and listen to his fascinating stories. Nandor even keeps asking Colin more about what he just told, with genuine interest. He also makes Nadja take Guillermo to the hospital. Meanwhile, Laszlo performs an experiment with Nandor and Colin. He connects them to one another, to transfer the life energy from Nandor’s into Colin’s body. Since Laszlo mentions the possibility of death, Nandor refuses to go ahead with it – even if it means Colin’s condition would worsen. 

Nandor takes Colin outside and asks him to do his usual thing – to keep talking geeky things to bore other people. But someone runs over their car on Colin’s foot, which again, makes him interesting! Poor Colin! Anyhow, the man who drove that car is none other than John Slattery, of Mad Men fame. John takes his back to the scene of the accident among a small crowd of bystanders who were filming the scene. Now, he becomes a part of their attraction. They flock to get selfies and autographs from him. He offers to drive Colin to the hospital. While saying that, he does not forget to mention that he played a doctor in a TV episode. Great way to plug in, Slattery!

A still from What We Do In The Shadows Season 5, Episode 6.
A still from What We Do In The Shadows Season 5, Episode 6.

John manages to convince Colin to come with him to the hospital. Nandor also joins them both in the car. While Colin thinks he could easily bore this charismatic actor, he fails at it. He tries to provoke John by mentioning his old age, and how that would affect the roles he plays. Instead, John gets intrigued by Colin’s accent and tries to deduce where he is from. He believes Colin is from a specific part of Wisconsin. John starts talking about his work in Spotlight and then goes on and on about his fascination with different accents. So, he manages to drain Colin instead of vice versa. Overall, Slattery absolutely kills every scene he is in! He is definitely coming for guest actor spots at the Emmys next year!

Nadja’s Help

Nadja drags Guillermo through a shopping cart to a vampire doctor. Guillermo earlier thought they will go to urgent care. Nadja calls her idea a visit to a ‘vampire urgent care’. Guillermo gets scared because the doctor would realise that he is becoming a vampire. While Laszlo already knows this, he is afraid of what Nadja’s knowledge would do to him. Wouldn’t she tell Nandor about it? What will happen to him then? Guillermo worries. Nadja does not care and takes him to a 24-hour care facility anyway. She walks Guillermo through a wall to meet a doctor that she had apparently visited before. 

Guillermo tries to fight back and leave the place. But two men with boxed helmets come there and inject Guillermo with a sedative. After inspection, the doctor tells Nadja that Guillermo’s ankle is almost healed, but he needs to stay there another night. She fears they will find his ancestral connection to vampire killers. So, she plans to take Guillermo away without the doctor’s notice. But the doctor notices her rescue attempt and reveals that Guillermo is about to become a vampire. Nadja does not understand how that’s possible and tries to find Guillermo. During her search, she also comes across The Guide (Kristen Schaal), who volunteers for this place.

What We Do in the Shadows (Season 5) Episode 6 “Urgent Care” Ending Explained:

Does Nadja learn Guillermo’s secret?

Nandor takes Colin to a local store to bore other people. They walk in to find a robbery attempt. However, the robber recognises Colin from the TikTok video of his accident. The store owner uses this opportunity to attack the robber and save his shop from theft. He then thanks Colin for helping him. Meanwhile, Nadja fights her way to meet Guillermo. Since he is under the influence, he ends up blurting out his secret – Derek turned him into a vampire. Instead of letting the doctors kill him, she plans to get Nandor to do that. 

By then, Guillermo has become so strong that he rescues himself. While the two plan to return to the vampire residence, Nandor brings Colin back and goes ahead with the energy-transfer process. Once Laszlo turns off the machine, Nandor remains unconscious for a few moments. Colin manages to frustrate Nandor so much, even in that state, that he wakes up. By that time, Nadja brings Guillermo back and argues with Colin. However, they keep it a secret from Nandor, who also fails to understand the clear signs. He rather considers his slacking as a result of mutated frogs. Colin walks away without any interest in Guillermo’s situation. So the secret remains a secret for these two vampires. 

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