The previous episode of The Winter King on MGM+ showed Owain’s return to Caer Cadarn after attacking the miners. While he does not feel a smudge of regret, Derfel isn’t pleased about killing innocent people. Still, Owain justifies it as a part of their duty. Eventually, Tristan arrives in their castle and declares war – if he does not get justice for the killings. After a while of thought and consideration, Arthur decides to stand up for what is right. In the end, we see him kill Owain to maintain the peace between the kingdoms. The Winter King (Season 1) Episode 6 shows the aftermath of Owain’s death. Arthur makes a deal with Gorfydd to strengthen their alliance between the Kingdoms. Besides, he offers Derfel an important position in his battalion.

Spoilers ahead.

The Winter King (Season 1) Episode 6 Recap:

Directed by Farren Blackburn, The Winter King episode 6 begins right where the previous episode left us. Arthur (Iain De Caestecker) mourns the death of his dear friend Owain (Daniel Ings). Soon after the slaying, Nimue (Ellie James) returns to Caer Cadarn with Merlin (Nathaniel Martello-White) to witness Arthur making a challenging decision. As a result of this, Merlin anoints Arthur as Dumnonia’s ruler and Britain’s defender. Later, he notices the sword Arthur fought with the one he brought from the land where his mother used to live. Merlin reveals that he won that sacred blade, known as Excalibur among other names, in a fight and then gave it to Arthur’s mother.

Derfel’s Conflict of Interest

Lunete (Olumide Olorunfemi) was earlier pleased to see Owain taking an interest in Derfel as a worthy warrior. But now, in the wake of his death, she worries whether Derfel still has a chance to have a bright future. Owain’s friends blame Derfel for leaking Owain’s involvement in the attack at the tin mine. While they try to beat him as punishment, Nimue comes in between and puts a curse on them. Because of this, their lives and deaths remain in her hands. That’s how she saves Derfel for the time being. But Lunete worries that does not protect her. Eventually, she decides to leave her union with Derfel, and, thus, Caer Cadarn.

Gorfydd’s Doubts

Arthur chooses not to deflect from the blame of Owain’s murder and accept it as his own and not a result of the powerful sword. Nevertheless, he is determined to bring peace to the isle. Unlike others, Gorfydd (Arneirin Hughes) isn’t particularly pleased by Arthur’s anointment. He expresses his dissatisfaction and mentions that Arthur is not a king. Gorfydd challenges Merlin for calling it the gods’ decision. He points out how the High King Uther appointed others, including Gundleus (Simon Merrells), as protectors of the kingdom. However, Arthur calls it his responsibility to work on a united front against the Saxons, until baby Mordred gets old and wise. Bishop Bedwin (Steven Elder) stands firmly by Arthur’s anointment.

The Alliance

With other rulers, Arthur discusses their strategy against the Saxons. Earlier, they caught a Saxon spy who mentioned the threat of powerful King Aelle. Therefore, to stand a fighting chance against them, Arthur suggests an alliance between Dumnonia, Powys, Gwent & Kernov. By that, they would consider an attack on any of their kingdoms as an attack on everyone. But Gorfydd creates another conflict. He wants to bring Gundleus from Siluria in on this alliance. Arthur agrees to pardon Gundleus if it means they join hands against their common enemy.

The Winter King (Season 1) Episode 6
A still from The Winter King (Season 1) Episode 6

It still doesn’t satisfy Gorfydd since his kingdom Powys, has historically been at odds with Dumnonia. So, as a solution, Arthur suggests a marriage between him and Gorfydd’s daughter – Ceinwyn (Emily John). In Powys, Guinevere (Jordan Alexandra) learns about Gorfydd’s decision to get Ceinwyn married to Arthur. She cannot understand why Gorfydd would want an alliance with Dumnonia despite their conflicted history. On the other hand, Ceinwyn has her own set of doubts about getting married to this stranger. Meanwhile, in Caer Cadarn, some of Arthur’s soldiers also consider his decision too rushed. Nevertheless, Sagramor (Ken Nwosu) puts their doubts to rest.

Nimue’s Change of Heart

Before leaving Caer Cadarn for the wilderness in the North, Merlin tells Nimue about the Excalibur. That makes Nimue believe that Arthur is indeed chosen by the Gods. Merlin worries that Arthur does not take his destiny seriously. So, after Merlin’s departure, she forgets her qualms against Arthur and takes charge of repairing the vats. Upon meeting Arthur, she mentions that she will still kill Gundleus someday. Arthur expects patience from her until he uses the evil Gundleus’s alliance to protect Britain from the Saxons.

Derfel’s New Journey

After Owain’s death, Arthur declares Derfel to be his man. Arthur’s soldiers cut Derfel’s hair and change his appearance. Before leaving, Lunete hands over her father’s sword to him. Meanwhile, Arthur pardons Gundleus to strengthen their alliance against the Saxons. So, he decides to leave with Ladwys (Tatjana Nardone) and the other kings. But Derfel’s presence irks him. While he is about to take an erratic step, Arthur and Gorfydd stop Gundleus from it. Later that night, Bishop Bedwin opens up to Arthur about his feelings for Morgan (Valene Kane). Anyhow, he remains hopeful about the future as a result of Arthur’s marriage with Ceinwyn.

The Winter King (Season 1) Episode 6 Ending Explained:

Do Arthur & Ceinwyn get married?

While others fall asleep, Arthur walks away from their resting spot. He reaches a waterbody to notice a woman on a horse. Arthur’s presence scares this horse. The woman, Guinevere, interacts with this stranger and shares the tale of The Lady of the Lake. Arthur hides his identity to learn what the woman has to say about him. She reveals how the Irish, besides the Saxons, can prove to be an obstacle to Arthur’s idea of an alliance between British Kingdoms. Eventually, she realizes that the man she spoke with himself is Arthur. While she rushes to leave, he opens up about his guilt of killing his dear friend. Guinevere mentions the importance of a compromise for a man of his stature. Unlike him, she does not disclose her identity.

The next day, the kings reach their destination in Powys and enter the castle. Ceinwyn sees Arthur from her window and questions whether he would like her. Guinevere tries to put that doubt to rest. Afterward, Arthur hands over a betrothal gift to Derfel – to offer it to the bride-to-be before the wedding – as a part of their tradition. Meanwhile, Gorfydd decides to send Guinevere as Ceinwyn’s lady-in-waiting after the marriage. For that, she needs to be married. So, Gorfydd decides to get her married to someone from Dumnonia so he can get a foothold in their kingdom. He also sees it as a way to stand by his oath to Guinevere’s father. Eventually, Ceinwyn and Arthur get married to each other. After the marriage, Arthur comes face to face with Guinevere and realizes who she actually is. Ceinwyn introduces Guinevere and speaks fondly of her.

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