Fair Play Soundtrack: Every Song Featured in the Netflix Movie – Netflix’s new thriller movie Fair Play stars Bridgerton fame Phoebe Dynevor as Emily Meyers – a determined financial analyst navigating the ruthless world of high finance alongside her equally ambitious fiancé, Luke. While at first glance, the film looks like a classic romance, the film soon turns into a pressure cooker of tense power play.

Emily and Luke appear to be the perfect couple, successfully concealing their relationship within the cutthroat corporate environment they both inhabit. Their love story appears to be on a promising trajectory. However, as Emily secures the coveted position of portfolio manager at their company, a seismic shift rocks their relationship.

Jealousy and resentment settle in as a  toxic undercurrent not only strains their personal bond but also threatens to undermine their professionalism at work.

After premiering at the renowned Sundance Film Festival, Fair Play has had quite a journey, with Netflix nabbing the film from beyond the control of a lot of big deals being thrown its way. The reception that the film had in other film festivals has just boasted its chances of rising up the charts on Netflix.

Currently holding a steady 87% score on RT, Fair Play is bound to dissect viewers into two. Either they are going to love it or hate it. The reasons are obvious, as the third act will be called the culprit.

Fair Play Soundtrack – All Songs Featured in the Netflix movie:

Debutant director Chloe Domont has not just written and directed a great film, but her soundtrack choices for the Netflix Original uplift the film beyond its erotic thriller genre trappings.

From featuring the classic Donna Summer track Love to Love You, Baby, to featuring some musical pieces that either undercut the tension or heighten it, Fair Play makes good use of this tracklist that you will find below.

Complete Tracklist:

  • “Love to Love You Baby” (Extended Version) by Donna Summer
  • “Too Sweet To Be Lonely” by The Internationals
  • “My Life Depends On You” by The Passionettes
  • “Tavi” by Person to Person
  • “Feels Like Heaven” by Inger Lise
  • “Mist of a Dream” by Birdlegs & Pauline
  • “Heart Full of Love” by Dave Richardson
  • “Stolen Treasure” by Bobby Lile
  • “If You Ever Need Me” by Unknown Vocalist
  • “I Love You So” by The Montereys
  • “Wigglin’” by Freddie Redd with The Howard McGhee Quartet
  • “Will You Be My Love” by The Four J’s
  • “Darling” by Johnnie & Joe
  • “Element 13” by Just A Gent
  • “I Love You Alone” by Sherrell Townsend
  • “There Is Love” by Charles Hodges

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