Titans Series Finale (Season 4), Episode 12 Recap & Ending Explained: Back when Titans’s first trailer was released, it took the internet by storm owing to just two words said by Robin: “Fuck Batman.” This seemingly new take divided fans, but it’s fair to say that those who were hopeful about the series probably feel let down by how it fizzled out towards the end. That applies to this episode, the series finale, as well with Trigon being reduced to a joke yet again and plot armor saving not one but two Titans. Still, the show had its moments over its four seasons, and some will leave with fond memories while others will be disappointed, just like the reaction to that first trailer all those years ago.

Titans Series Finale (Season 4), Episode 12 Recap:

Picking up right where the last episode ended, the Titans are trying to reach Sebastian/Brother Blood inside the Temple of Azarath but can’t since the only door leading inside is sealed shut. Inside, Trigon appears from a fiery pit in his demon form, stating he is not happy with Brother Blood since he was previously full of doubt, hesitated, and fearful. Still, he forgives him for prevailing and summoning him. He says that they will rule together.

Outside the temple, Rachel uses her magic to create a projection of herself inside the temple to talk to Brother Blood, warning him not to trust Trigon as he promises Brother Blood that they will rule as equals. However, in an unexpected turn of events, Brother Blood turns on his father and kills him, literally ripping his heart out and drinking the blood as Rachel notices a seemingly dead Conner in the rubble.

Brother Blood offers Rachel, his only remaining family, a chance to rule alongside him, but she instantly refuses, and Brother Blood leaves. Rachel cuts off the projection and conveys what happened to the other Titans, and they take Conner back to the RV, having no plan to defeat Brother Blood.

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Dick injects Conner with Red Kryptonite, created to stabilize Superman in case he is badly injured, but it does nothing. It is also revealed that Kory is ready to sacrifice herself, but the others aren’t ready to accept that just yet; Dick, in particular, is opposed, as he has been for a while, strongly insisting that they’re stronger together as he and Kory reminisce on past events like their first meeting and when Kory stole his car.

Using the satellite tracking in the RV, they place Brother Blood at a secret government warehouse that contains chemical weapons, and the Titans head there, only to find the place empty. Suspecting Brother Blood is deeper inside, they also reunite with Tim as Robin, and everyone expresses their approval of his donning the costume. Dick believes that the third time’s the charm, referring to himself as the first Robin and Jason Todd as the second, ultimately not working out.

Just then, Brother Blood shows up, and they all fight him, but it quickly becomes apparent that this Brother Blood is just an illusion and that he was never at the warehouse in question at all. All of this was just a distraction as Brother Blood had gone to his real target, which is STAR Labs, while the Titans were occupied.

Brother Blood kills everyone present at STAR Labs, but Bernard, freshly awakened from his coma, luckily escapes and quickly informs the Titans of the situation. He also informs them that Brother Blood is looking for the Icarus Lab, which very few people know about, and only Dick knows what it is amongst the Titans.

After getting the go-ahead from Dick, Bernard reveals to the team that the Icarus Lab is a fully functional wormhole that can send any object to any point in space. It doesn’t work, though, as there simply isn’t enough energy on all of Earth to power it.

With Bernard’s help and hacking, the Titans navigate STAR Labs and then find the Icarus Lab, but Brother Blood uses his magic to cause Kory to split from the rest of them and come directly to him. This is due to Kory, as a Tamaranian being the only one on the planet to power the Icarus Gate and helping him realize his plans. He also has an anti–metahuman squad guard at the entrance to the Icarus Gate, who are defeated by the rest of the Titans after a fight.

Kory regains control in front of a big blue ball of light, which she recognizes as being the same as her dreams and visions. Brother Blood reveals that he intends to use the lab to collide Earth with her home planet of Tamaran, thus destroying both planets. The same was also Trigon’s goal, as he was afraid of what a united Earth and Tamaran could do. Kory naturally refuses to help, but Brother Blood says he will survive owing to his perceived godhood and hooks Kory up to a machine that drains her energy and powers the Icarus Gate.

As the Titans enter the Icarus Lab, Bernard tells them to disconnect four large black cables, which are the navigational or guidance system, and disrupting them will stop the collision of planets. Gar tries to do just that, as Rachel tries to free Kory from the machine and Nightwing and Robin hold off Brother Blood.

Just when it seems that Nightwing is about to be overwhelmed by Brother Blood, a resurrected Conner appears and defeats Brother Blood. Robin and Beast Boy, meanwhile, have disconnected the four cables Bernard told them to, and Rachel has freed Kory from her restraints. However, Dick and Kory are soon at odds about what to do next, with the former wanting to banish Brother Blood to the farthest corner of space using the Gate while Kory wants to kill him, sacrificing herself in the process as was prophesized.

Titans Series Finale (Season 4), Episode 12 Ending Explained: 

Does Kory sacrifice herself to stop Brother Blood once and for all? What is next for each of the Titans?

Starfire grabs an injured Brother Blood and literally flies through the roof with him using her powers, going high into the sky and exploding in a vast ball of blue light as the Titans look on horrified. Kory’s apparent demise saddens all of them, and there is a brief flashback to the Titans celebrating Christmas together when Kory was alive.

Returning to the present, all of them are deeply saddened by Kory’s ultimate sacrifice, only to cheer up once again when a still-alive Kory returns to them unharmed. No explanation is given as to how she survived, as she herself is unsure. She and Dick kiss in an emotional reunion, and she also hugs the rest of the Titans.

Some time passes, and the Titans celebrate their saving the world with a dinner at a fancy hotel that Dick had reserved earlier in the episode. Before they start eating, though, Gar announces that he is leaving the team to further explore The Red as it has presented him with several questions. But he promises to return should the team need him.

Continuing in the same vein, Rachel reveals she has applied to Bludhaven University, just outside Gotham City, to be surrounded by normal people her age. Tim then discloses that he will continue his role as Robin, which would naturally mean spending time in Gotham but will split his time between that and being in Metropolis City to be with Bernard. Lastly, Conner reveals that Superman asked him to spend some time with him and he would teach him how to fly.

As they start eating, Conner separates briefly and is talked to by Dick, revealing to Dick that he didn’t like what all he had done and who he had become, strongly disapproving of his choices. Dick, though, encourages him by saying that as long as he asks himself whether what he did was right or wrong and continues to act towards saving people rather than his own gain, he will be on the right side of things.

Dick and Kory begin their life together as Conner grows his hair back and learns to fly, with which both the episode and the series come to an end.

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