9 TV Shows to watch if you like ‘Ted Lasso’ on Apple TV+

With his infectious optimism and charisma, Ted Lasso has cemented his place as an upbeat coach. He is caring, affectionate, and loads of fun to work with. He is a fantastic motivator. So, anytime you need a pep talk for your next game, he is all in to make you passionate about your abilities. Besides, he is also compassionate if you end up losing. He is more in touch with his emotions than any ‘football coach’ character we have seen on the silver screen.

That is why this Jason Sudeikis & Brendan Hunt invention, based on their improv from years before, manages to resonate with wider audiences. It also presents a piercing commentary on mental health issues. That is why this Apple TV+ series became a phenomenon. However, the fans might be looking for something to fill the hole left by it since it has reached its last season.

Here are a few suggestions that can satiate that hunger ranging from warm-hearted comedies to sports dramas that share their spirit with Ted Lasso in one way or the other.

1. Shrinking

Shows like Ted Lasson - Shrinking

Through Brett Goldstein’s presence as a creator, ‘Shrinking’ shares a DNA with Ted Lasso. Besides having Roy Kent on board as one of the writer-creators, the series is endlessly entertaining. Jason Segel plays a middle-aged therapist who struggles to treat his patients while dealing with the grief of his wife’s death. In this mid-life crisis dramedy, we find a fantastic ensemble like Ted Lasso that balances its heady elements with a breezy, light-hearted approach.

The mixture offers a similarly affecting comedy that deals with mental health issues with an incredible amount of compassion. Its life-affirming tone while exploring its characters’ emotional struggles is similar to that of Ted Lasso. It sees them through a therapeutic lens. Its male characters are allowed to be vulnerable while acknowledging their flaws and without shedding their responsibilities as adults. Its female characters stand their ground without being babysitters for the men in their lives.

So you will most likely find this Apple TV+ series compelling if you loved the adventures of the American coach in England heartwarming.

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2. Trying

‘Trying’ has nothing to do with football, let alone any game. It is primarily about a couple – Nikki & Jason trying to have a baby. They face many hurdles in their journey with regard to naturally conceiving it, going through the straining adoption process, and then figuring out the all-consuming parenting duties. From being careless young adults, they gradually try to fill in the shoes of responsible parents for their kids.

The premise is relatable from the get-go for many reasons. It has a classic coming-of-age set-up that shows a character evolve toward a state of maturity. However, what makes it similar to Ted Lasso is the warm, fuzzy feeling you get in every episode from these characters, who are brimming with optimism despite their challenges. Besides Esther Smith and Rafe Spall as the charming leads, the series has a set of notable actors like Sian Brooke, Darren Boyd, Oliver Chris, and Robyn Cara, who all can undoubtedly give you a dose of positive boost every time you crave it.

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3. Parks and Recreation

One of the key reasons Ted Lasso works is its ever-optimistic lead coach, played by Jason Sudeikis. ‘Parks and Recreation’ gives the same to Amy Poehler’s iconic character of Leslie Knope. She is the OG infectious energy driver in American sitcoms that follow dysfunctional teams gradually finding their bearings. Even while working at the Parks Department of a small town in Indiana, she believes in her work the way our television commercials want us to work for our organizations!

Leslie’s go-getter persona motivates anti-government libertarian Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) and gang-of-good-for nothings like April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza), Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari), Donna (Retta), and Andy (Chris Pratt) among others. Leslie’s perseverance and drive for everyone to do well are similar to Ted’s. The overall arc of their team members realizing their individual potentials and reaching new heights is also quite alike. As a result, you may even fall head-over-heels in love with this goofy, cheerful mockumentary if you love Ted Lasso.

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4. Abbott Elementary

Shows like Ted Lasso - Abbott Elementary

Since Quinta herself sighted Parks and Rec as her key inspiration, I would note the same. Every time I say there is an identifiable ‘brand’ of optimism, it is about well-meaning people craving to share their positive energy with others. Be it Leslie, Ted, or Quinta’s Janine, all of them push their team members (or anyone they come across) to do better while pursuing their ambitions. While it may seem naïve, their intention is never hurtful, which makes it hard to despise them and easy to love.

This recent series buzzing in almost every TV award show is worth the praise and a viewing. Along with Janine, it follows a group of dedicated, passionate teachers from a Philadelphia public school, always fighting odds that such schools also fight in reality. It eventually makes you fall in love with all its characters, even if it’s their mostly tone-deaf principal or Janine’s good-for-very-little boyfriend.

What makes it stand apart from the American brand of optimism (refer to what Ricky Gervais said about it) is its understanding of ground reality and a constant tussle between ambitions and possibilities.

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5. Friday Night Lights

Developed by Peter Berg, ‘Friday Night Lights’ is a sports drama series inspired by the 1990 nonfiction book by H. G. Bissinger. It follows the story of USA’s one of the finest high school football teams and their journey to fame through their newly hired head coach, Eric Taylor (played by Kyle Chandler). The premise is similar to Ted Lasso’s when he started working for the enthusiastic players of AFC Richmond.

The stakes are high for Eric and his team to rise to glory in the football-crazed fictional town of Dillon, Texas. Their burning desire to win makes Eric push the boundaries. So, there is an underdog-to-fame arc in this show filled with optimism that deals with the elements of family drama as Ted Lasso does. It also touches upon the contemporary cultural issues of racism, substance abuse, school funding concerns & abortion. If that is not enough to make you watch it, it also features an impressive ensemble of actors led by Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton in the leads.

6. Brockmire

Brockmire is about a Major League baseball game announcer, Jim Brockmire, who gets fired for a profanity-filled broadcast during a live game. Jim was pissed at his wife for sleeping with their neighbor. So he decided to take out all his anger onto his mike and publicize her affair. After ten years, he gets a job as a play-by-play announcer in a small town, where Jules James hustles to bring this widespread internet phenomenon. Like Ted Lasso, he is roped in for a job in a completely different setting.

Old-school Jim was unaware that he was one until he realized that people used his embarrassment during his meltdown as a source of amusement. Shattered by this, he embarks on a journey to embrace his reality that feels strangely life-affirming. He and Jules work together on their ambitions. Their professional relationship (at least for how they meet each other) is reminiscent of the Ted Lasso-Rebecca pairing.

7. Welcome to Wrexham

Two American men travel to a foreign country to run a professional football club to uplift their spirits. Does that sound familiar? That is not Ted Lasso, but ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ for you! Of course, Ted Lasso and Coach Beard move to England to coach the players and not to purchase the club. However, Rob McElhenney and Ryan Renalds are just as passionate champions of their club as Ted & Beard are. They share the same struggles and yet have the same cheerful attitude.

The docuseries, which follows them purchasing a Wrexham AFC, a struggling Welsh soccer team, boosts good old-fashioned optimism. These two renowned Hollywood actors champion their new club’s players and get fixated from the get-go on one thing – they wanted to write an underdog story with these players. While not fictional, the series shows that they care just as deeply for the people’s sentiments toward the club and want it to succeed.

8. The Good Place

On the surface level, ‘The Good Place’ has hardly anything similar to Ted Lasso. It is not about any game, and its premises have no direct similarity. However, it follows the same templates of introspecting on morals and ethics while the characters gradually evaluate their psychological growth. It is breezy, lively, and optimistic despite all the dark themes of life & death attached to it.

Set in a fictional world from the afterlife, The Good Place shows the characters realizing the mistakes they made in the past and trying to evolve toward maturity. Eleanor, Tahani, Chidi & Jason become a team by themselves, along with the lead of Michael & omniscient Janet. They often help each other deal with their mental health struggles to present a revitalizing experience. What sets it apart from regular sitcoms is how it does not shy away from confronting unpleasant parts of their lives that are required for them to grow.

9. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Shows like Ted Lasso - Unbrekable Kimmy Schmidt

Do you adore Ted Lasso’s forever-smiling chairmanship? Does it make you live with just a little more optimism? If yes, you will probably love Robert Carlock and Tina Fey’s ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.’ It features a similarly cheerful character of Kimmy in the lead role, who almost always feels like a ray of sunshine. After being rescued from a cult’s fifteen years of conditioning, she goes on a voyage to reclaim her life in New York.

Kimmy sees everything around her with childlike innocence and wonder, discovering for the first time that they exist in real life. Her wide-eyed enthusiasm is similar to that of Ted Lasso’s, who makes others smile as brightly and live their life to their best potential. On her quest, she meets a gay, wannabe Broadway actor, Titus. Their adventures together unearth so many layers of her character. Through the series, you get a similar mix of funny & introspective like Ted Lasso does.

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