First premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival, experimental filmmaker Peter Parlow’s acclaimed comedy is to open on June 28th. The Plagiarists Trailer is here and it features a young couple Anna (Lucy Kaminsky) and Tyler (Eamon Monaghan) who are left stranded by a snowstorm. They agree to spend a night with a black samaritan – Played by Michael “Clip” Payne but end up spending it on a personal journey that questions their livelihood and authenticity.

Shot on hand-held camera to manufacture a lo-fi experience, the film’s central theme of differentiating between the authentic and plagiarized calls for a very original comedy that has been widely lauded by festival geeks and critics. The official synopsis from Rotten Tomatoes reads: “Director Peter Parlow’s dramatic meditation on the distinction between authenticity and plagiarism revolves around Anna and Tyler, a young white couple on their way home to Philadelphia. After their car breaks down, they accept the help and hospitality of a middle-aged black man (Michael Payne). Anna (an aspiring writer) and Tyler (an aspiring filmmaker) are each fascinated by his eloquence and camcorder collection.”


Variety in their review of The Plagiarists called the film a truly original lo-fi comedy. Their review read – “Perhaps the last thing one would expect, in a film that, among other things, playfully weighs the artistic expressiveness of cinema against that of literature, is for the film to come down pretty definitively on the side of the written word. But that is just one of the mischiefs that Peter Parlow’s 76-minute lower-than-lo-fi “The Plagiarists” works on us — and with such conviction that even the convention of attributing the film solely to its director feels wrong here. Filmmaker and artist James N. Kienitz Wilkins vies for authorship too, credited as co-writer of the springy, self-aware script (with Robin Schavoir), as well as DP, producer, and editor. Wilfully student-video amateurish in form, but impishly sophisticated in content, a gleeful cultural curiosity fairly crackles off “The Plagiarists,” and it is highly contagious.”

 The Plagiarists Trailer

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