[Watch] Wild Rose Trailer: Musical-drama shows the messy side of what it takes to make it

Wild Rose Trailer

After having its premiere at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival, Tom Harper’s music biopic is ready for a theatrical run. Prior to its release, the Wild Rose trailer has hit the web. The music-centric drama will be released in U.S theatres on 21st June by NEON. After acclaimed roles in War and Peace and The Woman in White, the Irish actress Jessie Buckley is the talk of the town post her scene-stealing role in HBO’s mini-series Chernobyl.

There’s no shortage of “A Star is Born” stories but pretty much like Bradley’s directorial venture last year, there’s still more fuel here. The official synopsis reads “Fresh out of prison, Rose-Lynn precariously juggles her menial job, two children, and committed mother, expertly portrayed by Oscar-nominee Julie Walters, as she pursues her bold ambition of a one-way ticket to musical stardom. With the support of her boss (Sophie Okonedo), Rose-Lynn embarks on a life-changing journey that challenges her sense of self and helps her discover her true voice.”

CJ Johnson of ABC Radio praised the film in his review by saying “This film is a seriously well judged and executed hybrid, combining the social-realism gritty urban British council-housing single-mum drama (Fish Tank, Dirty God) with the inspirational aspirational a-Brit-did-that! goose-bump feel-good dramedy (The Full Monty, Brassed Off). It is clearly commercial and accessible, but the script’s great strength is that it’s actually far less formulaic than it looks (from the marketing); it repeatedly skirts right up to clichés only to make surprising and satisfying left turns.”

Not only is the Wild Rose movie soundtrack stuff of wonders, but the film reviews have really brought it on the map.  Releasing today, it’s only fate that can decide how the film does widely.

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Watch the Wild Rose Trailer Here

Wild Rose Film 2019 – IMDb, Wikipedia

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