Speculations abounded about a sequel when director Xaviror Gens’ French film ‘Under Paris’ skyrocketed to the top of Netflix’s charts. So much so that journalists from around the world where hounding him like crazy about a possible Under Paris 2. So, finally, the director has broken away from his silence to give us an exciting update on the possibilities of a sequel and what could be the plot that the Netflix film might end up following.

“Under Paris” continues to reign as the most-watched movie on Netflix worldwide, amassing 40.9 million views in its first week of release. It recently surpassed the newly released and highly anticipated Oscar-winner ‘Godzilla Minus One,’ signaling that there’s no stopping it—at least, not for now.

Debuting on June 5, the movie initially boasted a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, though it has since dropped to 65%. Despite the dip, critics have praised it as “tremendously enjoyable,” with Variety even likening it to Steven Spielberg’s iconic “Jaws.”

Directed by Xavier Gens, “Under Paris” stars Bérénice Bejo as scientist Sophia, who has experienced the lethal threat of sharks firsthand. Three years prior, during a routine ocean operation, a bloodthirsty shark killed her entire team, including her husband. Now, this same shark has found its way into Paris’ main waterway, the Seine. Despite concerns about water temperature, pollution, and salinity, Sophia must prevent a disaster. She teams up with Seine River police commander Adil, portrayed by Nassim Lyes, to lure the shark back to the ocean. Meanwhile, the city’s Mayor, reminiscent of the obstinate Mayor in “Jaws,” insists on maintaining normalcy and proceeds with a public triathlon event, ignoring the looming danger.

All said and done, the plot smartly pivots towards a thrilling and surprising ending that none of us could see coming.

Will there be a ‘Under Paris 2’?

Unfortunately, Netflix has not yet officially confirmed a sequel to “Under Paris,” but it’s still early days. Given the film’s popularity—surpassing even the critically acclaimed rom-com “Hit Man” in its opening week—an “Under Paris 2” wouldn’t be surprising.

Director Xavier Gens addressed the sequel rumors on June 13, stating that no official plans have been made yet. “Right now, as of today, we’re not on it, but there’s a chance that we’ll be discussing it soon,” he said. Gens hinted at an exciting premise for a potential sequel, revealing, “If there is a sequel, it will take place in a Paris that is entirely submerged under water.”

What can we expect from a sequel to Under Paris?

The ending of “Under Paris” sets the stage for a sequel. The film concludes with attempts to kill the sharks accidentally detonating submerged World War II shells, causing a massive flood that submerges Paris. Director Xavier Gens has hinted that “Under Paris 2” will feature an entirely underwater Paris, likely filled with sharks.

The end-credits scene expands the threat beyond Paris. Queen shark Lilith and her offspring escape, spreading across the globe and attacking cities like London and those in the United States. This suggests the sequel could become a franchise, with killer shark invasions in various cities worldwide.

The original film’s ending, featuring catastrophic flooding and a shark massacre during a public triathlon, leaves viewers with many questions. Sophia and Adil survive but are left in a ruined, shark-infested city. The end credits map showing a global shark infestation suggests many sequel possibilities.

Director Gens told French outlet Télé-Loisirs that the ending is open to interpretation. He aimed to highlight human responsibility for the disaster, symbolizing a pre-apocalyptic scenario. The surviving characters face a challenging future, but their journey could continue.

Originally meant as a standalone film, “Under Paris” now hints at multiple sequels set in global locations like Tokyo, Bangkok, or Venice. Each city could face a unique shark threat, expanding the story and introducing new characters.

Under the Paris is now streaming on Netflix.

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