Yellowjackets (Season 2), Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: However, inclined I may be to yell out, “For heck’s sake, get yourselves some therapists” to the plane crash survivors of Yellowjackets, seeing how ineffective therapy has been for our cult leader does make me wonder if they aren’t beyond help. What thoroughly delights and rattles me about the quiet, despairing progression of Yellowjackets is the most unanticipated emotions the show is able to erupt in me. The 6th episode gave me goosebumps, gave me some hearty chuckles, and made me tear up. What more can you ask of a show?

Yellowjackets (Season 2), Episode 6 Recap

Labor Of Dread

The strained growls of an expecting teen mother echo through the drab cottage in the middle of nowhere. Shauna is about to give birth, and the group is biting their fingers for not paying attention to the childbirth segment during their sex-ed class. Misty’s revolutionary tepid demeanor in the face of soul-crushing anxiety soon turns into an ocean of disquietude when Shauna hemorrhages and bleeds out.

Breathless breaths and feeble pushes chime in just in time for a peculiar purple sack to be pulled out of Shauna. The baby is nowhere close to coming out, and the believers have concocted a bouquet of offerings for the “God” of the wilderness–someone that Nat, Lottie, and the poor Travis believe to have brought back with them. The only difference between then and now is the amusingly ironic turn Lottie’s faith has taken. The God she served once with love is the “it” that just won’t let them be.

Suffering Is Inevitable

Grief, with good reason, has manifested for Nat in the form of all-engulfing guilt. The hauntings that have chased her around in the drugged hallucinations and excruciating sobriety have taken Travis’ life. And how can Nat even expect to forgive herself now that she knows that it was her words that got to Travis and made him end the life he believed was a flaw in the design of the Universe? Forgiveness doesn’t elude Nat. All it does is baffle her until she forgets what it was even supposed to mean in the first place. If she were the squiggly goldfish in the fishbowl of life, we know that she would have put an end to its miserable existence. Does Lottie’s cult actually work?

Hard Fish To Catch

Siracusa’s majorly questionable sting may have gotten Shauna and Callie to the maw of the law. Still, neither of these two strikingly conniving women is making it easy on the cops to bag the perp. The most convincing lie is the one that is the closest thing to the truth. How Shauna weaponizes her own convoluted emotions as a traumatized woman and a mother in a dilemma would floor even the most cutthroat of the cops. Sure, she finds herself having to come clean about the affair she had with the missing person, but there’s no way for Kevyn or Siracusa to nail her with their baseless, albeit accurate, accusation.

I was awestruck with just how much of her mother’s coldblooded deviousness Callie had inherited; especially when she accused Siracusa of sleeping with her. She’s impressively tactful, indomitably set on her macabre goals when she threatens to lie to the jury with a smirk.

Yellowjackets (Season 2), Episode 6 Ending Explained

What Happens To Shauna’s Baby?

There was never a more strongly fastened bond than shared trauma. Everything that Nat, Lottie, Shauna, Tai, Misty, and Van have survived has also given them the safe embrace of each other’s company when nothing seems to make any sense. Even Jeff recognizes how desperately Shauna needs to be with her pals so she doesn’t go off the rails completely. There’s something else that the scarred survivors of the horrendous plane crash have in common. None of them, despite giving it their all, have actually managed to find anything that remotely resembles happiness or stability.

And it’s not an insufferably happy person who you run to when the walls close in on you. A trip to Lottie’s bewildering wellness reserve has arrived at the perfect time for them all. With the queen bee striving to hold on to her sanity, it’s only the people who’ve always known her to be more than a little odd who have congregated. A drone view of Lottie’s sacred acres recognizes the behemoth manifestation of the eerie symbol. Trouble ahead? Big time!

To be back to the past is to acknowledge that things aren’t supposed to go right with Shauna’s labor. Granted, the show has a way of surprising you with the unlikeliest phenomenon. But it would have still been a bit too big of an ask to expect that Shauna’s baby would turn out alright. Then again, your mind tricks you into wondering if it was a healthy delivery after all, especially when you see her cradle the little one with all the love she didn’t even think she was capable of. But even that raises more questions than it answers. If Shauna does give birth to a healthy child and her body eventually overcomes the starvation and fatigue to produce breastmilk, what becomes of the baby later on?

You’ve probably found yourself hoping that the child was given up for adoption when they were rescued while dreading if a significantly worse fate didn’t befall him. I, for one, have had my intrusive thoughts haunted by the possibility of the baby being cannibalized by the starving group or sacrificed to the “God” of the woods. Well, the good news is, by the time the episode ends and Shauna wakes up from the dream she probably didn’t ever want to wake up from, we know that the baby wasn’t brutalized.

The bad news is the baby was stillborn. Shauna’s heartbreaking yowls of pain as the lingering echoes of her dream baby’s cries wouldn’t just leave her alone is one of TV’s most stirring explorations of immediate grief. It is slightly reminiscent of the trepidation that little Nell found herself in when life and death were at each other’s throats to win a war where the winner would get to inflict more pain on her character in The Haunting Of Hill House.

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