Your Honor (Season 2), Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: A revenge tale is often looked at through the lens of catharsis. Just like the character, we get to channel our difficult emotions and find gratification in evading the other side of the argument. ‘Your Honor’ presents a similar narrative, where all its individual stories of revenge coalesce to present an intriguing drama.

Besides the thrill of its violence and occasional bloodshed, it focuses on fleshing out the emotional landscapes of its characters. That makes it a more fruitful exercise than if it was just for sick voyeuristic pleasure.

Streaming on Showtime, its latest episode delves deeper into Michael’s history with Robin while simultaneously sinking its teeth deeper into the criminal underbelly of the city.

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Your Honor (Season 2), Episode 6 Recap:

‘Episode Sixteen’ picks up right where the previous episode ended. Det. Nancy Costello (Amy Landecker) takes Michael (Bryan Cranston) to the police station and shares a piece of evidence she found against him. She wants him to tell where he was on the night of his wife, Robin’s murder. He senses that she already knows about it and decides to let her reveal it herself. Nancy shows him a photograph from security footage, which shows him being with Kenneth (James Vincent Meredith) outside his house. Before her death, Robin had an affair with this man.

Back at the time of Robin’s death, Michael portrayed himself as a husband who did not burden his wife with guilt. His lack of anger always irked Nancy, and his lack of transparency annoys her now. She feels he is hiding something important since he had done the same with Adam’s case. Michael accepts going to Kenneth’s place that night to confront him. But he calls out Nancy for not having any other evidence to back up her suspicion that he killed Robin. He is also furious about being paraded to the station with handcuffs. So, Nancy sees no other way to deal with him but to let him go.

Meanwhile, Eugene Jones (Benjamin Flores Jr.) stays back in New Orleans for a bit before moving to Houston. When he meets Monique (Andrene Ward-Hammond), he asks her about the whereabouts of Lil Mo (Keith Machekanyanga). She mentions him being on his own from now on and diverts the conversation to his visit to her sister in Houston. Monique’s persistent request confuses the kid even when she does not speak with her sister.

Through their dialogue, you sense how Monique distances herself from everyone dear to her due to a fear that they will get hurt because of her relationship with them. While she pushes away her sister and her son, she treats her partner – Janelle (Ciara Renée), with affection. She gives her a stage to sing in her newly owned club. Seeing that gesture, Janelle cannot control her happiness. While dealing with these things on a personal front, she continues her professional work without Lil Mo’s presence.

Elizabeth (Margo Martindale) picks up Michael from the police station. He tells her about Nancy’s suspicion stating that he is involved in Robin’s murder. While Elizabeth does not consider him a murderer, she still wants to get to the bottom of her daughter’s death. Micheal connects with her resolve since he was in a similar mental state after his child’s death. Still, he finds such efforts futile. Despite hearing that, Elizabeth wants to pursue Robin’s murder case, which is unsolved to the day.

So, the two meet Kenneth to speak with him about that night. He mentions the involvement of the police department in criminal activities. Since Robin and he had a hunch about that, Robin started investigating a story about the battle between two crime families from their city, where the murders worked out like planned executions. Unfortunately, it was the cause of Robin’s death.

Since the police got notified about a new detail, they came to speak with him about it. To provide an alibi, he showed the footage, and that’s how Nancy learned about Michael being there. But besides that, this conversation also made Michael aware of the bad apples from the police. Kenneth also spoke about an informant called AJ, who was ready to provide more details. But backed out due to the omnipresent threat to his well-being. So, on their way back, Michael and Elizabeth decide to meet AJ and get to the bottom of this matter.

Your Honor Season 1 Episode 6

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Meanwhile, in the Baxter family, the fumes of dissatisfaction are on the rise. Since his arrival in New Orleans, Carmine Conti (Mark Margolis) wants to disrupt the way Jimmy (Michael Stuhlbarg) does his business. He is furious that Jimmy is not making the best use of his position of power to intimidate others with any means necessary so that the family can expand its empire. In the end, he wants his daughter and her kin to prosper instead of them living like scared sheep.

To make this happen, Carmine brings Calabri’s father and son, who have a significant reputation in delinquent businesses. They offer a deal that can benefit both families. But for that to work out, Jimmy has to allow them to use his ports of business for their drug trade. Since he has a strict policy not to involve himself with selling drugs, he refuses to move forward. But Carmine takes charge of this negotiation into his hands and makes the deal work out as per his wishes. Later, he calls out Jimmy’s dual nature, where he pretends to be a respected businessman while having just as maligned conscience as he and his family.

While Carmine does not allow Jimmy to have a significant stake in such deals, Jimmy does the same to his son, Carlo (Jimi Stanton). So, the generational saga of neglect persists. Carlo is upset because Jimmy disapproves of him attending that meeting. Jimmy may have done it so that his son does not lose respect toward him when Carmine undermines his judgment. Nevertheless, it does not sit well with Carlo, who mentions it to Gina (Hope Davis). They enter Fia’s (Lilli Kay) hotel room, where Carlo stays back to take care of baby Rocco. Meanwhile, Gina takes Fia to the church to speak about her son’s baptism.

In the church, the conflict between the mother and the daughter persists. Fia continues to question blind faith, whereas Gina is adamant that she must be aligned with her belief system. They are both stubborn in their own way of thought. The priest comes to rescue them from their argument and asks Gina to have some time alone to speak just with Fia. She reluctantly agrees. Then, this hip priest tries to speak with Fia in her own terms, without forcing her to change her belief systems, yet subtly making her sense the purpose of this ritual.

Monique, meanwhile, is looking to get Eugene back to Houston. She fetches one of her men for this task. By that time, a drug addict, who is also an informant for the Baxters, sees Eugene still being in town and informs Carlo about it. Carlo decides to kill Eugene as a matter of personal pride. He follows them and crashes his car into theirs. The accident ends up creating a mess instead, where Carlo himself cannot escape from his car. Eugene manages to get out and goes to Carlo with a gun. Since Carlo killed his brother despite no fault of his, Eugene decides to get revenge. But the moment he hears police sirens approaching them, he panics and flees the crime scene.

Who was behind Robin’s murder?

Michael and Elizabeth go up to meet AJ. Like Kenneth, he is worried about his safety for revealing the details. However, since Elizabeth makes a passionate plea to know her daughter’s killer, he shares the information. He tells about a policeman who was closely involved in executing the crimes. AJ was trying to get clean from this treacherous world of drugs and crime. But that man did not want that to happen. Robin approached AJ to speak about a story on police brutality in the city. But when she reaches to meet him in person,  detective Walter Beckwith kills her.

Your Honor (Season 2), Episode 6 Ending Explained

Why does Carmine physically abuse Jimmy?

Fia and Gina return to the hotel room to find Carlo’s girlfriend from the hotel staff tending the baby. Seeing the crying baby, they both get furious at Carlo for leaving Rocco irresponsibly. Soon they learn about Carlo getting hospitalized because of his injuries. So, the entire Baxter family comes to visit him. He tells Gina that Eugene is back in town, which is why he left in a hurry. Jimmy had earlier told them that Eugene’s matter has been taken care of (i.e., he is either killed or traumatized to the degree that he won’t show his face again in their city).

But upon seeing the kid back in New Orleans, the family starts questioning his position of power and whether he is trustworthy and intimidating enough to do his work efficiently. Seeing this fuck-up as Jimmy’s personal failure, Carmine drags him outside the room and grabs him by the collar. He scares him to his wits, which Frankie happens to see from a distance. But he does not stop Carmine. Once Carmine lets Jimmy go, he leaves quite flustered, still trying to recover from the shock of this abuse.

Frankie follows him and tries to make him feel that he is still in a position of power. But he professes the importance of Carmine’s way of dealing and believes that they need to be more ruthless. With his traumatized state of mind, Jimmy ends up taking out his rage on this man, who was nothing but loyal to him. Monique’s crime family is coping with their own concerns, despite the fact that a paradigm shift will inevitably lead to an imbalance in their family. She returns to her crib with Janelle to learn about the accident and it devastates her.

What happens to Eugene? Does he manage to return to Houston?

After his dialogue with AJ, Michael heads to the police station. He thinks it’s important to call her ahead of time to explain why he’s coming (probably because he wanted her to know the truth, and he feared that he would get killed on his way to the station). He informs Nancy that the reason why they could not solve Robin’s murder is that the killer was one of their own.

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Meanwhile, Eugene gets on a bus and tries to escape the city. Despite blood dripping from his nose and body, he sees this to be the only option at hand for him at the time. While he is about to enter the bus, police officer Rudy Cunnighum (Cullen Moss) reaches the place and shoots the kid dead.

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