Barry Season 3, Episode 3: Recap & Ending Explained: Barry’s rich vein of form continues with another brilliant episode. The ability of the creators to be so wildly funny and, at the same time, so brave with the depth of their examination of human character is commendable. From one minute to the next, the mood can change in an instant. It seemed like the third episode of Barry’s season two was about closure. Fuches, Gene, and Katie all looked like they were stopping the pursuit of their true feelings. But as the end came near, all three, in succession, defied their social contours and chose to go with their gut. The setup for the upcoming parts of the story has now become anyone’s guess. Barry’s dynamism and forever-changing social ethos are noticeable in ‘”ben mendelsohn”. Here is a recap of all the important plot points from episode three that you might have missed.

Barry (Season 3), Episode 3 Recap:

EPISODE 3 – ben mendelsohn

The episode begins with a shot of Gene sitting in makeup. He is starting his work today as an extra when the producers break the news that he has a line. For a moment, his eyes light up. But then comes the aching realization of Barry’s foot on his throat. The Chechens come back to their operation site and witness the chaos. Although they do not know it was the Bolivians, the suspicion is strong. Against Hank’s insistence, the plan formed is to take out the Bolivians, starting with Cristobal. This worries Hank, who tries to think of newer ways to protect his former lover.

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Fuches is shown to be a happy man on farmland. Amongst goats, the scenic hills, and a beautiful partner, he attends a phone call from Hank. He tries to persuade him to come back home. Fuches is reluctant and cuts the call saying he is happy in his existence. He still wonders if Barry forgave him or not. The Chechens are now left without any options to carry out the hit on the Bolivians. They decide to do a suicide mission with no other option in sight. Sally prepares for her first media interaction. She is nervous and eventually disappointed with the manner in which the entire event takes place. Gene starts probing into the death of Moss. Questions like “did she suffer”, and “who was that guy who took me into the woods.”

Barry Season 3

Gene comes to a realization that it was his remark at the dinner table in the final episode of season one that led Moss to figure out Barry was her suspect. It was when he mentioned the story that Barry told when he first saw Gene about killing people in the Iraq war. Gene is overcome with guilt and remorse, with Barry trying his best to negate the conclusion. On this side of the gang war, Cristobal convinces Fernando, his suegro to call off the attack on the Chechens that he is planning. He instead pleads with Fernando to go back to Bolivia with his army, saying that they have successfully waded off the Chechens from their terriroty. Hank and the Chechens are taken aback after his cousin buys a bomb off the internet. He plans to bomb Cristobal’s house. Hank tries to distract his attention from Cristobal to Fernando and is successful. Hank phones Barry to do the job for him – bombing Fernando’s house – but he declines his request.

Barry also attends a phone call with Fuches but the call does not go according to either’s expectations. They’re both delusional about their respective feelings towards each other but keep up the guise for the time being. Katie, meanwhile, has doubts of her own about Barry. She thinks Sally is still in an abusive relationship and might suffer at the hands of Barry. It is time for action and Gene to deliver his solitary line. Instead, when he sees Barry as his character asking for Gene’s forgiveness for killing his wife, he punches him and walks out, threatening Barry to stay away from his family. Barry then phones Hank to let him know that he will do the task. He is heartbroken over his failed attempt to reconcile with Gene.

Barry Season 3 Episode 3 Ending Explained:NED:

The ending of the episode is ambiguous but menacing. Fuches is furious after his conversation with Barry. The latter’s lack of apology or even a feeling of it outrages Fuches. Ana, seeing his condition, narrates a 16th-century fable about Balendeira. It is a story about choosing either forgiveness or vengeance. Despite her insistence, Fuches maniacally starts asking questions about how was the latter path pursued, indicating that he might just take the leap and kill Barry. Given the bad blood between the two, it is probable that Fuches might do so. This seems like one thing that he just cannot overcome. At the start of the episode, he did not want to leave his “slice of heaven.” But after talking to Barry, his priorities suddenly shift.

Final Thoughts

An episode dedicated to the suppressed emotions of all of Barry’s characters. By the end, though, it seemed like a few broke through. The event of a show pulling something like this off is rare. More often than not, the reliance is placed on dramatic sequences and story progression. But what about characters who cannot move on? “ben mendelsohn” was all about watching Gene and Katie and Barry moving on. The war on the internal front is difficult to bring out on screen, but the creators have done a fabulous job. This episode proves how creative talent can mold itself outside the generic comfort zone many people dare not leave.

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