Hijack Episode 4: The first three episodes of ‘Hijack’ on Apple TV+ showed the initial hours of the plane hijack. Sam Nelson emerged as a source of hope as a man with years of negotiating experience between difficult parties. The previous episode showed him contemplating whether the hijackers’ guns have blanks. It followed a series of chaotic situations, one after the other, where the passengers put their lives at risk. Nasir got in trouble for getting his uncle’s insulin medication, whereas Hugo potentially put other passengers’ lives in danger while trying to find the nature of the bullets.

After a series of tense moments, Hijack Episode 3 ended on a cliffhanger. Sam came face to face with Terry, who threatened to shoot him. Sam was confident that there were blanks in the gun and decided to take a brave step. However, a bullet was fired, but we did not get a clue as to who got shot.

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Hijack Episode 4 Recap:

Episode 4: Not Responding

Who gets shot on the plane?

Hijack Episode 4 begins with Stuart (Neil Maskell) walking around with a gun among clearly terrified passengers. He snatches Arthur (Jeremy Ang Jones) away and orders him to make an announcement. He wants passengers to stay quiet and back in their seats. The passengers are scared because Kate’s (Rochenda Sandall) and David’s (Marcus Garvey) daughter – Lizzy, is nowhere to be found. Luckily, Lizzy returns on time. However, we learn that Sheena (Liz Kingsman) got shot, who earlier left her seat to find Lizzy. On the ground, Alice (Eve Myles) tries to explain to the Romanian ATC officers that what they expect her to do is beyond her purview. The Bucharest officers try to contact the plane. But instead of getting the pilot to communicate with them, Stuart chooses to ignore the calls.

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Meanwhile, Jaden (Mohamed Elsandel) notices a pouch lying on the floor. He allows Nasir (Nebras Jamali) to help his uncle with the medication. After the traumatic incident involving Lizzy, Kate starts getting increasingly cautious about her kids. Terry (Jasper Britton) asks Sam (Idris Elba) to tie his hands up.

Lewis’ Wound

Lewis (Jack McMullen) suggests to Stuart an alternate way to take control of the situation. However, Stuart says that they need to behave as per their orders. He then tells Lewis to take care of his wound with the help of the cabin crew. Deevia (Zora Bishop) walks him back to heal the wound. Sam introduces doubt in Lewis’s mind to make him think that Deevia can do only the best she can. The crew asks for a medical professional to help treat Lewis. But Kate refuses to provide any assistance. Sam makes Lewis agree to let his cuffs loose – so that he can help. He shows genuine concern for Lewis’s well-being to manage that. After helping Lewis ease his pain, Sam tries to establish an emotional connection with him. He finds just the right emotional chord to try and make Lewis trust him.

Meanwhile, on the ground, Marsha (Christine Adams) worries about her relationship with Kai. After her dialogue with Daniel (Max Beesley), she receives a call from a stranger. The man forcefully makes her agree to leave Sam’s package to their neighbors. On the other hand, Zahra Gahfoor (Archie Panjabi) shares her recent findings with other London-based officers. She shows the photos of hijackers, whose records are nowhere to be found. The Romanian minister, meanwhile, keeps trying to get in touch with their team.

The Jet Aircraft

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Archie Panjabi in “Hijack,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

The foreign secretary soon speaks with a Romanian government professional, who believes the hijacked plane is a possible threat to their country. So, he threatens military action. Soon after, Alice informs the London offices about two Romanian military jets hovering around the British plane due to a fear of terrorist activity. In the Kingdom plane, the hijackers also get a hint of this. So, they shout at the passengers to immediately close their windows. Stuart still believes that they should follow just the orders and not take any action until told.

Communication with Bucharest

The old guys who were handcuffed earlier realize that the planes are most probably not going to help them. They ask Colette (Kate Phillips) to find a way to send them a message. So, she makes a daring attempt to go up to a passenger’s seat, open the next window and show her face to one of the outside jets. Jaden notices this and brings her back to where she was. By that time, Alice is trying to broker peace with the Bucharest administration. But it is difficult to convince them that the plane does not pose a threat to their country without solid evidence. In the plane, Robin (Ben Miles) figures out what the Romanians must be thinking. So, he tries to have a word with Stuart. Jamie (Aimée Kelly) resists it, believing the pilot is not respecting her orders. Eventually, Stuart walks in to stop them from arguing. Robin tries his best to get him to speak with the Romanian officers. Eventually, Stuart comes to his senses and allows Robin to speak with them.

Hijack Episode 4 Ending Explained:

How does Sam communicate the threat to their lives to Marsha?

Sam continues trying to bond better with Lewis. He gets a hold of Lewis’s phone to get Lewis to speak with his mother. Instead, he calls Marsha’s number to send her a voice message. He reads out Lewis’s mother’s number and also notes Terry’s name. He deletes the evidence of this call from Lewis’ phone. Then, on the phone, he gets Lewis to speak with his mother on the other side. Marsha hears the message right from the moment Sam reads out a phone number. Sam also notes that ‘his hands are tied’ to indicate that the hijack. So, she calls Daniel to confirm from her side that the hijack is real. Daniel tries to trace the identity of the person/number (Terry/Lewis’ mother’s contact number) Sam mentioned. It helps them conclude the details of organized crime. They learn that the hijackers are confirmed British citizens, and Bucharest is not their target. This information helps the missiles get return to their base.

Meanwhile, Sam orders Terry to get medicine to help with Lewis’s pain. Terry walks back to the passengers to ask. He gets unusually angry since he starts to feel like he is losing control over the situation. David decides to walk up to help Lewis as a doctor. Unfortunately, Lewis stops breathing around that time. Still, with Sam’s help, he manages to avert the situation and bring Lewis to breathe. It also helps Sam build trust in the hijackers’ minds. He notices that the hovering jets are gone, and so does Colette. So, she goes against Jaden’s orders to get the windows open to make passengers feel relieved that the threat to their life has been averted. Her earlier brave decision gives her enough confidence to do so.

In the final moments of the Hijack Episode 4 ending, Sam hands over Lewis’s phone to Jamie. She takes it without any retort. Back on the ground, Marsha returns home to find that Kai is not there. She gets worried about what he is up to. Meanwhile, the home secretary receives an envelope on his way out of the office. The man says that he looks forward to speaking. The top of the document says ‘Demands.’ During his drive, the secretary takes out the document inside to find something alarming. He asks his associate to get the foreign secretary on call.

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