Little Women (Season 1), Episodes 5 & 6 Recap & Ending Explained: With Choi telling In-joo that she has 70 million won, a fancy classic green automobile, is a student at a prestigious business school, is a regular at a café, and has an apartment in her name, the producers provide us with the opportunity to watch a satisfying conclusion. As the story progresses in these two episodes, we see each character gradually falling apart as their respective universes get smaller and smaller. We pay close attention to how they deal with one another’s past. The three sisters are about to learn how the Jae-Sang family is involved with an unusual family member of their own, whom we see blossom with unbridled enthusiasm.

For this weekend’s episodes, the siblings’ great-aunt Oh Hae-sok will have to play a game of chess to keep them alive as she resurrects her business. To solve a murder, Oh In-Joo, Oh In-Kyung, and Oh In-Hye must collaborate to elicit challenging a truth from the Jae-sang family’s cache of sinister secrets. Choi intervenes to try and warn In-Joo when she is at risk of getting close to the truth, but only until it is too late and In-Joo makes a very serious error. One that could endanger her personal freedom.


Episode 5

Choi struggles to persuade In-Joo that the money Hwa-Young has assigned to her name across various bank accounts will allow her to alter her world for the better. Working for Wong Sang-a, who is crooked, is the only solution to stray away from suspicion. It is the only way to accomplish her safety. It is better to be an ally rather than fall under the shadow of suspicion. After learning a new perspective of safety from Choi’s instruction, she infiltrates the residence to keep a closer eye on Wong Sang- a’s whereabouts. This enables Choi to keep an eye on her and ensure her security. Only until In- Joo’s actions finally push her into the darkest corner from which even Choi is unable to save her.

As agreed, In-Kyung commences her new job with her great-aunt. She is shocked to learn that she has been named the new Director of the company. Everyone, including herself, is shocked. Her great-aunt begins to cautiously explain to her that the business has placed some bets on certain patches of land that may turn out to be profitable in a few years. She has less time because she is getting older.

However, she has serious worries that she has yet to share with In-Kyung and that she can only address on her own. In-Kyung continues to investigate the Blue Orchid known as the Ghost of Vietnam and its history, staying true to her role as a journalist. She discovers fresh information and starts to understand a shocking past connecting back to her family and her co-worker.

In-Joo begins to believe how complicated the family is when she accepts her new position caring for In-Hye, her sister, and Hyo-rin, Park Jae-daughter. After caring for Hyo-rin, she discovers that the mother and daughter physically abuse themselves to maintain their sanity. The mother and daughter, who are tormented and full of shame, struggle with feelings of loneliness and poor self-esteem, while Park Jae Sang’s aggressive tendencies are brought to the fore.

After being persuaded by In-Hye to paint what she is feeling within, Hyo-rin creates a picture that is eerily synonymous with how Hwa-young’s death occurred. In-Joo, who is horrified by this sight, demands that Hyo-rin explain how she came to produce the painting. In-Joo eventually comes across a dash-cam video showing Park Jae-sang entering Hwa- Young’s apartment. It is possible that he was Hwa-Young’s last visitor. In-Joo now has evidence against him. This is something In-Kyung has been desperately looking for while investigating him.

Episode 6

Every character’s genuine motivations are revealed, which causes things to get ugly. Betrayal is always around each corner and relations erode with time. In-Joo confronts Choi about a long-ago incident that put his ex-girlfriend in danger. He is quick to clarify that she is safe and using a different identity. As suspicions about Choi are being cleared, In-Joo discovers a powerful foe in Park Jae-Sang’s right-hand Go-sim.

In-Joo is close to gathering crucial information against Jae-sang to uncover who killed Hwa-young as a result of her involvement in the family matters of the Jae-sang household. Hyo-rin tries to bury the proof at the base of the Blue Orchid Tree in the compound with In-Hye to protect her father from arrest. When In-Kyung tries to convince her employer that the blue orchid is connected to every fatality she is looking into, she is fired.

In-Kyung and her great aunt are facing criticism after learning of Park Jae-sang’s estate assets that were in his father’s name. She confronts him in a press conference and humiliates him. The great-aunt of the siblings makes a bold move and decides to pay Park Jae-Sang a personal visit. She is completely aware that he is undermining her and her company in order to facilitate In-Kyung’s decision to publicly disgrace him. Nevertheless, she makes a pact with him and she wins.

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Wong Sang-a, the wife of Park Jae Sang, takes matters into her own hands and gives an enclosed Blue Orchid to In-Joo at a hospital after Go-Sim orders Choi to take care of In-Joo. Choi follows her when he notices her carrying the orchid back to her grand-Aunt’s house so that she doesn’t open the case and smell the bloom because of its potentially lethal poison and hallucinogenic qualities. In-Joo continues to be haughty and inhales the flower.

Suddenly she is delirious and begins challenging her Great-Aunt about the orchid, bringing up the Jeongren Society. The International Society of Orchids is another name for it. This warns her grandmother. After a while, In-Kyung arrives home to discover In-Joo despondent and covered in blood, laying over her great-aunt who has been stabbed repeatedly with an iron spoke from the fireplace.

Final Thoughts:

By Episode 6, we have a much better understanding of each character in the story’s more wholesome plot. As we go deeper into Seoul’s affluent world, we see close relationships that are becoming brittle as each person’s ulterior motive surfaces. Each person is continuously at the mercy of betrayal, therefore something new always sprouts to keep us glued to the screen.

Choi becomes an unshakeable base for In-Joo to stand on, almost convincing us that he has feelings for her. In-Kyung receives assistance from Jung-Ho on her quest to learn the truth about the Park Jae-Sang foundation’s funds, which could put them in danger. In-Joo needs to figure out how to bounce back from how In-Kyung discovered her. It should become clearer over the upcoming weekend how the final victim of the Bombae Bank Savings fraud passed away unexpectedly. In-Kyung must investigate how the oldest surviving member of the Jeongren Society, her great aunt, has died while connecting the deaths of the other participants of the scam.


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