Dev Patel steps behind the camera for the first time with his film “Monkey Man,” which has recently launched in theaters to the excitement of moviegoers. The soundtrack, in particular, is catching attention with its mix of energetic and moody tunes that enhance the film’s dramatic punch.

Jordan Peele, the producer with hits like “Get Out” and “Nope” under his belt, has put his weight behind the project. Patel isn’t just directing, though—he’s also the film’s lead, playing a man who fights in an underground club and wears a mask to hide his true face. His journey of facing one beatdown after another until he reaches a breaking point makes for a compelling story that’s supported by solid performances from Sharlto Copley, Sobhita Dhulipala, and Pitobash.

So far, it has received generally positive reviews, with 89% on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes (at the time of writing). “An audacious effort from debuting director Dev Patel, Monkey Man dispenses action and sociopolitical commentary with equal aplomb,” reads critic consensus on RT.

The music is a big part of what’s getting people talking. Jed Kurzel, known for crafting the soundtracks for The Babadook and Alien: Covenant, is the one behind the original music. His tracks keep the pulse racing during the film’s fights and help create a tense, sometimes spooky vibe elsewhere in the film. Songs by Sneha Khanwalkar, Rada, Lazer X, and Ganesh Chandanshive are also included.

What’s cool about the soundtrack is that it’s a group effort. Kurzel brings in other musicians and artists to play on the tracks. Even Dev Patel gets in on the action, lending his own touch to the music. This teamwork gives the film an audio experience that’s as rich and varied as the story it tells.

You can find the original soundtrack album of Monkey Man on Apple Music.

In all, the music of “Monkey Man” stands out as a key part of the film, capturing the energy and emotion of Patel’s debut. The well-chosen sounds keep viewers right in the thick of the action and add an extra layer to the movie, making it memorable for both its sight and its sound.

Dev Patel in Monkey Man (2024)
Dev Patel in Monkey Man (2024)

Dev Patel’s “Monkey Man” – Complete List of the Dynamic Soundtrack

  1. ‘Destroy In Order To Grow’ (feat. Vipin Sharma)
  2. ‘Monkey Man’
  3. ‘The Raju Special’ (feat. Makarand Deshpande & Dev Patel)
  4. ‘Baba Shakti’
  5. ‘Mother’ (feat. Jatin Malik & Adithi Kalkunte)
  6. ‘Maushi’ – Sneha Khanwalkar & Rada
  7. ‘Hit Me!’ (feat. Dev Patel, Pitobash & Sharlto Copley)
  8. ‘Memory’ (feat. Sharlto Copley)
  9. ‘Tiger (feat. Sharlto Copley)
  10. ‘The Mirror’
  11. ‘Tuk Tuk’
  12. ‘On The Ground’ (feat. Sneha Khanwalkar)
  13. ‘Dreams’ (feat. Jatin Malik & Adithi Kalkunte)
  14. ‘Hell’ (feat. Makarand Deshpande)
  15. ‘Naam Mera’ – Sneha Khanwalkar & Lazer X
  16. ‘Into The Fire’ (feat. Jatin Malik & Adithi Kalkunte)
  17. ‘The Tree’ (feat. Zakir Hussain)
  18. ‘Cut Open’
  19. ‘Training’ – Zakir Hussain (feat. Dev Patel)
  20. ‘The Kid’
  21. ‘The Candidate’
  22. ‘Snake And A Monkey’ (feat. Zakir Hussain)
  23. ‘Attacks’
  24. ‘Diwali Madness’ – Sneha Khanwalkar & Ganesh Chandanshive
  25. ‘Saffron Takeover’ (feat. Vipin Sharma)
  26. ‘The Wallet Song’ – Sneha Khanwalkar
  27. ‘Restaurant’
  28. ‘Get Up’ (feat. Zakir Hussain)
  29. ‘Rana’
  30. ‘My Son’ (feat. Makarand Deshpande & Dev Patel)
  31. ‘Hanuman’
  32. ‘Home’

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