Mrs. Davis Season 1 Episode 6: It seems like an impossible task to describe the latest episode of Mrs. Davis, but the adjectives I would probably use are- bizarre, thrilling, and heartbreaking, all at the same time.

The show has already established that it doesn’t intend to follow any regular structure or pattern, and this episode only proves that further. After last week, things are also simpler now and easier to grasp. There are still more questions than answers, but with the way things are proceeding; I do believe we will find out about everything in two weeks. Of course, I bet it is not going to adhere to our thought process or imagination. 

Mrs. Davis (Season 1), Episode 6 Recap:

The task on hand is acquiring The Holy Grail, which is inside a whale, deep inside the sea. What is needed for the task is a particular thing called “The Lazarus Shroud,” a swimming costume sort of thing made by Lizzy’s father, Monty, which is now under the possession of Mommy’s dearest. So the first order of business is giving her a visit.

No shroud for Lizzy

Wiley and Simone go to meet Celeste at her security company office without any prior appointment, and they are asked to wait for quite a while. While waiting, Simone visits Jay, who feeds her tacos instead of Falafel this time and also dangles the prospect of Simone having sex with Wiley because the attraction between the ex-lovers is still clearly alive. Jay seems really enthusiastic about it, especially given the fact that in a fair world, if he can have other relationships, then Simone should have the right to go past the monogamy structure. I really like the fact that despite all its craziness and insanity, Mrs. Davis manages to bring up a topic like this and handles it really well.

Simone’s time with Jay gets interrupted when Wiley wakes her up as Facetime with the “greatest mother ever” has come. The meeting goes exactly how you would expect, where Celeste refuses to give Simone the shroud unless Simone reveals where Monty (sorry if I haven’t mentioned the name of Father Abbott before) is hiding. Not to mention, she absolutely doesn’t buy THG is inside the whale story and dismisses it right away. 

Resistance is back

Well, Simone and Wiley had a trump card in their sleeves, after all. It is soon revealed that they went to Celeste perfectly knowing what she would do, which is to not give them the shroud. So an alternative plan was already in motion. Of course, that plan needed Simone to know where Celeste is keeping the shroud (a multi-layered, extremely secured place, which is not surprising at all) and Wiley to punch his own nose and bleed all over Celeste’s couch- so that she asks for an immediate replacement. The mastermind behind this fool-proof plan is none other than JQ, who is not particularly fond of Simone, given their last interaction, but that doesn’t stop him from being there for Wiley.

The second half of the plan includes Wiley and Simone cramming up inside the new couch, and then after the delivery- getting out, taking the shroud as they already know where it is, then waiting for JQ for the extraction. In the world of this show, this is a pretty much easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy thing, given the first phase went without any hitch. The location of the shroud is known, and the couch is done for good, thanks to Wiley’s bloody nose.

So Wiley and Simone cram up inside the couch, which the resistance people (obviously faking as the couch delivery service) take to Celeste’s office. Hiding inside the couch, Simone goes into a trip down memory lane.


In a very important extended flashback, we find out that three years ago, Simone had a visit from Celeste at the convent. Celeste claimed that it was Simone who asked for her, but Simone didn’t do that. It was eventually revealed that Celeste was actually called by Monty, who was already hiding in the convent, and all he wanted was a reunion with his family.

But that was not it. Monty wanted to prove his worth in front of his wife and daughter by performing a stunt where he would die but then be resurrected- and the thing he designed for the purpose was The Lazarus Shroud, which looks awfully similar to Lizzy’s Halloween costume from the fateful day when she looked into her mother’s closet. Monty has another agenda, which is to humiliate the all-consuming, know-it-all AI who calls herself Mrs. Davis by doing something that the AI can’t explain.

Celeste refuses to be any part of this madness, and Simone doesn’t wish to either. But Simone loves Monty so much that she goes to see her father doing the greatest thing ever anyway. In order to make his wife attend his event, Monty dangles the prospect of finally giving the divorce to Celeste, for which she has been waiting for twelve years. But the event goes horribly wrong, and Monty bows out with a tragic death, although at this point, it is unsure whether there was a body or not. 

At her father’s wake, a grief-stricken Simone tried to have sex with Wiley, who came with her then-girlfriend. Wiley chose not to go ahead and left abruptly, which now explains the uneasiness between the two despite everything.

Back to the present

To execute the final part of the plan, Simone enters to take the shroud while Wiley starts to make a big hole in the world in preparation for their extraction. However, they soon find out that their plan has failed as it was all a setup from the beginning, a ruse by Celeste, who was not a step ahead of them but a whole staircase, according to her. An angry, frustrated Simone loses it in front of her mother, but Celeste still remains adamant enough not to give her the shroud without Monty’s current location. Celeste then shows Simone several photos of Monty snapped inside ATMs three days after the supposed death.

A completely dejected, heartbroken Simone tries to find comfort in Wiley again, who doesn’t refuse this time around, but while “the thing” is happening, Simone somehow manages to reach the restaurant. In one of the most WTF, is this for real kind of hilarious sequences, Simone sees a naked man enjoying a drink who is also having sex in real life? The man tells her Jesus can’t see any of them until he is called. Simone ends up calling Jay, which effectively stops what she was doing with Wiley, and the two of them end up with more awkwardness. After leaving with Wiley and JQ, Simone abruptly takes off in the middle of the road and ends up at a restaurant.

Mrs. Davis (Season 1), Episode 6 Ending Explained:

Is Simone’s father alive?

At the restaurant, Simone finds a woman with a toddler and requests her to proxy for Mrs. Davis. The AI finally reveals that it was her who purposefully told Celeste that Simone is, in fact, Monty’s accomplice in his faking of death. Her reason for doing that is to offer Celeste the narrative she was looking for. Because deep down, Celeste is aware of the fact that she has been a terrible mother to Simone and has completely destroyed her daughter. So her only justification would be her daughter trying to hurt her, and she is only trying to teach Simone a lesson. This is a very twisted psychology but, unfortunately, a very common one and extremely related, to be honest. A lot of parent-child relationships is actually like that, and I hope the show makes them uncomfortable enough to look down upon themselves and do something about it.

When Simone asks if her father is really alive, Mrs. Davis tells her something, but we don’t get to know that. At this point, it can be anything, but from what we have seen, I am predicting that Monty is really dead, no matter what it seems like. A twist in the tale is always expected from this show, so we have to wait and watch before coming to any conclusion. Happy speculating until then.

Simone visits Celeste again and confesses to her that she was indeed the one who helped Monty fake his death, and she will tell Celeste Monty’s location if the shroud is given to her. This is something I am refusing to buy, but I completely support Simone tricking her mother for the thing that she needs. Celeste agrees this time but with the condition that she accompany Simone on the quest, to which Simone happily agrees.

Back to the Priest and Mathilda

Forgot about them in the middle of all this, didn’t you? Well, the show doesn’t let you forget anything. Hence, the episode ends with the Priest bursting up into Mathilda’s HQ and telling her the THG she was looking after is, in fact, fake, but fortunately, he now has the location of it- deep inside a whale inside the sea. Without wasting any time, Mathilda quickly calls for the arrangements of a boat- clearly hinting at an explosive episode next week that involves a lot of water and confrontation between various parties.

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