My Perfect Stranger, AKA Run Into You (Season 1), Episode 1 Recap & Ending, Explained: The new K-drama series Run into You is a sci-fi drama starring Yoon Hae Joon (Kim Dong Wook), a calm journalist, and Lee Eun Ha (Kwon So Hyun), who works in a publishing company. They happened to travel back in time to 1987, each wanting to change things for the future. The show attempts to use time travel to unravel, find a serial killer, and prevent marriage.

My Perfect Stranger, AKA Run Into You (Season 1), Episode 1 Recap:

Somehow in 1987

Yoon Hae Joon (Kim Dong Wook) was driving through a heavy rainstorm when he realized that everything that could go wrong in a single day had happened to him. The unpredictable weather, malfunctioning GPS, and a malfunctioning cell phone that wasn’t working properly made things worse.

Headlight from an opposite car causes him to swerve. Hae Joon then noticed an abandoned car with a manual instructing how to use a Time Machine. He scoffs, seeing the manual as he is a Journalist who believes in facts and not fantasies. However, his curiosity gets the better of him. He follows the instruction and teleports back and forth. He is seen sharing this fantasy story with some kids who think he is crazy.

In 1987, the residents of Woojung-ri village celebrated their fifth consecutive year of being awarded the title of a crimeless village. They thanked Principal and Committee Chairman Yoon Byung Gu for his leadership. Byung Gu began delivering a speech praising the village and its people when Hae Joon suddenly interrupted him.

Hae Joon warned the villagers that blindly trusting each other was foolish. He claimed that in just 30 seconds, they would hear the screams of high teenagers after inhaling superglue. The villagers dismissed Hae Joon’s warning, but he started calling out their children’s names. As the villagers grew increasingly skeptical, a girl’s scream pierced the air, confirming Hae Joon’s claim.

Hae Joon stops Lee Eun Ha (Kwon So Hyun) from falling down a cliff and changes her fate. Hae Joon takes the role of a savior as he saves another girl. After warning a girl not to harm herself, Hae Joon is questioned by the villagers about his forewarning but is interrupted by two kids presenting him with a fake teaching certificate. He decides to lead a false life in the village of 1987 by purchasing a house and teaching at a local school.

Hae Joon moved to Woojung-ri village for a month to investigate a serial murder case in 1987. In present-day Seoul (2021), Baek Yoon Young works at a publishing company. During a conversation with her mother about her absent father, Yoon Young sends her mother money to buy clothes for herself. Meanwhile, Ko Mi Sook, a novelist, discusses her latest book, which features a female serial killer. Her first book, written in 1987, is the only one without murders. Mi Sook expresses gratitude to Yoon Young for making her books successful. However, Mi Sook becomes agitated after the event because her first novel is mentioned.

Yoon Young coincidentally encountered her mother at a shoe store where her mother was caught up in a shopping frenzy due to a sale. Meanwhile, Mi Sook was making critical judgments about the people around them. When Yoon Young’s mother attempted to get her attention, Yoon Young, embarrassed by her mother’s behavior, chose to walk away and ignore her.

Yoon Young and her mother argued on the sidewalk about each other’s behavior, but they walked away without resolving the issue. Later that day, Yoon Young received the news of her mother’s death, and she could not reach her father. She informed the detective that she had no idea why her mother was in the Woojung-ri area since it was far from their home. The detective promised to investigate and handed her a letter from her mother.

In 2021, Hae Joon meets a person in jail who has been falsely accused of being a serial killer. Hae Joon wants to make a deal with him to find the real culprit. At first, the accused killer doesn’t believe Hae Joon’s time travel story. However, Hae Joon tells him that in exactly one year, he will die at the hands of the Woojung-ri serial killer of 1987, and he will also die. Hae Joon shows a box from Bong Bong Teahouse, the same thing found near every person the serial killer had killed. This makes finding the real killer important.

Yoon Young cries as she reads her mother’s letter. She spots a box from Bong Bong teahouse floating in the river. Yoon Young finds a note in the box. Yoon Young yells at her father, blaming him for her mother’s unhappiness, and wishes she could go back in time to ensure her mother never loved her or her father. She blames herself for putting her mother in misery.

Yoon Young and Hae Joon are traveling through a tunnel simultaneously, with Yoon Young walking through it and Hae Joon driving his car. Hae Joon swerves to avoid hitting Yoon Young, causing him to time travel and lie on the car’s wheel. As a result of the chaos, Yoon Young also travels back in time to 1987. In Woojung-ri, she sees a banner for an event dated 1987 and repeatedly asks Jeon Young Nok (Kim Hyun Mok) if it is 1987 as she is confused about what’s happening. She sees a younger version of her mother and tries to chase after her, but Hae Joon stops her and explains that they are now stuck in 1987. Hae Joon is surprised by Yoon Young’s laughter in reaction to the situation.

My Perfect Stranger, AKA Run Into You (Season 1), Episode 1 Ending Explained:

The first episode is all over the place because of time jumps. In a situation where Yoon Young has to be afraid, she feels joyful. The tunnel acts as a portal to travel in time. The rules for time travel are not established except for a small clue at the end when both of them are stuck in the past. We did not see Hae Joon struggle with this situation the previous times he traveled back in time.

Yoon Young received what she desired, i.e., to be able to travel back in time to change things. It will also be interesting to see how their chemistry kicks off. Will Hae Joon be able to find the killer and save himself from dying while being stuck in 1987? Will they find their way out or restart their fake life and change everyone’s fate? We will have to see what adventures await.

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