[Watch] The Morning Show Trailer : Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell Present “News Is A Ruse”

The Morning Show Trailer

The world of journalism strives for objectivity and transparency, but we are aware of the practical aspect of that motto. Aaron Sorkin explored the inseparable world, muddled in personal bias, politics, and corruption, that resides behind the green screen you watch on your news channels. Now Apple has just landed the trailer for its upcoming series, ‘The Morning Show’,  which seems to be built on similar themes while also touching upon the aftermath of the MeToo movement.

Jennifer Aniston, along with Steve Carell, runs ‘The Morning Show’, a celebrated news program that has been a game-changer in the American television industry for the past 15 years. But things take a shocking turn as Carell’s character Kessler apparently gets fired due to sexual misconduct, and Aniston’s character Levy is made to break this news on their very show, to the whole country.

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Internal politics rumble on subsequently, and corporate tries to replace Levy with Bradley Jackson, a young and determined journalist, played by Reese Witherspoon. Levy is now forced to defend her place on the show she created, from the crafty Jackson and the channel executives, while also to find the truth behind her partner’s firing.

‘The Morning Show’ would provide an intriguing look into the lives of people who greet us with a big smile every morning, the honesty and morality of people whose job is to dissect it and present its ever-changing nature to the people. Witherspoon who’s been a prominent face on the silver screen, with the award-winning ‘Big Little Lies’, and Steve Carell’s breaking out of his typecast with dramatic roles, will definitely add a darkly comedic and invigorating edge to this series. The show will be premiering in November later this year.

Watch The Morning Show Trailer Here