Only Murders In The Building (Season 3) Episode 4: It was Kimber in the third episode, but fans of the show know that it won’t be her. They cannot throw light on the murderer so early, right? With more suspects waiting in the wings, the episode had me expecting one of them to feature prominently. It was none of them, though, with the makers opting to drop in a surprise. Midway through the episode, audiences would have gauged who this was. Spoiler Alert: It was not Meryl Streep’s character of Loretta. The three-time Academy Award winner was not a part of The White Room.

Only Murders In The Building (Season 3) Episode 4 ‘The White Room’ Recap:

The episode begins with Mabel apartment hunting, with Cinda Canning providing a voiceover. The podcaster reveals that she has stopped her podcast thanks to the issue with Poppy in season 2. Canning has spent the year cultivating her self-care rituals. Mabel rejects the apartment after texting someone that she has nothing more to say to them. Joy and Charles stare at the fish in a tank that is in the latter’s house. Joy moves in as Charles decides to share his space. He reveals that Oliver allocates him a pattern song, i.e., one that is given to the new person to rap out information.

Oliver tells Mabel he is off the market, but Charles raises the issue that he has not officially asked Loretta out yet. Mabel begins a discussion and then asks Oliver to zip it if he wants to talk about Loretta. Putnam seems eager that the killer is not Kimber as she can sing and has a large Tik Tok following. Mabel shares her story about the video on Tobert’s drive and then shows the group a post from Kimber’s Tik Tok. It shows that Ben Glenroy was using Kimber’s anti-aging serum. At that moment, the cast walks in, and Howard ensures rehearsals begin immediately.

Charles begins the rap rehearsal of his scene to interrogate the three Pickwick triplets. He begins singing, and then audiences visit a place in his mind and begin screaming. When Charles returns, he is in the pram, having tossed the triplets onto the floor. He has also taken off his trousers and shoes. The cast members look shocked and reveal that he has been to The White Room – a stage thing where performers blank out as second takes are not a thing in theater. They advise him to counter it by finding his happy place. Oliver cancels the rehearsal as she identifies that the group needs to take five years. Mabel tricked Howard into letting the group into the theater by targeting his weakness, i.e., a sweater.

Charles decided to make omelets to find his happy place and manages to perform the song. Joy tells him it is just a crutch and calls herself his omelet. She promised to look out for him just as she did with Ben Glenroy. Joy then says that had Ben touched one hair on Charles’ head, she would have to deal with her. Oliver and Mabel visit the theater and walk into Kimber’s dressing room; she is sitting there and asks them what they are doing there. Kimber apologizes for her earlier rudeness and says she runs her beauty empire from the stage. She spots Mabel staring at the serum and seems to get alert as questions are asked. Mabel sends Oliver and Charles, who has just arrived, to Ben’s dressing room. Kimber gives Mabel a meal that causes her to gag and keep it aside. Mabel then comes out and speaks about the rumors. She names Ben and causes Kimber to just stare at the mirror.

Only Murders In The Building Season 3 Episode 4
A still from Only Murders In The Building Season 3 Episode 4

Kimber says that she isn’t with Ben but is fine with the assumption as she is the young woman on the show. She does not want sex but an endorsement from Ben about her serum. Kimber explains that she sold Ben’s handkerchief for a few hundred bucks. She adds that Ben is hard on himself. He is panicking about a red mark on his face on opening night. Unfortunately, Kimber does not know who is in the dressing room. However, she does say that he is talented, as when the person exited the room, Ben did not have the red mark. Charles and Oliver text Mabel to come to Ben’s dressing room, where they have found the words “Fucking Pig” written in red on the mirror. Oliver seems eager to blame Goldie, the wardrobe lady. Mabel finds lipstick on the desk and puts it into her overcoat.

After Charles and Oliver left, Mabel gets another text and finally agrees to meet the texter. It turns out to be Cinda Canning. She wants to get back to doing what she loves (true crime) and has a proposal for Mabel. Canning offers Mabel a paycheck and a partner for when people stops “keeling over” at The Arconia. She even seems taken aback when she learns Mabel already has a case. When Mabel refuses, she keeps trying to add zeros to the cheque. However, Mabel remains firm. Charles performs the patterning once more before a small audience. Oliver stops Charles as his hands are moving. When Charles is instructed to keep his hands behind his back and sing, he re-enters The White Room. Oliver ends rehearsal and has a Frank chat with Charles. He seems to attribute the state to Charles having Joy move in with him.

Only Murders In The Building (Season 3) Episode 4 ‘The White Room’ Ending Explained

What happened when Charles tried to solve his White Room problem?

Charles took Oliver’s advice and tried to get Joy to move out after just 48 hours. As he tried to speak, he re-entered The White Room. When Charles came back to his senses, the apartment was trashed, and Joy was standing on a chair. Charles was on his knees holding a ring and received a reply, “Yes.” Just at that moment, Mabel and Oliver walked in and registered what they were seeing.

What event caused the three sleuths to stare in shock?

Mabel took out her lipstick, and Joy delightedly expressed her thanks. She said it was hers and added it to a particular slot in her lipstick box. Her lipstick was in Ben Glenroy’s dressing room, and it matches the color of the lipstick used to write “Fucking Pig.” As the episode ends, Charles, Mabel, and Oliver are in shock. Charles’s shock is focused on even more, as he has just put a ring on Joy’s finger. Akin to how Kimber was cleared, expect Joy to also be cleared next week in Episode 5 (Ah, Love!)

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