Apple TV+’s Palm Royale Episode 7, titled ‘Maxine Bags a Prince,’ explores the politics of navigating difficult situations under the Floridian sun. The latest adventure of the episode includes Palm Beach residents attending Skit’s grand, ‘Scottish’- inspired funeral and Douglas finding himself at a crossroads following Perry’s condo undergoing police scrutiny. Meanwhile, it seems like Robert has finally found his charming prince to romance, and Maxine is still navigating loopholes to survive.

In this article, I dive into the ‘Palm Royale’ business, explaining the latest developments in episode 7. The article contains spoilers; reader discretion is strictly advised.

Palm Royale Episode 7 “Maxine Bags a Prince” Recap:

The episode begins with a flashback to Maxine and Douglas getting married in Vegas. Douglas is excited with the news of their pregnancy, but Maxine, on the other hand, looks worried yet content about marrying him.

Coming back to the present time, we see Maxine and Douglas waiting impatiently for Robert to arrive while Norma hides a revolver inside her purse. Before leaving, Dinah visits them, warning them about the forthcoming consequences for the Dellacortes in case her husband is behind bars.

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Meanwhile, at the Rollins residence, we see Evelyn leading the funeral service arranged for her now ‘late husband,’ Skeet. Linda seems to be least interested in everything but feels relieved once her troop from the book club arrives to extend their condolences. Evelyn (discreetly) warns her stepdaughter in front of everyone with the intention of getting the person arrested who was behind her husband’s fatal accident.

At the funeral service, we see Dinah mingling with a wealthy, wheelchair-bound bachelor to secure her future since Perry will most likely end up in jail. Linda instructs her troop to find selective valuables to secure extra cash from pawning the items; however, Virginia declines any kind of participation. Evelyn notices Maxine taking up the cash envelopes from the beach ball attendees, so she inquires about her forgetting to co-chair the ball night.

Why does Maxine request Ann not to question her husband?

When Ann questions Douglas about commenting on Perry’s ongoing situation, Maxine intervenes, requesting Ann to keep her husband out of it as she believes he is innocent. Later, while searching for a Scottish dress, Maxine finds herself inside Linda’s room, busy with light chatter about the little heist the women are onto. Soon, Robert joins them, too, sharing he has finally met someone romantically. While Linda suggests Robert comes out in front of everyone, Maxine is more understanding, advising him to take his time to do things rather than making it a revolutionary movement.

While Evelyn and Linda are hearing Skeet’s lawyer read the dead man’s will, a very drunk Douglas (who has already been put on edge by Raquel’s husband’s manipulative tricks) notices the prince and demands his money back. However, when the prince doesn’t budge, Douglas hits the man, leading Robert to take the prince away from Douglas.

Palm Royale Episode 7: Recap & Ending Explained
Josh Lucas in “Palm Royale,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

While tending to his lover, Robert gets convinced that he has no life left in Palm Beach and he must elope from the town with the prince to the south of France and lead a better life. Maxine finds Norma by herself (when the ‘princess of Luxembourg’ runs after Ann since she strictly demands no photos). Norma demands to be taken to the loo so she can shoot Maxine with the revolver she has been hiding inside her purse all this time. While finding a bathroom for Norma, Maxine accidentally opens the door to a room where the women find Robert and the prince making out.

Before heading to the final climax of the episode, we also briefly see Mary trying to overwhelm and manipulate Maxine into paying her $75,000 check for her cancer charity. Maxine shows her the check she had already written for her but wants to give it to her later, keeping in mind they are at a funeral service.

Palm Royale Episode 7 “Maxine Bags a Prince” Ending Explained:

What happens between Maxine and Douglas?

Things soon turn awry when Maxine realizes that she has, in fact, used the cashier’s checks with her signatures to entertain the Prince of Luxembourg on Douglas’s request. This means she could land in a more difficult situation than Douglas, and in order to save their asses, she speaks to Raquel, who advises her to either bribe the police or feed them with bigger intel. However, before she can confront her husband about this matter, Sylvie’s water breaks, leading all the women to join together in one of the bathrooms for her water birth.

This chaotic event, of course, causes Maxine and Douglas to experience birthing together since they never got to experience such a beautiful thing in their lives. Later, when Maxine finds her husband by herself, she shares with him that she actually lost the child way before they got married. This makes Douglas reevaluate many past actions, leaving her alone.

On the other hand, Linda comes to know that Skeet has, in fact, named his estate under her name – Penelope Rollins, leaving her with everything that Evelyn had ever wanted. Evelyn uses this situation and goes to speak to Douglas, who is at a crossroads himself. She tells him that Linda is the new heir to Skeet’s wealth, and Evelyn and Douglas are the only two parties who are aware of the truth that took place years ago concerning Skeet’s eventual fatal accident.

What does Maxine do to help Douglas out of jail time?

The ending of Palm Royale Episode 7 shows an FBI officer looking for Maxine Dellacorte; however, Douglas goes with the officer instead. Meanwhile, Maxine finds out that Robert is planning to leave with his lover, so she tells him that he must do everything in his power to spend Norma’s money, which the prince now possesses. When she later goes to the bank to encash the ball night checks, she finds out that the prince is, after all, a runaway fraudster.

We then see Maxine going to the feds (keeping in mind Raquel’s suggestion) and sharing with them the Prince of Luxembourg’s current location. She negotiates with them for a deal that gives her the chance to manage Norma’s assets like before. While it may seem like she sabotaged Robert’s love life to secure a favorable outcome, in reality, she took deliberate steps to prevent him from eloping with someone who was a red flag, ultimately saving him from making a disastrous mistake.

Will Robert ever find out who sent his lover to jail? Will Douglas forgive Maxine for lying to him about the pregnancy? Will Linda find her way out of Evelyn’s meticulously planned downfall? Lastly, will Norma get rid of Maxine from the Dellacorte mansion? I guess we will find out in the upcoming episodes as we near the season finale.

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