Reservation Dogs (Season 3) Episode 8 is here, and in the final season of the show,  the character arcs are as maturely developed as the prior seasons. Despite being an absurdist-meets-feel-good comedy on the surface, it is a brilliantly developed drama that explores an ethos without making it the least bit insular as some may believe. Its previous episode followed Rita’s anxieties as she tried to embark on a new journey in her life. It showed the adults learning from their mistakes and growing past their guilt and fears to truly come together as a family. Now, the latest episode shows Big interrogating the gang of Rez Dogs for a charge of misdemeanor. Through their conversation, it delicately connects its multiple narrative threads of friendship without resorting to any needless melodrama. 

Spoilers ahead.

Reservation Dogs (Season 3) Episode 8 Recap

Episode 8: Send It | “The Interrogation”

The eighth episode begins with Big (Zahn McClarnon) entering an interrogation room to ask the Rez dogs about something that they did. Bear (D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai) does not know how to respond, whereas Elora (Devery Jacobs) refuses to share any details. Cheese is his eloquent self as usual, and White Steve (Jack Maricle) says that it was not his idea. Finally, Willie Jack (Paulina Alexis) decides to speak up about what actually happened. At the elders’ breakfast, she joined Old Man Fixico (Richard Ray Whitman) for a meal. While she did menial chores for him, she considered it a ‘wax on, wax off’ situation. That’s why she agreed to join Fixico even though she is young.

Fixico’s Health

While having breakfast, Willie Jack has a dialogue with the elders. They talk about their good old days and not being able to do things as they used to when they were young like her. While Fixico speaks about their school days with Bucky, Brownie & Mabel, Irene (Casey Camp-Horinek) mentions Chebon. Chebon is Maximus (Graham Greene), whom Bear met during his solitary journey. Fixico and Maximus have not gotten over their differences despite all the years in between. Still, Irene knows that Maximus is out there somewhere. This dialogue brings back Fixico’s past regrets. Soon after this conversation, he has a heart attack.

The Journey

After that happens, the Rez Dogs meet Kenny Boy (Kirk Fox) to get a bus for a ride to Chebon’s hospital. Jackie (Elva Guerra), Bone Thug Dog (Jude Barnett), and White Steve also joins them. Kenny Boy agrees to give them a car only if he drives them where they need to go. Awkward Ansel (Matty Cardarople) also tags along with them. Before starting an old school bus, Kenny paints some black strips on his face, and Ansel wears a helmet thinking it would protect him. For some reason, Cheese keeps telling White Steve about how Gojira became Godzilla.

Elora speaks with Willie Jack about Fixico. Willie Jack feels bad that she did not get to spend time with the old man. Elora shares her feelings from when her grandma died. So, Willie Jack mentions how they can always keep learning from their elders. She then shares a dark thought – she will be by Elora’s side if she dies first. Elora says the same. They start hugging each other, and Weeze (Xavier Bigpond) tries to make a joke out of this sentimental moment. But no one laughs. He also does not stretch his joke further. It shows how every one of them has grown to be more mature.

The Plan

Reservation Dogs (Season 3) Episode 8 Ending Explained
A still from Reservation Dogs (Season 3)

After the bus ride, the gang eventually reaches the Johnson Memorial Hospital. Bear takes out the layout of Williams Memorial Hospital and confidentially shows it around. That’s when Willie Jack makes him realize that they are at the Johnson, not the Williams hospital. Regardless, Bear decides to go ahead with his plan. White Steve and Bone Thug Dog are supposed to go to the front desk to ask for a tour of the facility. It is a distraction for Elora and Jackie to go cut a phone line. But neither knows how a phone line looks. So, Bear sends Cheese with them as an expert on cables because he plays games!

Bear asks Weeze to stand outside and keep the security guard busy. In case he notices a police officer, he is required to alert them. Instead of shouting, Weeze decides to send them texts with exclamation marks. Then, Bear needs to enter the facility with Willie Jack to check for Chebon. Before they leave, Rez Dogs invites the NDA Mafia gang to be a part of them. They leave Kenny Boy and Ansel back on the bus. Kenny Boy feels cheated that they wouldn’t be a part of this thrilling adventure. Willie Jack clarifies how their silly appearance would end up revealing their plan.

The Execution

As per their plan, White Steve and Bone Thug Dog walk up to the front desk, dressed like characters from Reservoir Dogs. White Steve introduces himself as Mr. White, and Bone Thug Dog introduced himself as Mr. Dog. They make unconvincing attempts to convince the front desk lady that they need to get a tour of the hospital. White Steve tried his best to persuade her despite sharing a handwritten visiting card that says – ‘Has worked many times!’ While they prolong this conversation, Willie Jack and Bear look through the records to find Chebon. Meanwhile, Elora cuts a cord under Cheese’s supervision, which cuts the front desk lady’s access to the management.

Reservation Dogs (Season 3) Episode 8 Ending Explained:

Does Maximus meet his cousin, Old Man Fixico?

While the phones in the hospital are off and the front desk lady is busy speaking with Mr. White and Mr. Dog, Willie, Jack, and Bear looked through the records to find old man Fixico’s cousin. Willie Jack sees someone by the name of Maximus, not Chebon. Bear instantly realizes that it is the same person and enters his room. They inform Maximus that his cousin is not doing really well. They hope to break Maximus out to meet his cousin.

Maximus sneers at their plan and mentions that he can leave whenever he wants to but he is choosing to be in the hospital because of all the things it offers him. Maximus tries to act like a tough man and hide his emotions about the years of distance from his cousin. So, Willie Jack calls out his old-man’s emotional maturity about his inability to express his emotions. Her honesty manages to convince Maximus to see his cousin instead of being stubborn. The front desk lady also lets him leave and offers a place should he wish to return.

Why was Big interrogating the Rez Dogs?

Maximus agrees to stage a scene in front of other Rez Dogs as if Willie, Jack, and Bear rescued him. Eventually, they all enter the bus and start traveling to meet Old Man Fixico. During the ride, smoke suddenly starts coming out from the engine. So, they all get out of the bus. Right after, the bus explodes. That’s the misdemeanor Big was interrogating Rez Dogs for. Instead of letting the kids get the punishment, Kenny Boy takes the fall. He says his time with Big in the Woods has changed him, and the time since then has matured him. That’s why he stands by in support of these kids as a part of the community. While he makes this thoughtful gesture, Maximus meets his cousin, Old Man Fixico.

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