Enola Holmes 2 Soundtrack: Every Song Featured in the Netflix Movie

All Songs on the Enola Holmes 2 Soundtrack

Enola Holmes 2 Soundtrack: Every Song Featured in the Netflix movie – After a successful introduction in 2020, Millie Bobby Brown’s Enola Holmes is back on our screens to take you to the world of your favorite British detective. Sherlock Holmes and his universe of crime, investigation, mind maps, and geniuses have been here with us since 1887 when Arthur Conan Doyle’s “A Study in Scarlet ” was first released in print. Generations of people have been fans of the series. And when Enola Holmes was announced everyone rejoiced to have a deeper dive into the infamous sister of Sherlock.

This time the second edition of Enola Holmes deals with how she establishes her own detective agency in a turbulent but ever-flourishing London. She sets out to investigate a case of the disappearance of a girl which later seems to be a cause of a much bigger conspiracy. With the help of her friends and of course her genius brother she goes on this adventure. The portrayal of Enola by Millie is one of the fan favorites and is loved across the world. From Stranger Things to this, Millie has come a long way and has made a name for herself. Also remarkable is Henry Cavil’s Sherlock which provides a fresh interpretation of the character.


What makes this adventure more thrilling and enjoyable is the soundtrack laced with the scenes. Back at it again is the music composer for the first film, Daniel Pemberton. From the moment you hit play, the score keeps your attention as Enola finds her first case and declares the game afoot.

Daniel Pemberton is also known for his work in a plethora of films like ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E’, ‘The Bad Guys’, ‘Steve Jobs,’ etc. Daniel has written a whole album of songs for this film which keeps up with the pace of it and makes the experience better.


  • Stop That Girl!
  • The Enola Holmes Detective Agency
  • Find Your Path
  • To Shadwell
  • Lyons Match Factory
  • The Merry Dance
  • 221b Baker Street
  • A Loose Thread
  • Mysterious Follower
  • The Game Has Found Its Feet (Again)
  • Bell Lane, Whitechapel
  • The Threads Intertwine
  • Le Langage de la Danse
  • Dancing Lessons
  • Chaperone Waltz
  • Quite a Party
  • The Last Dance
  • Deductions
  • Carriage Escape
  • Grail On Horseback
  • Sweet William
  • Blackmail
  • Enola and Tewkesbury
  • The Truth of the Gods
  • Stage Fight
  • The Curtain Falls
  • Up in Flames
  • The Only Power We Have
  • Enola Holmes (One Flame to Start a Fire)


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