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Tabu [2012] – You grew in me like Poetry

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Dear Tabu,

You grew in me like poetry. Like poetry, you transcended the art itself in ways that are inexplicable. It’s up in the air, like the smell of autumn winds, like a touch of longing years. You conjure up the feelings from the depth of untouched emotions. You are the one I would carry all my life, in my solitude, in my euphoria, and in the lost days and to the infinity.

Your pleasing aesthetics of a quasi-silent movie and unperturbed, hazy dreamy sequences are woven together in a fervid and intense love story of Aurora (Ana Moreira) and adventurer Ventura (Carloto Cotta) that blooms in a dispassionate hill.

Tabu 2012

Ventura, you were never deprived of any pleasure in the past. Aurora, you were a dreamer. An heiress. Ventura, you moved from one woman to another without a pang of guilt in his heart. Aurora, you found love in a place where you went to acquire her wealth of knowledge and education.

But you realize that fate is greater than our plans. Fate had something else for Aurora and Ventura. Aurora overturned Venture’s nature irreversibly. Ventura found the idea of future vague and stupid in her arms. Remorse was an alien thing for Aurora when the desire turned into a torrid affair despite a life blossoming in her womb.

The ambient sound and the music filled your brief silence. But what set ablaze the passionate love is Aurora’s reluctance to not let go off her love, and the similar feeling flustered in the corner of the heart of Ventura.

I wish you were comforting in the end, I wish melancholy was not part of you. I wish it was that simple to forget your undying love, I wish it was that simple to be deceived by your hate, and I wish life was this simple to forget you, forever.

Your admirer

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Leaving behind a trail for those who are yet to experience your melancholic poetry.

What poetry without a beautiful stanza. Tabu’s trailer

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