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Steven Mcqueen - Hunger

Every Steve McQueen Film Ranked

Steve McQueen made the Oscar-winning film ’12 Years a Slave,’ but did not win one for directing it. He is, however, the first Black filmmaker to win Best Picture. ‘Small Axe,’ an…

Anand 1971 content and featured

50 Years of Anand (1971): Examining the Legacy of a Classic

Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Anand, which released in March 12, 1971 remains a timeless classic in the history of Indian Cinema. Even though the film marked the 50th year of its release, the Rajesh…

The Music Lovers - Snap 2

Ken Russell Kraziness: The Music Lovers [1971]

Like Tchaikovsky, the subject of his fourth theatrical film The Music Lovers, Russell demonstrated a similar sense of emotional intensity and rigorous ferocity, unfazed by what critics or tradition dictated.

Family Life

Family Life [1971] Review: Life as an experiment

Every human life is an experiment. And as it goes with experiments, most are failures. Ken Loach’s Family Life may feature its glimmers of hope, but it ultimately concludes on how the lives of the troubled are merely used as cautionary tales for others, especially when there’s a decreasing sense of anomie in the culture (and at home).