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10 Films To Watch If You Love Inception (2010)

10 Films To Watch If You Love Inception (2010): It has been 11 years since Christopher Nolan’s Inception came out. Yet today, we talk about it with great awe and reverence. Leonardo…

Best Hotstar TV Shows - The White Lotus

The 30 Best Hotstar TV Shows That Are Worth Your Time

Among most streaming services that have hit the video-on-demand world in India, Hotstar remains a big competition. One of the main reasons is its association with Star India – Which in itself…

Surprising Halves

10 Movies With A Surprising Second Half

Ten Movies With A Surprising Second Half: After watching the trailer, the promos, and reading the synopsis, you tend to get a feel for what a movie is going to be like.…

Birdman Mulholland Drive

Why Lesley From Birdman Could Be Betty From Mulholland Drive?

Recently when I was doing a David Lynch Marathon, I re-watched Mulholland Drive and I thought of this insane connection between the characters played by Naomi Watts in Mulholland Drive and last year’s Oscar winner Birdman. This is a fan theory and like every other fan theory, this is crazy but also makes sense and is convincingly possible.
There are potential Spoilers ahead and if you haven’t seen these two films, we suggest you to bookmark this article and come back later after watching them.

Pawel Pawlikowski's Top 10 Films Featured

Pawel Pawlikowski’s Top 10 Films of All Time

He is a BAFTA winner. His film Ida won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2015. He also has five European Film Awards and a Goya, among other accolades.…