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The new ‘It’ Movies Suck

They represent your typical popcorn horror blockbuster entertainment, which is horrendously contradictory – great horror rarely relies on the aesthetics of tent-pole films, like the loud, obvious, rushed (yet relentlessly never-ending) mood a “horror” film like these set.

Stranger Things [Season 3] Review: Back to the Teenage Nostalgia!

I bet you, the first thing you will do after starting the first episode of season 3 is “smile”. It will prove your love for these characters. There is a certain quality about “Stranger Things” that it offers scares, laughs and thrills in a balanced manner in each episode. It oddly offers every cliché in so appetitive manner that one’s issues are defeated by the joyous moments. This is the character-driven summer entertainer where we all get a chance to enjoy the teenage nostalgia for sure!