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8 Films To Watch If You Like Orphan

Everyone remembers where they were when they witnessed the twist to Jaume Collet-Serra, David Leslie Johnson, and Alex Mace’s Orphan (2009). We all sat down to watch one of those run-of-the-mill, evil-child…

10 Films To Watch If You Like Nope (2022)

10 Movies Like Nope That You Must Watch: To say that Jordan Peele’s third film, Nope (2022), is just your run-of-the-mill sci-fi horror film would be to grossly undersell it. The film…

It Pennywise

More than Blood and Guts: Symbolism in Horror

Over the years, the horror genre has been given a lot of hate. Over preconceived ideas of it being “mindless violence” or “unnecessarily grotesque”. While this may be the case for some…

Filmmakers need to learn Lynch and shut the fuck up

It’s arguable that the greatest art is open to multiple interpretations, which is what separates the malleable form of art from the cold hard facts of science.