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Veyil (2022) Movie Explained: Ending and Themes Analyzed

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Veyil (2022) Movie Ending Explained and Themes Analyzed: Directed by Sarath Menon, Veyil (2022) is a Malayalam-language film that was just released on Prime Video. The film stars Shane Nigam in the lead role alongside actors like Saed Imran, Sona Olickal, Sreerekhaa, and Shine Tom Chacko. The music score by Pradeep Kumar builds up the emotional foundation for several scenes, where the emotions take prominence largely due to his artistic ability. From the sweet days of teenage romance to the painful agony of lost innocence, his music captures the essence of what the film tries to convey. 

While family dramas have continued to be present in Indian cinema, Veyil makes an entry that is much more disturbing that a regular affair filled with warmth. It is not a quirky film about a dysfunctional family either. It rather dips itself further and further in darker tones. The one, who is patient enough to pass through its long (and often needlessly stretched) sequences, can be rewarded with emotionally potent themes discussed in over two and a half hours of its duration. 

Veyil Movie Plot Summary & Synopsis: 

In the beginning, we see two kids walk out of a house with their mother when she is taunted by a neighbor for raising her kids without a father. A looming cloud of depression is presented in this scene, which establishes the single mother’s arc with the lives of her kids filled with the absence of a father. Then, fast forward to a decade and more, and we’re taken to one of these kids being scolded at his school. The 19-year-old Siddharth (Shane Nigam) is shown as an irresponsible boy in his late teens, with no clear future goals or prospects in mind. 

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During these years of immaturity, he comes across Sruthy (Sona Olickal) whom he has a crush on. Along with his best friend, he hatches out a plan where they invite her under the garb of their mutual friend’s birthday party. Over time, their romance blooms like any other teenage tale of romance that starts with moments of showing disinterest in one another and then turns into an unbreakable bond. Not soon after when Sidhu finds out about his brother’s (Karthi’s) romantic interest in her, he abruptly cuts off his relationship with her. Since their interaction of break-up garners some traction in their small town, her parents send her to a gulf country for her further education.

Sidhu falls in despair, fuelled by his feelings of inadequacies after failing repeatedly in his board exams. While he’s known as the unsuccessful son, Karthi gets admission to a better college due to his grades. So Sidhu’s lack of prospects gets highlighted and his mother constantly reminds him that he can’t be a freeloader leeching onto what she earns. She continues with her remarks where none of Sidhu’s efforts are rewarded with even an iota of warmth. In such a mental state, he gets into a brawl with a local construction builder over the fraud that they pull off on his mother. For him, this was just a way to blow off steam, but his mother becomes proud of him through his act of bravery – which makes him more and more interested in being this kind of person. 

Through this incident, he gets in contact with some local hooligans affiliated with a political party. Later on, he becomes enveloped in a web of politicians that use him as a tool for their benefit. During that time, his mother recognizes the bad effect this company of hooligans has on him and persuades him to stay away from them. However, he doesn’t listen to her since this company provides him a source of self-worth that he doesn’t get at home. So this push-n-pull due to his family’s neglect towards him and the acceptance by others keeps him in a state of constant distress. Even when Shruthy returns to the town from the gulf country, he remains despondent. 

Veyil (2022) Movie Themes Analyzed: 

The themes of familial bonds make the crux of Veyil, which impresses with its ability to convey the intricacies through its sentimental approach. While the older brother – Karthi gets several benefits from their single mother, Sidhu gets neglected – having been born after their father’s sudden demise. The lack of warmth he feels at his home becomes apparent in his behavior and that results in his lack of interest in any scholastic affair. Even if I excel in such affairs, would my family approve of me? The thought seems to be reverberating in his mind. His entire character arc feels enveloped in the same notion. 

Through the topic of family, another theme that the film touches upon is the one of brotherhood. The bond between Karthi and Sidhu has so many ups and downs and the kind of upbringing they had, reflects in their behavioral patterns in the present. Sidhu stops himself from progressing in a relationship with a girl that his brother likes, or even tries to stop the people harassing and ragging Karthi at his college. Somehow all of it points to the conditioning where he had always felt Karthi is the one who should be given preference.

The lack of communication is what creates the rift between Sidhu and Karthi. The expectation not to express themselves is what keeps them captive – until they finally open up to one another instead of running away from an honest conversation. The film broods over this theme before finally confronting it towards the end. Another theme that Veyil puts forth is the one about the unemployed, uneducated youth being used by the local politicians as their pawns. It becomes another aspect that affects the characters on a deeper level. 

Veyil (2022) Movie Ending Explained

The conflict between distant brothers comes to an end when Karthi and Sidhu have a heart-to-heart conversation that makes them empathize with one another. Both of them feel that they shouldn’t have been born and their mutual feeling connects them. They head back home and rejoice with their mother. In what looks like a happily-ever-after picture, their home looks to have been blessed with joy and laughter after openly speaking out their feelings. 

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Around this time, Sidhu gets to know that Sruthy is related to the local politician that he was working for. This politician dissuades Sidhu from harboring any romantic interest in Sruthy. While he was already disinterested in pursuing this relationship, this situation puts an end to even its possibility. 

That same night, he finds his brother killed. He realizes that their neighbor had mistaken Karthi for him and killed him. This has a devastating emotional effect on him. In the end, we see Sidhu after a couple of years, along with a close friend, taking his neighbor (the one who killed his brother) home from jail. 

While the themes create a tedious, yet melancholic drama throughout the film’s duration, the end appears largely understated and feels like a refreshing choice by the makers in terms of expressing a sort of cleansing effect all the ordeal had on Sidhu’s character. It is not where you come from as much as the choices you make define what you become. That is what the ending tries to claim. The last scene shows the last part of the coming-of-age of Siddhu’s character through the act of maturity and forgiveness shown by him. 

Veyil (2022) is now streaming on Prime Video


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Veyil (2022) Cast: Shane Nigam, Saed Imran, Sona Olickal, Sreerekhaa, Shine Tom Chacko


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